2019 NSPRA Conference Audio DVD + Download




Sessions recorded LIVE at the Omni Shoreham Hotel • July 15-17, 2019 • Washington, D.C.

 19NSPRA-1     Building Public Awareness: Framing That Works (Julie Sweetland, Ph.D.)

19NSPRA-2     Dynamic Data Dashboards: You, Too, Can Do! (Donelle Staples)

19NSPRA-3     Elevating Your Future: How Strategic Planning Can Be Inspiring, Community-Driven and Fun! (Joe Ferdani, APR & Mark Poshak)

19NSPRA-4     Equity Leadership From the Inside Out (Kimberlee Armstrong, Ed.D.)

19NSPRA-5     Launching a New Website: How to Get Rockstar Results Without Burn Out (Melissa Wiland & Kristen Cain)

19NSPRA-6     Storytelling Secrets of School PR Pros: How to Produce Stories of Impact (Rich Finlinson, APR) 

19NSPRA-7     Using Strategic Marketing to Recruit Millennial Teachers to Your School District (Jason Wheeler)

19NSPRA-8     Utilizing Political Campaign Tactics to Influence Others to Action (Patrick Mogge)

19NSPRA-9     Video Killed the Press Release: How to Tell Your Own Story Using Video (Samantha Fitzgerald & Paul Lewis) 

19NSPRA-10   What Can I Say? Media Relations in a Crisis (Catherine Carbone Rogers & Tove Tupper)

19NSPRA-11   Your School Bond Passed, Now What? Tips for Continuing the Communications Effort (Athena Vadnais, APR)

19NSPRA-12   A Picture Is Worth More Than 1,000 Words, and Speaks In Multiple Languages (Jim Cummings, APR)

19NSPRA-13   Building Community, Trust and Transparency With a “State of the District” Event (Lesley Rogers & Kahliah Laney)

19NSPRA-14   Lead Magnets, Pop-Ups and Blogs Made Easy (Amanda Holdsworth, APR, Ed.D.)

19NSPRA-15   Podcasting: Reaching Your Audience on the Move (Justin Dearing & Erin McCann)

19NSPRA-16   Publishing Professionally: Guidance for School District Communicators (Jay P. Goldman)

19NSPRA-17   Thirsty? Here’s A Firehose! What to Do, What Tools to Use, & How To Bring It All Together (Lana Snodgras & Stephanie Smith, APR, Ph.D.)

19NSPRA-18   Crisis Readiness: Get Ready Now (David Voss)

19NSPRA-19   Managing Common Crises: Keeping Your Head While Others Are Losing Theirs (Nora Carr, Ed.D., APR)

19NSPRA-20   When Losing Isn’t an Option; Constructing a Winning Bond Campaign (Nathan McCann, Ed.D.)

19NSPRA-21   Where Americans Stand on Public K-12 Education (David Schleifer, Ph.D.)

19NSPRA-22   All I Need to Know about Public Engagement I Learned From My Toddler (Nicole Kirby, APR & Matthew Kenwright)

19NSPRA-23   Amplifying Student and Teacher Voice: A Superintendent and District Plan (Matthew Miller)

19NSPRA-24   Federal Education Issues and How They Could Impact Your Local School District (Rich Long)

19NSPRA-25   Free Research Support: Look No Further Than Your College/University Next Door (Briana Warner & Allyson Goodman, Ed.D)

19NSPRA-26   I Wish I Would Have Known: Best-Seller in the Making (Stephanie Smith, APR, Lana Snodgras & Zac Rantz)

19NSPRA-27   Is Your Board Member a Communicator? Effective Communication Strategies for School Boards (Tammy Schiff and Randy Barber, APR)

19NSPRA-28   The 2020 Census: Student Counts, Education Funding and Statistics in School EA (Deborah Stein, Victoria R. Glasier, Deborah Rigsby)

19NSPRA-29   What PR Professionals Can Learn From a Mouse (Chris Williams)

19NSPRA-30   A Super Start for a New Superintendent (Andy Jenks)

19NSPRA-31   Five Key Steps to Crisis Communications (Susan Haynes & Bridget Hazelbaker) 

19NSPRA-32   Improving School Culture Through Division Wide Twitter Chats (Diana Gulotta & Steven Walts, Ed.D.)

