2016 NSPRA Full Conference Audio Download



Sessions recorded LIVE at the Chicago Marriot Downtown Magnificent Mile • July 18-20, 2016 • Chicago, Illinois USA

Monday • July 18, 2016

Coming to a Neighborhood Near You: Communicating for Diversity (Jonathan Smith, Ph.D.)
Leading Through Communication: When “It” Hits the Fan (Rick Kaufman, APR)
The Creative Leader: How to Inspire the Best Ideas, Solutions and Service (Jill Wagner, APR, Dianne Callahan)
What’s New? What’s Next? Keeping Up with Education Advocacy (Jill Gildea, Ed.D, Margaret VanDuch, Elizabeth Freeman)
Building Effective School-Specific Communication Plans: A Process that Really Works! (Dennis Pauli, Ed.D.)
Forward to the Drawing Board: Simple Infographics to Tell Your Story (Steven Powell)
Is Your District Sending the Right Messages to Attract and Retain Teachers and Leaders? (Kimberly Ratcliff, Carol Greentree)
Keep Calm and Communicate: 5 Lessons for School Leaders (Carla Pereira, APR)
Expect the Unexpected: Steps in Dealing with Everyday Events (Jim VanDevelde, George Stone, Ed.D)
Access for All: Practical Steps Toward Website Accessibility (Jessica Scheckton, Steve King)
Steer the Ship: Leading Through Change with Great Communication (Kelly Avants, APR)
Communicating Your Digital Transition (Angie Fleming, Rita Foil)
How to Transform Your District into a Culturally Competent Organization (Barbara Hunter, APR)
A Tale of Two Towns: Two Districts, 60 Miles Apart Geographically, Worlds Apart Socially (Danielle Clark, Georgia Duran, Ed.D)
Referendum Success: Inform and Persuade. District and “YES” Committee Roles (Janet Swiecichowski, APR, Michelle Sheets, Jake Spurgis)
Nailing the Media Interview (David Voss)
Leveraging Small Town Resources for Big City Impact (Thomas Scheidel, Holly McCaw, Joni VanNieuwenhuysen)
Multi-Agency Communications in Crisis (Julianne Repman, Andrea Watson)
Parent/Family Engagement: Create, Measure, Celebrate (Charlie Glazener, Marta Alcala-Williams, Erin Hill)
K12 Insight (TBD)
How Authentic Engagement Leads to a Shared Vision for the Future (Michael Akin)
Sex, Lies & Video Clips: Treading the Fine Line Between Public Relations and Legal Strategies (Tom DeLapp)
Defining Equity Through Different Doors of Perspective (Heidi Vega, Tracey Benson)
Technology Superintendent Award Recipient (TBD)
Asking the Right Question: Tips and Strategies for Conducting Effective Communication Research (Chris Tennill, APR, Rod Wright, Ph.D.)
Back from the Twitterverse: Community Engagement Through Conversations (Doug Baker)
#DIY Video: Why Video Content is King and How to Do-It-Yourself (Derek Duncan)
Inclusion, Diversity and Equity: Exploring Challenges, Issues and Best Practices Engaging Diverse Groups and Stakeholders (Dr. Vernese Edgehill-Walden, Brian Graves, Jim Satterfield)
Writing Effective Call Scripts and Letters to Families (Kim Minugh, Trent Allen, APR)
Simple Strategies for Branding Your School District (Lori Perlow, Lana Mueller)
TBD (Deanne Hullender)

Tuesday • July 19, 2016

It’s About Every Child: Framing the Gender Conversation in Schools (Joel Baum)
The Politics of Authentic Engagement (Kathy Leslie, APR)
Sandy Hook Promise: Violence Prevention Programs for Schools (Paula Fynboh, Nicole Hockley)
Can You Hear Me Now? Superintendents Are from Mars, PR Professionals are from Venus (Lesli Myers, Ed.D, Debbie Moyer)
Using Social Media to Optimize School and Student Success (Greg Turchetta, Dane Dellenbach)
Shift Happens: Moving Communication Efforts from the Cubicle to the Classroom (Sarah Greer Osborne)
From Inception to Implementation: Moving Your Ideas to Action (Ben Grey, David Pohlmeier)
Who’s Telling Your Story? Communicating about Your District in an Honest and Equitable Way (Mychael Dickerson)
Passing a Bond Requires Commitment to Change AND Using Data (Paul Farris, Ph.D., Marcia Latta)
You’re Not Alone: How to Survive as a One-Person Communications Office (Jason McCord)
The 3Rs of Telling Your School District’s Story: Repeating, Repurposing, Retweeting (Mary Todoric, Peg Mannion)
Merge and Diverge: How to Solve Your Communication Planning Puzzle (Rich Finlinson, APR)
Grossman Award Winner (TDB)
Creating Gender Inclusive Schools (Joel Baum)
Find Your Focus: Taking Your Videos to the Next Level (Jake Sturgis, APR)
The One-Day Campaign: Building Successful Twitter Engagement (Jennifer Delgado)
Grandma’s on Facebook: Engaging Senior Citizens to Support Public Schools (Mark Havens)
Partnerships: Why Your Local Municipality Makes Good Business Sense! (Julie Carlsen, Linda LaCloche)
Tech Hacks for the PR Pro (Trinette Marquis-Hobbs, APR)

Wednesday • July 20, 2016

Social Schools: Empowering Others for Engagement that Matters (Kristin Magette, APR)
Regroup, Realign, Revive: Passing a Bond After Defeat (Patricia Ayala, Chris Lechuga)
Internal Communications and Employee Engagement – It Matters! (Nicole Mansell, Ed.D)
Epiphanies from School Communicators’ Pilgrimage to Tolerance (Trent Allen, APR, Trinette Marquis-Hobbs, APR, Daniel Thigpen)
Using Political Campaign Tactics to Influence Others to Take Action (Patrick Mogge, Elizabeth Okey)
Communication Not Confrontation (Libby Roof, Helen Grant, Tom DeLapp, Stephen Nichols)
Walk the Talk: Facilitating a Values Matrix Process for Alignment, Balance and Consistency (Lisa Riegel, Ph.D, Patti Koslo)
It’s Worth the Effort! Engaging Community in Your Strategic Planning (Melissa Messinger, Patricia Maunsell, Eva Moon)
Safe Schools Initiative – A Model Plan from Crisis Communication to Community Engagement (Cindy Warner, Lewis Brooks, Ed.D)
Targeting Your Audience for More Impactful Presentations (Michael Campbell)
VROOM! Using Research to DRIVE Your Communication Plan (Annette Eyman, APR)
Involve High School Students to Send a Positive Message about Public Schools (Angela Shelley, Ed.D., Pam Pena, Ed.D.)
Getting to Know SEO: Search Engines in an Era of School Choice (Katie Combs)
#AllIn: How School PR Can Help Build a Compelling Vision for Real Inclusion in Your District (Brian Woodland, APR)
0Infographics and Other Cool Tools: Using Visual Content to Inform and Engage (Evelyn McCormack)