The V*A*L*U*E Formula : Do More with Less and Reduce the Stress (SIGNED COPY)



The V*A*L*U*E Formula provides a practical response to the frequent mandate to “do more with less”, which, besides elevating stress levels, begs the question “and exactly how do we do that?”

The answer is actually quite simple: Do MORE of the right things WITH LESS of the wrong things.

And the RIGHT things to do are those things which increase your VALUE.

The V*A*L*U*E Formula™ reveals and describes the FIVE KEY ELEMENTS of value… and how they work together through The V*A*L*U*E Formula™ Model.

When applied, this formula can dramatically improve your personal and organizational value, leading to the result of doing more with less AND reducing stress!

Here’s some more background:


The V*A*L*U*E Formula™ teaches—in a simple, straightforward manner—the elements that directly impact and influence you and your organization’s value. You will learn these elements of value and how they work together to help turn your best efforts into your highest value.


How to do more with less and still reduce stress.

  • Learn what value is.
  • Learn how value is created, delivered and can be increased.
  • Learn to craft and communicate a powerful “value vision”.
  • Understand how to effectively align toward your vision.
  • How to find and leverage assets you didn’t know were available.
  • Discover how to take advantage of your uniqueness.
  • The “secret sauce” of effectively executing to realize your true value potential.
  • The barriers to value and how to overcome them.
  • Sustaining your value and building your value.