2016 Best Friends National Conference Audio Download


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Sessions recorded LIVE at the Salt Palace Convention Center • July 14-17, 2016 • Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Thursday • July 14, 2016

Nationwide Strategies to Save Them All – NKLA: Los Angeles, California – Brenda Barnette, Francis Battista, Aimee Gilbreath, Marc Peralta
Nationwide Strategies to Save Them All – Palm Springs, California – Dr. Shayda Ahkami, Tamara Hedges
Nationwide Strategies to Save Them All – Atlanta, Georgia: Dekalb and Fulton counties – Rebecca Guinn
Nationwide Strategies to Save Them All – Kansas City, Missouri – Brent Toellner
Nationwide Strategies to Save Them All – Austin, Texas – Tawny Hammond, Dr. Ellen Jefferson
Nationwide Strategies to Save Them All – Heber City, Utah – Cathy Boruch, Justin Hatch
Nationwide Strategies to Save Them All – NKUT: State of Utah – Arlyn Bradshaw, Sandy Nelson
Nationwide Strategies to Save Them All – Lynchburg, Virginia – Makena Yarbrough
Building a Well-Rounded Portfolio: How to Create a Great Fundraising Plan – Karen Hollish, Kim Klein, Judi Urquhart (2 CD set $18.00)
Diving Deep: Community Cat Programs that Make an Impact – Richard Angelo, Shelly Kotter, Desiree Triste-Aragon, Peter Wolf (2 CD set $18.00)
Benchmarks of Progress: How to Use Benchmarking to Track Your Success – Tim Crum
Partner for the Cause: The Benefits of Being a Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Network Partner – Nikki Kelley, Michelle Logan, Tami Simon
In with the New: Fresh, Creative Strategies for Placing Cats – Shelley Thayer
The Big Picture: Using Your Volunteers in Training and Enrichment Programs – Jennifer Barta, Tanya Roberts
Data Power: How to Get It, How to Use It to Save Lives – Aimee Gilbreath, April Harris
Webtastic Strategies: Marketing Adoptable Pets Online with Maximum Impact – Phiphi Gavalas, Claudia Perrone
Fundraising Campaigns that Rock: Getting Donors to Commit to your Cause – Teresa Bodem, Denise Deisler
Building a Powerful No-Kill Team: How to Recognize and Cultivate Leaders – Marc Peralta
Huge Results: The Exciting Trends in Mega Adoption Events – Kim McDaniel, Corey Price
Feline Fun: Cat Enrichment Programs that Increase Adoptability – Pam Johnson-Bennett
Safer, More Humane Communities Through Fair Laws: How to Advocate for Animals – Lee Greenwood, Ledy VanKavage
The Clip and Snip Chronicles: How to Market Spay/Neuter with Style – Cathy Rosenthal
Sharing Impact: When, Where and How to Share the Impact of Your Work – Mandy Pearce
Adoption Safety Nets: Follow-Up Programs to Keep Pets in Homes – Denise Deisler
Best Paw Forward: Bringing Out the Best in Shy Dogs – Cherie Mascis
No-Kill Strategies: Community and Shelter Policies that Work – Arlyn Bradshaw, Scott Giacoppo
Social Media Smarts 1: Creating Social Media Content to Win the Right Audience – Melissa Miller