19NSPRA-33   Moving Beyond the Bake Sale – Best Practices for Securing Non-Traditional Revenue (Adrienne Noel)

19NSPRA-34   Perfect Storm: Charting an Unfamiliar Course When Teachers Strike in Your District (Patricia Nuzzo, Gail Spolar, Rita Sanders & Monique)

  19NSPRA-35   Redesigning School Communications for Innovation & Equity (Jill Gildea, Ed.D. & Kim Eves)

  19NSPRA-36   Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: What You Can Learn from Senior Exit Interviews (Doreen McKercher & Jeff Snell, Ed.D)

  19NSPRA-37   The Comeback Story: Funding Campaign Success in a One-Person Shop (Brian Nicol)

  19NSPRA-38   Video Editing Hacks – Beyond the Basics – Jake Sturgis, APR & Jenna Mead (Blue Prefunction)

  18NSPRA-39   What Was I Thinking?  I Took a Job in School PR…Help! (Gail Fox & Karen Heath)


  19NSPRA-40    35 Tips & Tricks for Low Budget Video Production (Paul Weller)

19NSPRA-41    Case Study: Effective Communication After a 7.0 Earthquake (Jillian Morrissey)

19NSPRA-42    Case Study: How Charlottesville Schools Responded (and Continue to Respond) to Neo-Nazi Rallies (Beth Cheuk & Krissy Vick)

19NSPRA-43    Effective, Low-Cost Ideas for Establishing Your District’s Brand and Image (Stephanie Hansen)

19NSPRA-44    From the Newsroom to the Classroom: Making the Transition From Journalism to School PR (Gail Kahover & Robin Smith Kollman)

19NSPRA-45    Hacked: How to Survive the Era of Digital Hacking in Public Education (Shira Good, APR)

19NSPRA-46    Recognizing the Heart of Your District (Kristine Liptrot, APR & Timothy Shimp, Ed.D.)

19NSPRA-47    Show Me, Don’t Tell Me (Melissa Deavers-Lowie)

19NSPRA-48    Social Media Marketing and the Art of the Student Social Media Takeover (Michele Niec)

19NSPRA-49    Step-By-Step Guide to a Successful Campaign (Annette Eyman, APR)

19NSPRA-50    When a Crisis Hits Is Not the Time to Plan (Rick Kaufman, APR)

19NSPRA-51    Creating a Safe Space for LGBTQ+ Students Through Communication (Joshua Sauer & Carla Pereira, APR)
  19NSPRA-52    It’s an Emergency! You Know Your Plan. Do You Know Your People? (Tim Savoy, Dr. Eric Wright, Lt. Jeri Skrocki, Kharley Smith & Laureen Chernow)

19NSPRA-53    Marketing Playbook: Tools, Tips and Tactics to Drive Results (Jacqueline Getty, Ed.D. & Lyssa Campbell, APR)

19NSPRA-54    Go Live: How Messages on Facebook Live Increase Your Social Media Following (Keith Reid & Wendy Aguilar)

19NSPRA-55    Guerrilla Research: Get in the Trenches and Get Results! (Trinette Marquis)

19NSPRA-56    Hook ‘Em, Danno: Strategies and Tactics for Maximizing Content Engagement (Anthony Millican)

19NSPRA-57    Involving Students in School PR (Jake Potter, APR)

19NSPRA-58    Nano Influencers, Instagram Pods and Other Social Media Trends You Should Know (Zac Rantz & Danielle McGuire)

19NSPRA-59    Owning the Narrative: Launch of the VBCPS Fact Checker (Natalie Allen & Aaron Spence, Ed.D.)

19NSPRA-60    Superintendent’s Playbook: Building a School Community of Communicators (Patrick Murphy, Ed.D.)

19NSPRA-61    When the Big One Hits: Leadership Lessons Learned Around the Camp Fire (Tom DeLapp, Stephen Nichols, Mary Sakuma & Kindra Britt)

19NSPRA-62    Consumer Branding: What Districts Can Learn From Consumer Giants (Melissa Smith)

  19NSPRA-63    Creating Community: How to Build Trust and Engagement Before the Big Ask (Don Taylor & Vicki Gnezda)

  19NSPRA-64    Decentralizing Social Media: A Strategic Approach to Sharing School Information (Sandi Beason, APR)

19NSPRA-65    Engage is More Than Just a Page (Julia Burgos, Gladis Bourdouane & Kathy Mimberg)

19NSPRA-66    Engaging Stakeholders in the Strategic Planning Process: Where the Magic Happens (Janice Zielinski, R. Dalton Sprouse & Jay Phillips)

19NSPRA-67    FCPS 101: An Effective Program to Engage Stakeholders and Develop Public School Advocates (Steve Edwards & David Sovine, Ed.D.)

