Teambuilding with Index Cards


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Here are one hundred and sixty simple, valuable, engaging, effective and just plain fun activities that you can create using index cards, markers and a few simple props.

If your next training, team building, classroom or corporate event requires some amazing activities with limited props or with a limited budget, this is the perfect book for you!  Your audience will be talking about the effective outcomes of your session long after the activities are over!

From painless icebreakers to powerful communication activities, and from group challenges to meaningful team and community building activities, the contents of this book will not only maximize the engagement of your group, but they will also make you a more effective teacher, trainer, facilitator and group leader.

Teambuilding guru Dr. Jim Cain is the author of many outstanding books filled with valuable team and community building activities, challenges, games and methods for effectively engaging groups, including:  Teamwork & Teamplay, A Teachable Moment, Teambuilding Puzzles, The Revised and Expanded Book of Raccoon Circles, Essential Staff Training Activities, The Teamwork & Teamplay Training Cards, The Big Book of Low Cost Training Activities100 Activities That Build Unity, Community & Connection, Rope Games, The Teamwork & Teamplay International Edition, Find Something To Do! and this book, Teambuilding with Index Cards.