2018 Best Friends Full Conference Audio Download


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Sessions recorded LIVE at The Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suites • July 19-21, 2018 • Los Angeles, California USA

The Golden State of Lifesaving: Celebrating Success and Digging In for the Home Stretch Featuring Francis Battista
Barrier Breakdown: Examining Barriers to Pet Adoption (Vicki Kilmer & Raya Greenbaum)
Mindful Lifesaving: Caring for Ourselves in Order to Care for Them (Dr. Linda Harper & Faith Maloney)
Collective Power: Learn How Crowdsourcing Can Help You Solve Problems and Save More Lives (Jon Dunn & Yaniv Snir)
Next Gen Skills: What Kind of Preparation Will Our Future Leaders Need? (José Ocaño & Fraily Rodriguez)
Fundraising Fundamentals: Where and How to Begin When You’re New to Fundraising (Stephanie Ladeira)
Coalition-Building 101: Everything You Need to Know About Creating Action-Oriented Coalitions (Arlyn Bradshaw & Kristi Brooks)
Rock-Star Recruits: How to Recruit, Train and Sustain a Lifesaving Team (Zoey Knittel & Alexis Pugh)
Great Plains: Kansas City Pet Project (Michelle Davis) and Dubuque Regional Humane Society (Amanda Shaffer)
Mid-Atlantic: Memphis Animal Services (Alexis Pugh) and Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA (Angie Gunter)
Midwest: Gateway Pets (Jamie Case) and Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter (Mindy Naticchioni)
Mountain West: Santa Fe Animal Shelter (Jennifer Steketee) and Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley (Nadia Novik)
Northeast: Animal Rescue League of Berks County (Tom Hubric) and Brandywine SPCA (Adam Lamb)
Pacific: Regional Animal Services of Kings County (Nickie Ford) and Kern County Animal Services (Nicholas Cullen)
South Central: Austin Animal Center (Lee Ann Shenefiel) and Montgomery County Animal Shelter (Aaron Johnson)
Southeast: Southern Pines Animal Shelter (Ginny Sims) and Jacksonville Humane Society (Denise Deisler)
Regional Roll Out: Getting Smart and Strategic with Nationwide No-Kill featuring Judah Battista and Holly Sizemore
Strut Your Money: Expert Fundraising Strategies for Strut Your Mutt (Colleen Legge)
Adopters Welcome: Reimagining Your Pet Adoption Program (Natalie Smith)
Email Magnified: Cutting-Edge Techniques for Growing Your Email Marketing Game (Natalie Buxton & Kate Moore)
Common Sense for Cats: Creating Transformative Partnerships for Shelters and Communities (Christi Metropole & Ted Stevens)
Local Harmony: How to Create Cooperative Culture and Manage Conflict Among Organizations (Karen Green)
Mobile-Minded: How to Maximize Your Website’s User Experience (Jill Williams)
Language Matters: Unpacking the Term “No-Kill” (Marc Peralta)
Comprehensive Animal Control: Best Practices for Saving Lives While Keeping Communities Safe (Lee Ann Shenefiel & Shannon Sims)
Beyond the Shelter: Creating Mutually Beneficial Community Partnerships (Kelly Duer & Jillian Hogan)
Lean on Me: Rescue Groups as Change Agents for Community Shelters (Makena Yarbrough)
Help Them Help You: Using Hospitality to Expand Your Lifesaving Potential (Elizabeth Jensen)
Focusing Resources: Using Data to Identify Community Needs and Craft Effective Programming (Dr. Ellen Jefferson & Brent Toellner)
Digital Lowdown: How to Harness the Power of Digital Fundraising (Sue Citro)
Next Gen Leaders: Grooming New Leaders and Preparing Your Organization’s Succession (Denise Deisler & Tawny Hammond)
Finding Your Voice: How to Effectively Communicate with and for Your Community (Kristen Auerbach & Temma Martin)
Going Big with CCP: Saving More Lives with Shelter-Focused Community Cat Programs (Kirstie James & Desiree Triste-Aragon)
Headed Home: The Latest and Greatest in Finding Homes for Adoptable Dogs (Dr. Sheila D’Arpino & Liz Finch)
Digital Marketing Mash: 10 Things You Should Absolutely Be Doing (Kate Moore & Amy Starnes)
Hey There, Partner: Learn How the Best Friends Network Can Help You Save More Lives (Nikki Kelley & Michelle Logan)
Enlightened Engagement: How to Effectively Cultivate and Steward Your Donors (Kim Klein)
Vitality Through Volunteers: Filling Gaps and Offsetting Costs Through Smart Volunteer Engagement (Mike Kaviani & Christi Metropole)
Fresh Eyes: Becoming a Change Agent and Creating a Positive Outlook for Your Staff (Ed Jamison)
