2017 NSPRA Full Conference Audio Download



Sessions recorded LIVE at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio • July 10-12, 2017 • San Antonio, Texas USA

Monday • July 10, 2017

Changing Web Providers? What to Know Before You Go (Phil Kavits, Dr. Steven Walts, Keith Imon, Karla Tilgner, Sabrina Pierce)
Get Tending on Twitter: How to Socialize Your Schools to Social Media (Sarah Greer Osborn, Greg Okuhara)
Lifting the Shadows: Shining a Light on Student Mental Health (Shawn McKillop, APR)
Community Engagement in the 21st Century (Theresa Medi, Jordan Stephen)
Putting Community Into Communications: How to Humanize Your District (Jill Filer, Erica Chandler)
Go Where Your Voters Are: Using Social Media to Inform, Persuade, and Pass Your School Bond (Athena Vadnais, APR, Jeremy Wright)
I Love Data and You Can Too! (Trinette Marquis-Hobbs, APR)
Thinking Strategically: How to be Proactive and Effective in Your Communications (Jenn Nimke)
Fred & Ginger: How to Dance in Today’s PR Profession (Rick J. Kaufman, APR, Lana Snodgras)
Plane Down! Your Role During Major Crises (Angela Marshall, Theresa Schaefer-Bell)
DIY Video 2.0: From Video Creation to Digital Storytelling (Derek Duncan)
Who Needs to Go? Talking About Transgender Students and School Bathrooms (Joel Baum)
Maximizing Your Story Using Multi-Platform Channels On Your Own (Kimberly Willis- Green)
Got RPIE? Practical Ways to Make This Strategic Planning Model Work for You (Adrienne Leon)
Digital Threat Assessment Training (Theresa Campbell)
The PR Pro and the Principal: Having an Impact on Learning (Kelly Wachel, Matt Wachel, Ed.D.)
Say What You Mean: Podcasting to Reach Your Community (Adam Harris)
Stay on Your Feet in the Dance with New Media (Kelly Avants, APR)
So Branding…What’s the T? (Nicole Lawrence, Jennifer Woodley)
#VisionLock: From Vision to Action (Dr. Scott Muri, Linda Buchman, Steve Brunsman, Melissa Wiland)
UCPS Bond 2016–Why Do We Need This Bond? (Tahira Stalberte)
The Social Network: Navigating Trust and Expectations among Gen-X and Millennial Families (Daniel Thigpen)
We Are Trending on Facebook – And Not in a Good Way (Patricia McGlone, APR)
Ethics, Leadership and Today’s School Communications Challenges (Julie Thannum, APR, David J. Faltys, Ed.D.)
Power Behind the Podium (David Voss)
The Disruption Era: Creating a Communications Culture of Engagement (Steve King)
Thinking Beyond Wheelchair Ramps: Accessibility in the Digital Age (Steve Ostler, Glenda Sims)
Small Schools, Big Success! (Joelle Doye, Brian Nicol)
From Educator to Journalist: Creating an Army of “Tweetchers” (Greg Turchetta)
HR Partners: A Better Brand Through Recruiting and Retention (Cathy Kedjidjian)
Is Your Community Ready for Change? Navigating a School Closure (Mellissa Braham, Audrey Hendricks, Bestsy DeMars)
Communicate with Purpose: Defining Theme and Message (Chris Tennill, APR, Rod Wright, Ph.D., Cindy Gibson, APR)
Crisis Case Study: Data Security Incident (Nicole Kirby, APR, Bill Redinger, Ed.D.)
Get Your Game On: Bringing Students and Businesses Together Taking Career Readiness to the Next Level (Rene Daniels, Amber Belako)

