ITIL® and the Information Lifecycle: Integrating agile, DevOps and ITSM – PDF



How information is recorded, secured, retrieved, changed and disposed of has changed dramatically in the last few years. New developments in security, regulations, cloud computing and big data have had a significant impact on how data and knowledge are processed.

Against this complex, ever-evolving backdrop, this publication provides up-to-date guidance and best practice on information management for IT and business leaders.

It explains the entire flow of information – from developing applications using Agile methodologies, to DevOps, to IT operation. It covers functional aspects as well as the technical implications, helping you to facilitate and improve cooperation within your business and successfully execute your enterprise strategies.

Key features:

  • In depth coverage of knowledge management
  • Includes the impact of DevOps and Agile on Information processing
  • Describes how data management adds value to business
  • Numerous examples putting theory into context
  • Includes practical tips and checklists
  • Written by 4 expert authors with examples from their work experiences
  • Integrates the ITIL core processes with data management
  • Overview of mechanisms and methods to manage data and security risk management