Friday • July 15, 2016

GENERAL SESSION: Land of the Titans: Lessons from the No-Kill Field – Jon Dunn (moderator), Scott Giacoppo, Rebecca Guinn, Tawny Hammond, José Ocaño
Increase Your Donor Base: New Ideas for Building Your Base of Support – Barbara Camick, Kelly Preston
Hearts Larger than Hands: Keeping Burnout to a Minimum – Dr. Linda Harper, Faith Maloney
Ditch the Third Degree: Using Conversation to Match Adopters with Pets – Todd Cramer
Strength in Numbers: Learning to Rally and Use Community Support – Dr. Ellen Jefferson
Getting the Scoop: Basic PR Strategies that Generate Big Stories for Pets – Eric Rayvid, Michelle Sathe
Fundraising’s Hidden Power: Making Every Donor Count – Kim Klein
Secrets of Success: How to Turn a Shelter Around – Marsha Chaney
A Fresh Image: Increase Adoptions and Community Support by Revamping Your Shelter – Denise Deisler, Makena Yarbrough
Herd Health: Keeping Animals Healthy in a Shelter Setting – Dr. Kate Hurley
Protecting Pups: How to Take a Bite Out of Puppy Mill Sales in Your Community – Elizabeth Oreck
Social Media Smarts 2: Advanced Tactics for Advertising and Fundraising via Your Social Media Channels – Jessie Earl, Kelly Preston
If You Build It: Investing in Financial Infrastructure – Judi Urquhart
Moving Forward: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement – Vincent Medley
It’s No Secret: The Revolutionary Results of High-Volume Adoptions – Marc Peralta
From Reactive to Relaxed: Understanding Canine Leash Reactivity – Allie Bender
Targeted TNR: Strategies to Work Smarter and See the Impact – Bryan Kortis
Media Relations: How to Get a Busy Editor’s Attention – Arin Greenwood
Successful Stewardship: Building Lasting Donor Relationships – Mark Rovner
No Bash, No Trash: Goal-Focused, Effective Collaboration for Rescue Groups – Karen Little
“I Got Skills!”: Training and Showcasing Big Dogs – Mike Kaviani
Kitten Foster Care: Creating the Best Feline Foster Caregivers – Hannah Shaw
Intake Policy that Saves Lives: The Ins and Outs of Managed Intake – Tawny Hammond
Trying to Go Viral: Videos and Photography as Shareable Content – Michael Hand

Saturday • July 16, 2016

Granted: Identifying, Applying for and Managing Grant Funds – Mandy Pearce
Volunteer Culture: Embracing and Engaging Great Volunteers – Patty Hegwood, José Ocaño
Out with the Old School: Embracing the Million Cat Challenge – Dr. Cynthia Delany, Dr. Kate Hurley
So Adoptable: The Many Pluses of Dog Play Groups – Hannah McNabb, Aimee Sadler
Expert Coalition Building: Collaboration for Top Results – Arlyn Bradshaw, Tracy Roddom, Kathleen Toth
Staying Calm and Cool: Managing and Mitigating PR and Social Media Crises – Chris Licata
Creative Writing to the Rescue: Effective Storytelling to Raise Funds – Elizabeth Doyle
Create a Blazing Hot Brand: More Mission, Members, Media and Money – Julie Castle
Canine Identity Crisis: How Breed Labeling Affects Adoption – Liz Finch, Lisa Gunter
Proven Winners: Two Fantastic Kitten Care Programs – Kristi Brooks, Lawrence Nicolas
Pushing the Limits: Targeted Foster Programs to Increase Lifesaving – Kristen Auerbach, Kelly Duer
Inside the Groove, Outside the Box: The Basics of Great Marketing for Adoption Promotions – Dana Collins, Kim McDaniel
Digital Tactics: Building Email Campaigns that Bring in the Money – Sue Citro
Ready, Steady, Go: Managing Change for Increased Success Toward No-Kill – Holly Sizemore
Pets for Life: Supporting and Encouraging Underserved Communities – Ashley Mutch, Jason Schipkowski
Increasing Dog Adoptability: Quick and Creative Canine Enrichment Tips – Sherry Woodard
Public-Private Partnerships: Capitalizing on the Best of Both Worlds – Talia Butler, Teresa Wilhelmsen
Grassroots Marketing: An In-Depth Look at Tactics that Work – Dana Collins, Kim McDaniel
Social Butterflies: The Strong Wings of Social Fundraising – Jessie Earl, Shea Sibula
Keeping the Peace: Effective Conflict Resolution – Karen Green
Judgment-Free Zones: Building Relationships in Underserved Communities to Keep Dogs in Homes – Maureen Keenan, Kelsey Westbrook
Healing on the Cheap: Superb Medical Services for Shelters on a Budget – Dr. Marilyn Gotbeter, Bethany Heins
Partner Up: An Innovative Approach to Working Hand-in-Hand with Your Shelter – Brenda Barnette, Erin Olsen
Winning Hearts with Power Shots: Adoption Promo Through Great Photography – Guinnevere Shuster
GENERAL SESSION: Make a Joyful Noise: Save Them All Celebration – Julie Castle