2017 SAWA Annual Conference



Sessions recorded LIVE at Miami Airport Convention Center • November 12-15, 2017 • Miami, Florida   USA

  • Go From A to THE®: Are you A leader or are you THE leader?
  • Beyond Labels II: The Future of Animal Welfare
  • Evolution of the Animal Welfare Movement: Meeting the Needs of Rapidly Changing Communities – Part 1 &Part 2
  • Psychology of the Board
  • Employee Engagement and Leading People Effectively
  • State of Companion Animal Welfare Around the World
  • Avoiding Disappointing Departures
  • As Leaders We Must Be Emotionally Healthy to Bring Together the Community
  • Generational Shift in our Workforce
  • SAWA on POINT: Partners Organized to Innovate, Navigate and Transform our industry.
  • Access to Veterinary Care: a Critical Animal Welfare Issue
  • Developing a Culture of Philanthropy
  • Mergers in Animal Welfare: Friend or Foe