2018 Society of Animal Welfare Administrators Management Conference


Sessions recorded LIVE at Society of Animal Welfare Administrators 2018 Management Conference in Chicago, Illinois at The Palmer House Hilton.

June 6-8, 2018

  • Innovation and the Future of Animal Welfare (Roger Haston, Ph.D.)
  • Emerging Leaders’ Vision of the Future (Jamie Fitzpatrick, Emily Grossheider, Alison Kleibor)
  • SAWA Veterinary Care in a Shelter Setting Best Practices (Brad Shear, Gary Weitzman)
  • How to Make your Monthly Donors Leap to the Next Amazing Level! (Erica Waasdorp)
  • Successful Animal Shelters:  It’s Not Just About the Money (Dr. Laura A. Reese)
  • Team Leadership Approach, Part 2 (Amy Duskiewicz)
  • Don’t Survive, Thrive! Creating a Starter Major Gifts Program for Small and Medium Nonprofits (Armando Zumaya)
  • Shelter Data: an Underutilized Resource (Jan Scarlett, Anne Reed, Martha Boden)
  • SAWA On POINT: Partners Organized to Innovate, Navigate and Transform our industry.
  • Strategic Planning Reimagined, Part 1 (Robin Hindsman Stacia)
  • Online and On Fire 1: Website Best Practices (Jay Wilkinson)
  • Online and On Fire 2: Engagement & Thought Leadership (Jay Wilkinson)
  • A holistic approach to the Cat Challenge (Emily Klehm, Abby Smith)