19NSPRA-68    From Colorblind to Color Brave: Changing the Face of Communications Across U.S. Schools (Melinda Colton, Jill Gildea, Margaret Van Duch & Kara Coglianese)

19NSPRA-69    How Do You Recover When Teens Die by Suicide? (Liilian Govus, APR & Craig Swanson)

19NSPRA-70    Lessons From a Lockdown: Ensure Success Before, During and After a Crisis (Gary Kubat)

19NSPRA-71    The Good, Bad and Ugly: Internal Communication Lessons (Raj Rai & Bret Van Blaricom)


19NSPRA-72    Best Customer Service Initiatives to Help Compete for Students (Kelly Middleton)

19NSPRA-73    Bring Your Alumni to Life with a Digital Hall of Fame (Kristen Rawlings)

19NSPRA-74    Case Study: The Baraboo Story of Communications Response and Healing (Lori Mueller, Ed.D. & Holly Henderson)

19NSPRA-75    I Love Public Schools: How Storytelling and T-Shirts Build a Movement of Support (Brittant Mascio & Amanda Oliver, APR)

19NSPRA-76    Let’s Talk About It: A Dialogic OD Approach to Change Management in Organizations (Anthony Saraceno)

19NSPRA-77    Marketing Your District Matters: Tips for A Compelling Digital Marketing Communication Plan (Coley Fehringer & John Doornbos)

19NSPRA-78    Promoting Inclusion Through a Community Conversation: A Toolkit for a Student-Led Event (Karen Heath)

19NSPRA-79    Spreading Happiness: PR’s Role in a Positive Culture (Terri McHugh, APR)

19NSPRA-80    Stand by Your Brand With Collaboration and Shared Ownership (Barbara Hunter, APR, Kari Weston, Ed.D. & Christie Clarke)

19NSPRA-81    The Art of Speechwriting: 10 Steps to Writing Captivating Speeches That Make an Impact (Justin Grayson)

19NSPRA-82    The Decisive Moment: Preparing Your School System for Emergency Communications Response (Tracy Jentz)

19NSPRA-83    Building an Arsenal of Visual Elements (Steven Powell)

  19NSPRA-84    Creating Equity and Engagement Through Parent Feedback Systems (Ameerah Palacios, APR & Shani Dowell)

19NSPRA-85    Finding Wellness in School PR (Shawn McKillop, APR & Kristen Magette, APR)

19NSPRA-86    Getting out of a Communications Rut Using the Key to Truly Effective Communication (Adam Harris)

19NSPRA-87    How Spanish Dichos (Sayings) Can Help You Become a Better PR Professional (Joseph Ortiz)

19NSPRA-88    Is This All There Is? Intentionally Preparing for the Next Step in Your PRofessional Journey (Bob Noyed, APR & Susan Brott, APR)

19NSPRA-89    Lessons Learned: Our School Safety Odyssey in 2018 (Samantha Bloem & Matt Leon)

19NSPRA-90    Pathway to Community Engagement (Penelope Miller-Smith)

19NSPRA-91    Social Media Made Easy: Nine Strategies for Generating Awesome Content (Andrea Gribble & Heidi Feller Clarke)

19NSPRA-92    Unleashing Your Creativity by Looking Through Rose-Colored Glasses (Janet Mann)

19NSPRA-93    Working Smarter, Not Harder: Using an Editorial Calendar for Planning (Krystyna Baumgartner)

19NSPRA-94    212o: Using Data to Show Your Strategic Communication Efforts Are Hot (Yolanda Stephen)

19NSPRA-95    Bond 101: How to Rally Your Community, Navigate the Pitfalls and Pass Your Bond (Alex Wolff & Cheryl Champ)

19NSPRA-96    Brand: It’s More Than a Logo (Shayla Cannady & Wendy J. Roundtree)

19NSPRA-97    Bringing Your Story to Life Through Video (Jason P. Laz)

19NSPRA-98    Creating and Building Relationships Through a Positive School Culture (Andy Smith & Jeff Erickson)

19NSPRA-99    Storytime: A Tale of Stakeholder Engagement (Jennifer Chicosky & Ashley Boyd)

19NSPRA-100  Six Critical Conversations You’re Not Having: Being Real in a Fake News World (Brian Woodland, APR)

19NSPRA-101  Standing at the PR Crossroad: When Privilege Meets Social Justice, a Live #k12prchat Panel (Julie Thannum, APR)