2022 Service Management World Full Conference Audio (Digital Download)



Sessions recorded LIVE at the Omni Orlando Resort at Champions Gate• November 15-16, 2022 • Orlando, Florida USA


• General Session: Build a Better Box: Innovating to Differentiate and Stay Ahead of the Competition (Stephen Shapiro) © 2022 All Rights Reserved
• General Session: The Culture Equation: Power Your Strategy and Accelerate Performance (Jessica Kriegel) © 2022 All Rights Reserved


• Session 101: Connected, Yet Apart: Strategies for Keeping Teams Engaged in a Remote or Hybrid Workplace (Monica Morrison)
• Session 102: Growing Pains: The Shift from IT to Enterprise Self-Service (Chris Chagnon)
• Session 103: The Third Door Approach to Process Improvement (Rae Ann Bruno)
• Session 104: ITXM: Why IT Experience Management Is The Secret to Awesome IT Service Management (Maddie Blumenthal, Ben Brennan, Doug Rabold, Tom Wilk)
• Session 105: 4, 3, 2, 1: The ITIL Countdown and Connecting the Dots for ITSM (Anthony Orr)
• Session 106: What’s the Worst That Could Happen? Managing Risks in Digital Service Delivery (Valence Howden)

• Session 201: The Death Star Wasn’t Built in a Day: Leadership Lessons from “Star Wars” (Tom Wilk)
• Session 202: Living the Dream: Making Enterprise Service Management a Reality (Matt Beran)
• Session 203: Good Strategy Can’t Be Found in the Rearview Mirror (Doug Tedder)
• Session 204: Who’s in Charge? The Product Owner vs. the Project Manager (Donna Gregorio)
• Session 205: Caught in the Middle: Selling Stakeholders on Software Asset Management (Doug Rabold)
• Session 206: Aligning Cybersecurity with Your Service Management Practices (Patrick von Schlag)

• Session 301: The Secrets to Developing a Continual Improvement Culture (Rae Ann Bruno, Jeff Jensen, Donna Knapp, Greg Sanker)
• Session 302: The Queen’s Gambit: Building a Great Service Management Office and Team (Phyllis Drucker)
• Session 303: Global Business Services: Is It Just Enterprise Service Management in Disguise? (Lou Hunnebeck)
• Session 304: Digital Strategy: The Missing Key to ITSM Success (David Cannon)
• Session 305: Leveraging the ITIL Maturity Model to Drive Organizational Transformation (Erika Flora)
• Session 306: From Live Agent to Cognitive AI: Success Realized at NNS (Richard Clabbers)

• Session 401: WWDD: What Would Deming Do? (Michael Cardinal, Donna Knapp)
• Session 402: Why the Heck Aren’t We Doing Problem Management? (Cyrus Howells)
• Session 403: Service Management: Owning the Co-Creation of Value (Caitlin Price, Jessica Szalla)
• Session 404: Benchmarks from the World of Enterprise Service Management (Jeff Rumburg)
• Session 405: Swarming 2.0: Using KIT Principles to Solve Complex Problems (Phil Verghis)
• Session 406: Peak Experience: Ride the Hype-Cycle with the Experience Optimization Framework (Alan Nance)

• Session 501: Communicating Geek Speak: Bridging the Gap Between IT and the Business (N.J. Robinson)
• Session 502: Service Management in 2023 and Beyond (Stephen Mann)
• Session 503: Optimizing Your Service Portfolio in Support of Digital Strategy (David Cannon, Jeff Jensen)
• Session 504: Leading from Where You Are (Vicki Rogers)
• Session 505: One Size Doesn’t Fit All: A Consideration of Complexity and Best Practices (Greg Sanker)
• Session 506: The What, Why, and How of Digital Transformation (Roy Atkinson)

• Session 601: The Tech Leader as CEO (Glenn Setliff)
• Session 602: Continuous Improvement: How Does It Actually Work? (Ric Mims)
• Session 604: Becoming Change-Ready: Modernizing Service Management and Taking It to the Next Level (Randy Steinberg)
• Session 605: Practical Service Management Strategies: Applying Frameworks to Drive Results! (Marie DiRuzza)
• Session 606: ITSM or CSM…to Choose or How to Choose: What Is the Question? (Glen Hoffmann)