2015 NACA Full Conference Audio Download



All recorded LIVE at the 2015 National Animal Care & Control Association, October 1-2, 2015 in Baltimore

2013 Colorado Floods. Boulder’s Emergency Animal Rescues: A Military and Animal Control Collaboration 
Changing Toxic Paradigms in the World of Public Safety
Roundtable Discussion Like You Never Experienced Before!
Cheap Tips! Improved Comfort and Care for the Financially Challenged                    
Understanding the Animal Welfare Act
Creative Captures                                                                                                          
Veterinary Science Initiative: Effectively Using Humane Education in a Comprehensive Community Shelter Approach
Verbal De-Escalation Techniques: Stepping Back From the Edge                                   
Zoonosis: Things That ACO’S Shouldn’t Catch                                                            
Crime Scene and Animal Cruelty Forensic Photography
Enacting Proactive Ordinances: Omaha’s Story                                                           
It’s a Zoo – What would YOU Do?
Multi-Agency Coordination of Animal Issues in Disaster                                              
Strategic Planning for Your Humane Education Program
Task Force Responses to Animal Care & Control Problems Part1                              
Troubleshooting Conflicts with Coyotes
Presentation on the Million Cat Challenge                                                                     
Beyond Animal Control: Daily Community Education
Show Me the Money – Fundamentals for the 21st Century Grant Seeker                     
Puppy Mill Investigations 101
Emergency Animal Sheltering & Decontamination                                                        
Shelter Animals Count – the National Database Project
Task Force Responses to Animal Care & Control Problems                                                      
Urban Wildlife 102