2021 Support World Live! Digital Download




Sessions recorded LIVE at the Omni Orlando Resort at Champions Gate• November 8-11, 2021 • Orlando, Florida   USA


General Sessions


¨ General Session: There’s Always A Way: How to Cultivate Resilient, Focused, And Energized Teams During Uncertain Times (Alex Banayan) © 2021 All Rights Reserved

¨ General Session: Intentional Leadership: Currency, Change, & Creating A Powerful Presence (Carla Harris) © 2021 All Rights Reserved

¨ General Session: Driving Change in the Service and Support Industry: A Panel featuring the HDI Strategic Advisory Board (Nassar Nizami) © 2021 All Rights Reserved

¨ General Session: #NoMatterWhat — The 5 Systems to Achieve Breakthrough Results in Your Business & Life, Regardless Of Circumstances (Sterling Hawkins) © 2021 All Rights Reserved





¨ Session 101: Becoming an Equitable Leader: Building a Strong Team By Leveraging Diverse Talents Organizations (Alma Miller)      

¨ Session 102: Star Trek and Conflict: Even Klingons Can Be Reasonable (Denis Rudd)

¨ Session 103: Customer Experience, Employee Experience, and Digital Transformation: Tools for Success (Roy Atkinson)               

¨ Session 104: Cyber-Security Awareness Across the Organization (Marvin Stein)         

¨ Session 105: Modernizing Team Structure in a Customer-Centric World (Michael Pacitti)

¨ Session 106: The Dating Game: Making the Enterprise Service Management Match! (Chris Chagnon)

¨ Session 107: Agile Change: The Importance of Communication, Automation, and Accountability (Phyllis Drucker)


¨ Session 201: Building Trust in a Virtual World (Lea Brovedani)

¨ Session 202: Organizational Change Management: From Planning in the Huddle to Executing on the Field (Jason Wischer)

¨ Session 203: Expectations, Exceeded!: Delivering Impactful Customer Experiences (Evan Carlson)              

¨ Session 204: Adapting Classroom Dispatch to Support Virtual Teaching and Learning (Marie DiRuzza)           

¨ Session 205: Capturing the Loyalty of the Modern Customer (Nate Brown)

¨ Session 206: Hyperautomation, Industry 4.0, and the Service Desk (Drew Jaehnig)

¨ Session 208: The Secret Sauce Is Execution: Lessons from “The V*A*L*U*E Formula” (Ken Wendle)


¨ Session 301: Cultural Champions and the Dynamics of a Perfectly Imperfect Team (Don Varela)

¨ Session 302: A MasterClass in IT Metrics (Ben Brennan)

¨ Session 303: CX Principles Every Service Desk Should Leverage (Rebecca Roemen)

¨ Session 304: Translating Geek Speak: Communicating the Value of IT to Non-IT Decision Makers (N.J. Robinson)        

¨ Session 307: Want Real ESM?  Start with VSM! (Doug Tedder)


¨ Session 401: Become the Leader You Would Work For (Darryl Jacoby)

¨ Session 402: CAB: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Vicki Rogers)          

¨ Session 403: The Transformation of Desktop Support and the Customer Experience (Rae Ann Bruno)            

¨ Session 404: Leggo My Lego!: An Exciting Way to Learn and Apply Lean Management (Matt Siefker & Jamie Stannard)

¨ Session 405: Building a World-Class Internal Support Team for World-Class External Support Teams (Matt Metzinger)

¨ Session 406: Digital Transformation: Everything You Wish You’d Known Before You Started (David Cannon)  

¨ Session 407: ITIL4 and the Service Management of the Future (Phyllis Drucker)

¨ Session 408: Building an Engaged Global Team, One Connection at a Time (Jason Stonehouse)


¨ Session 501: 5-Star Leaders, or the Leaders Who Changed Our Lives (Kirk Weisler)

¨ Session 502: Maximizing Performance: “The New Normal” for Desktop Support (Dian Survance)  

¨ Session 504: The Capacity Model: Go Beyond the Daily Schedule (Leslie O’Flahavan)

¨ Session 505: Doing What Doesn’t Come Naturally: Why IT Support Pros Must Know How to Express Empathy (Leslie O’Flahavan) 

¨ Session 506: Still Innovating in ITSM: An Ever-Madder Scientist’s Perspectives on Continual Process Improvement (Chris Chagnon)

¨ Session 507: Service Desk Agility: Is That a Thing? (Ric Mims)

¨ Session 508: Experience Management: How It Will Rock Your Support World (Alan Nance)


¨ Session 601: The Moment of Truth: Where Tech Support Meets the Customer (Dee Borgoyn)

¨ Session 602: Supercharge Your Staff: The Secret to Creating High-Performance Teams (Melissa Jackman)

¨ Session 603: How to Guarantee an Amazing Customer Experience (Jeff Toister)                         

¨ Session 604: Why You Should Gamify Onboarding (Gina Montague)          

¨ Session 606: Artificial Intelligence in Service and Support: The Future Is Finally Here! (Jeff Rumburg)

¨ Session 607: The Foundational Tools of Continuous Improvement (Michael Hanson)


¨ Session 702: Igniting Employee Engagement and Boosting Agent Retention (Christopher Mulligan)                             

¨ Session 703: How I Built This: A Resilient CX Strategy (Justin Robbins)   

¨ Session 704: The High Costs of a Badly Written Knowledge Base Article (Leslie O’Flahavan)

¨ Session 705: Infusing Your Team with Loyalty and Resilience (Nate Brown)


¨ Session 801: IT Women, We Can Do Better (Vicki Rogers)                      

¨ Session 802: Creating Engaged Teams: The Dynamics of Participation (Tom Wilk)      

¨ Session 804: Sprinting a Marathon: Going Remote in Just Two Weeks (Arif Gheewala)

¨ Session 805: Changing Change: The Importance of Holistic Process Improvement  (Paul Fordiani)