Tuesday • July 11, 2017

#The Big Idea Brainstorm (Paul Tandy, APR, Annie Dickerson, Derek Dunca)
True Pursuit: An Advocacy Campaign for Life After High School (Shane Haggerty, Lee Wirick)
Winning Hearts and Minds: Four Campaigns and a Political Funeral (Helen Lloyd, Delaina McCormack)
Barcelona or Bust! Spain Takes on the Bull Known as PR Measurement (Sandy Cokeley, APR)
The Power of Public! How a State Image Campaign Has Power for Your District and State (Angela Duitch, APR, Nicole Mansell, Ed.D., Adam Holland)
Media Relations: The Strategy Behind Choosing the Right Spokesperson (Tania Van Brunt)
Communication Strategies for Rebuilding Trust in a Post-Truth World (Barbara Hunter, APR, Lois Berlin)
Breaking Through the Psychologically Defensive Workplace (Sam Rayburn)
Building an Accessible (and Better!) Website (Jessica Scheckton)
Building Trust Through Effective Employee Communication (Cathy Orta, APR)
Diversity Dialogues: School and Community Courageous Conversations (Crystal Edwards, Ed.D., Thomas A. Smith, Abby Attias)
Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Reality TV: Putting Relationships Back Into Public Relations (Brian Woodland, APR)
No Money? No Excuses! (Debbie Burdick, Ed.D.)
Student Recognition: Honoring Academic Achievement in a Growing School District (Wayde Byard, Stephanie Knott)
How to Shape Your District’s Brand in the Age of School Choice (Gerald Dawkins, Ed.D, Shelby McIntosh, Ph.D.)
The Producer: Multimedia Communication (Margaret Van Duch, Elizabeth Freeman, Ed.D.)
Make Twitter Great Again: Overcome Fears and Frustrations with Friends (Kristin Magette, APR, Cathy Kedjidjian)
Next Level Engagement (Melissa McConnell)
Putting People First In PR (Tim Carroll, APR)
I Shut Down Two Schools Because of Structural Deficits. How’s Your Week Going? (Jim Cummings, APR)
Enrollment Marketing (Janet Swiecichowski, APR, Bernie Rhinerson, Jennifer Valley, John Doornbos)
Tell Your District’s Story With These Cool Tools (Evelyn McCormack)
Facility Funding: Building Consensus While Building Schools (Rebecca Kiest)
Statements to the Media: Choosing Your Words Wisely (Arianna Vazquez-Hernandez)
#SocialVideo – Tips for Creating Catchy Videos on a Tight Budget (Jake Sturgis, APR)
Effective Communication: Using the “Plan, Do, Study, Act” Process to Improve Communication Initiatives (Dennis Pauli, Ed.D)
Knowledge Changes Everything: Sharing an Authentic Diversity Story (Stefanie Boe, Michelle Valenzuela)
When Tragedy Strikes at a School Event (Catherine Carbone Rogers, Tove Tupper)
No Filter: The Power of Peer Influence on Student Recruitment (Cara Adney)

Wednesday • July 12, 2017

Can’t Stop the Feeling! Creative Storytelling in a Crowded Media Landscape(Danielle Clark, APR, Valerie Van Ryn, Staci Bradbury, Matt Gohl)
Using Research to Rev Up Your Communications Efforts (And Why It Matters) (Lesley Bruinton, APR)
Public Education: Dealing with Local Fallout to Legislation (Graham Ruttan)
Preventing and Managing Cyber Issues: Sexting and Bullying (Rachel Fleenor, Andrea Watson, APR)
Emotional Survival for PR Professionals (Chris Williams)
Meet BERT! Learn How a Social Intranet Can Help Increase Staff Engagement (Jill Aurora, Nicole Graf)
Successful Strategies to Win Bond and Levy Campaigns (Lesley Bruinton, APR)
School Violence Prevention Training and Plan Development – What Do You Do? (Brian Graves, Jim Satterfield)
Bonding for New and Updated Schools: A Successful Marketing Strategy (David Stephenson, Kimberly Bird, Samuel Y. Jarman)
Digital Diversity: Using Communication Technology to Address Equity in Your Schools (Stephen Nichols, Heidi Vega, Carla Pereira, Ken Hobbs)
Bring Your Community In: The Importance of Visuals in Reaching (Zachery Fountain)
Position Your District on Opening Day and Build on that Communications Initiative All Year (Janet Mann)
Creating a Successful Advocacy Program Utilizing Multiple Streams of Outreach (Ida Fryhover, Joshya Sauer)
Want to Reach Your Parents? Move Your Workshops Out of the School Cafeteria to an Online Format (Esperanza Soriano-McCrary, Zach Whitaker)
Feeding the Beast (Without Becoming the Meal): Winning Strategies to Effectively Work with the Media (Donald Potter, Ed. D)
Collaborate, Reinvigorate and Beat Stress: An A-to-Z Guide (Rich Finlinson, APR)
Developing Business Partners: Going from Fearful to Fearless! (Monica Allread)
Event-jack Your High School Performances and Bolster Your School PR (Tom Page, Elizabeth Moraw)
Measuring What Matters (Nora Carr, Ed.D, APR)
Advocates and Agitators: Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People (Kate Hazarian, Trent Allen, APR)
How Video Content Has Changed and Why You Should Too (Justin Cortese, Aaron Cagwin)
Embedding Stakeholder Engagement within Continuous Improvement (Kimberly Ratcliff, Josh Souliere)
The Science Behind Facebook Engagement: Quick Tips to Increase Your Likes, Shares and Comments (Justin Grayson)
Crisis of Trust: How to Handle Inappropriate Student Staff Relationships (Megan Sheridan, David Cotey)
Gaining Administrative Buy-in for Website Accessibility Changes (Autumn Grooms, James “JC” LeDoux)
Making Community Engagement a Lifestyle, Not a “Program” (Ken DeSieghardt)