Reducing the Risk: How to Make Thoughtful, Lifesaving Decisions for At-Risk Animals (Talia Butler)
Make It Pop: Using Video and Photos to Tell Great Stories (Guinnevere Shuster)
All About Advocacy: Crafting Effective Community Policy and Collaborating for Change (Ledy VanKavage & Elizabeth Oreck)
CRM Solutions: Choosing the Right Data Management System for Your Nonprofit (Myla Burns)
Writing for Results: Persuasive Writing Techniques for Raising Money, Saving Lives and More (Elizabeth Doyle & Leslie Smith)
To Privatize or Not to Privatize: What to Consider When Your Shelter’s Lifesaving Impact Is Falling Short (Brent Toellner & Makena Yarbrough)
Enlightened Leadership: Mistakes and Mindsets That Can Make or Break Your Organization (Kristin Barney)
Field-Based Lifesaving: How to Help Field Officers Avoid Bringing Animals to the Shelter (Lauren Bluestone)
Are We Excited Yet: Reducing Dog Reactivity and Arousal in a Shelter Environment (Dr. Carley Faughn & Mike Kaviani)
Custom Kitten Nurseries: Kitten Care Programs for Shelters and Rescue Organizations (Ben Lehrer)
Masterful Content: Creating Powerful Content to Showcase Your Adoptable Animals (Heather Friedman)
Let’s Get Together: How Rescue Groups and Municipal Shelters Can Save More Lives Together (Josh Fisher & Shelly Moore)
Disaster Relief: Innovative Solutions to Support Your Disaster Response and Relief Efforts (Angie Embree, Greg Lucas, David Meyer, Lars Rabbe)
Funder Insights: How to Successfully Partner with Foundations (Stephanie Macgill, moderator, Sue Cosby & Mary Ippoliti-Smith)
Solve Your Problem: Using Knowledge of Human Behavior to Find Lifesaving Solutions (Christine Exley)
Deputy Lifesaver: How One Sheriff’s Department Is Achieving No-Kill in Its Shelter (Dr. Sarah Boyd)
The Power of the Herd: Building Social Intelligence, Visionary Leadership and Authentic Community Through the Way of the Horse, Part 1 (Linda Kohanov)
Municipal Medicine: Lifesaving Medical Programs for Municipal Shelter Settings (Dr. Jennifer Wilcox & Michelle Figueroa)
Let ’Em Shine: The Latest and Greatest Ways to Creatively Market Adoptable Pets (Monica Frenden & Claudia Perrone)
We’re Here to Help: How One Texas Shelter Is Turning Things Around Through Trust and Partnership (Amy Kohlbecker & Rebecca Woodruff)
Digital Lifesaving: Simple, Essential, Low-Cost Tools for Saving More Homeless Pets (Sue Citro, moderator, Amber Freiwald, April Harris, Leon Kruger, Chris Roy)
Muni Money: Creating Development Programs for Municipal Shelters (Karen Hollish)
From Myths to Momentum: Combatting the Myths and Embracing the Nuance of No-Kill (Judah Battista & Holly Sizemore)
Cat Cooperative: Successfully Resolving Conflicts Over Community Cats (Scott Giacoppo & Bethany Heins)
The Power of the Herd: Building Social Intelligence, Visionary Leadership and Authentic Community Through the Way of the Horse, Part 2 (Linda Kohanov)
Movin’ on Out: How to Save More Lives by Reducing Length of Stay (Brent Toellner)
Visualize It: How Data Visualization Can Help You Unlock Your Lifesaving Potential (Dr. Mike Greenberg & Nikki Kelley)
No-Kill Applications: Using New Tools and Technologies to Solve Lifesaving Problems (Jessica Schleder)
Advanced Grants: How to Take Your Grant Program to the Next Level (Stephanie Macgill, Patricia Tolbert)
Social Money: Effective and Creative Social Media Fundraising (Jessie Earl)
Inside NKLA: Highs, Lows and Lifesaving Lessons from No-Kill Los Angeles (Aimee Gilbreath & Kaylee Hawkins)
Managed Chaos: How to Effectively Manage Open Admissions to Maximize Lifesaving (Josh Fisher)
From Formal to Functional: Using Comprehensive Information to Effectively Assess Animals (Dr. Carley Faughn)
Foster-Fabulous: How to Create Long-Term Lifesaving with Short-Term Foster Homes (Kristen Auerbach & Kelly Duer)
Hittin’ the Road: Effective, Lifesaving Transport for Homeless Pets (Heather Cammisa)
From Volunteer to Voice: Engaging Volunteers in Powerful, Impactful Ways (Jay Garrett)
#AllTheCats: What’s Next for the Million Cat Challenge (Dr. Kate Hurley)
Conversion, Baby: Raising Money by Making Your Website Work for You (Amy Starnes)
Mending the Break: How to Effectively Rebuild a Fractured Team (Makena Yarbrough)
Proactive Practice: Using Data and Outreach to Strategically Allocate Resources (Scott Giacoppo)
Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now: Full Speed Ahead to 2025 featuring Julie Castle