A Practical Guide to Project Planning: A Step-by-Step Approach PDF


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This title provides a step-by-step guide to creating and implementing a successful project plan, it describes the various roles, techniques and responsibilities of planning a project.
Key Features
A practical guide on planning for project managers who want to deliver success
Relates to any framework of project management
Each chapter includes techniques, examples and highlighted tips
Readers are led through simple and complex case examples bringing project planning to life
The appendices include a list of project plans and a project plan summary
Written by a highly experienced author

No matter which project management framework you are using, effective planning is crucial for success. This publication leads you through each stage of the planning process: defining, designing, developing and delivery, highlighting the practical steps for each. Role responsibilities, requirements and objectives are discussed in detail with case studies included to highlight the practical applications.

This title has been written by authors who have been involved with numerous global consultations in project management. Using a step-by-step approach, the authors share the knowledge,experience and expertise for developing and delivering successful plans for project management.a short description.