Collaborative Consulting – PDF by Peter Brooks



This publication is a guide to IT service management consulting. It is distillation of experience in service management with ITIL that should help practitioners, consultants and managers gain insight on how to approach service management engagements.

The publication embeds ITIL best-practice advice with scenarios derived from practical experience, to illustrate approaches and negotiate possible pitfalls to help deliver successful service management projects. It is a management guide to practical adoption of ITIL principles, complementary to the core publications. Containing practical guidance for internal and external consultants, this book covers all the important techniques you need to collaborate with stakeholders in setting and delivering goals.

Contents Include:

  • Consultancy methods, and how to apply the right tools for a particular job
  • Ethical consultancy – good governance and the responsibilities of a consultant
  • Analysing the enterprise, and how to incorporate corporate vision, policy and objectives into requirements
  • Using roadmaps and evaluations to build a shared vision with your client
  • Management techniques: team-building, growing capabilities, delegating and engaging staff effectively
  • Identifying, analysing and managing requirements, risks, and value in strategy and design
  • Managing change, resistance, negotiation and politics
  • Influencing senior management and the board using business cases and portfolios
  • The importance of communicating effectively

All techniques are illustrated using detailed scenarios based on practical experience covering the whole life of an engagement in a global company and a university.