2018 National School Public Relations Association Full Conference Audio Download



Sessions recorded LIVE at the Hyatt Regency Orange County • July 16-18, 2018 • Garden Grove, California USA

Monday • July 16, 2018

How to Survive a Social Media Fire: The Good, Bad and Ugly (Rick Kaufman, APR)
Making and Marketing Your Schools as Schools of Choice (Ed Moore, APR)
Turn the Curve on Success with a Strategic Roadmap (Shawn McKillop, APR)
Who Lives on Your Sesame Street? Understanding Your Community Through Demographic Profiling (Lana Snodgras)
Video Storytelling: How to Best Support Your Schools in Telling Stories Through Video (Diana Gulotta, Richard Shahan, Andy Jacks, Dr.Steven Walts )
Survey Says: The Hot Education Issues Trending Nationally Bond (Drew Liebermanm, Lesley Rogers)
Bouncing Back from Defeat to Pass a Bond by 84 Percent (Samantha Fitzgerald, Samantha Fitzgerald, Paul Lewis, Nicole Kirby, APR)
Voices of Tomorrow: Using Diverse Student Stories to Transform Adult Mindsets (Stan Alleyne, Jake Sturgis, APR)
Identrification: Taking a Gentrifying District from Identity Crisis to Community Brand (Emily Waszolek, Dr. Donna W. Lewis)
Social Media Infrastructure: Set Yourself Up For Success (Richard Franco)
Weathering The Storm: Communication Before, During, and After a Natural Disaster (Greg Turchetta, Justin Elbert)
Engage Your Busy Community Today (Annette Eyman, APR)
You Collected the Data, Now What? (Trinette Marquis, APR)
A Camera And A Dream (Zac Rantz, Alex Stein)
Why Did they Leave? And How Can We Get Them Back? (Deidra Powell)
Backstory: Go Behind the Scenes Following the Arrest of a High-Profile Employee (Brett Johnson, APR)
Student Perspective: Safety, Communication and Culture Through the Eyes of Your Students (Lucy Ankenbrandt, Sloen Zieverink, Kym Prewitd)
Engagement Power: Integrating Technology and Communication to Spark District Transformation (Dr. Meria Carstarphen)
More than a Number: How to Talk with Data-driven Parents About School Rankings (Naomi Hunter, APR)
Too Close for Comfort? Communicating with School Neighbors During a Construction Project (Keith Reid)
Engaging Employees Through Internal Communications (Stacy Brandt)
Lynch May Be a Name to You – To Me It’s What Happened to My Ancestors (Carol Fenstermacher, APR)
Reaching the Forgotten Stakeholders: Alumni and Parents of Alumni (Ken DeSieghardt)
Transparency, Trust, Targeting and Tracking: Tips and Tools for Passing Your Bond (Sabreana Smith Marsh, Dr. Roosevelt Nivens)
Protect and Educate: School Resource Officers and Prevention of Violence in Schools (Mo Canady)
No Cookie Cutter Designs Allowed: Helping Stakeholders Understand the Needs of a Modern Bond Program (Holly Huffman)
The Story of the One-Page Strategic Plan (Mike Cyze)
Building a Communication Culture that “Clicks” from Day One (April Bryant, Dr. Tom Muzzey)
Reflections in the Communication Mirror (Tom DeLapp, APR, Tom DeLapp, APR)
Amplify: Boost Effectiveness & Maximize the Impact of Your One-Person Department (Erica Chandler, APR)
Compliance is Not a Dirty Word: The What, Why and How of ADA Compliant Web Sites (Thomas Scheidel)
Analyze Your Selfie: Developing a Customized Social Media Policy (Holly Holland, Dr. Holly Holland)
The Superintendent and Communications Director as Chief Brand Officers (Dr. Nathan McCann)
What is NAEP? How Does it Relate to State & Local Assessment Results? (Kari Eakins, Dr. Michael Sibley, Nathan Olson)

Tuesday • July 17, 2018

Easy Ways to Up Your Social Media Game (Andrea Gribble, Andrea Gribble)
One School District’s Story: Writing Our Own Narrative (Laser Alert, Steven Lewis, Evelyn McCormack, Dr. Tahira DuPree Chase)
PR Pros: You Can’t Do It Alone! (David Voss)
From Cherry Coke to Sweet Tea: Transitioning PR Strategies From Urban to Suburban District (Kimberly Willis-Green)
Crack the Code: Four Proven Ways to Get the Media to Cover Your Stories (Cynthia Shah-Khan)
Dustproofing Your Strategic Plan (Kristine Liptrot, APR, Dr. Timothy Shimp)
Staying on Target: Inspiring Collaboration After the Crisis (Daniel Thigpen)
What is a Kaizen? Fresh Idea for Overcoming Roadblocks in School PR (Kamaljit Jackson, Emily Neubauer, Stacy Tapp, APR)
Welcoming Newcomers to Our Country and Our Schools (Trent Allen, APR)
PR Photography Done Right (Angela Marshall, James Van Develde)
The Five Things You Should Never Say: The Forbidden Phrases of Great Leaders (Brian Woodland)
The New Storytelling: How To Connect With Audiences Through Strategic Content & Fresh Tactics (Shane Haggerty, APR)
Your District’s “Why” for the 21st Century: Start Your Strategic Plan with Portrait of a Graduate (Kimberly Ratcliff, APR, Dan VonHandorf)
SEO Matters: Staying Digitally Competitive in the Age of School Choice (Joshua Sauer)
The 5 Movie Scenes that All School Communicators Experience in Real Life (Dr. Steve Webb)
Lessons Learned from Harvey (Rebecca Suarez)
The Power of Influencers and How You Can Empower Them (Steve King)
Going From 0 to 60: How to Build an Engagement Campaign to Support a Bond Measure in Under a Year (Lillian Govus, APR)
Fighting the Good Fight: A Life in School PR (Steve Knagg)
The One You Feed: A Parable, Positive Psychology and Creating Cultures that Support the Success of All Students (Curtis Campbell)
Avoid the PR Fail (Justin Grayson)
Communication Camp: Take Your Administrators Camping, Communication-style, Without Ever Leaving the District (Erin Dunsey, Danielle Airey)
From Media to School PR (Rebecca Kiest)
What to Do When Homeland Security Comes Knocking: Teacher Arrest and Community Uproar (Dr. Lesli Myers, Kerry Sharp)
Eleven Paths: The Making of a Documentary (Catherine Carbone, Tove Tupper)
Hacked! How an Unassuming Suburdan District Navigated a Cyber Terrorist Attack (Laura Sprague, APR)
Beyond a Logo: Branding a School District (Kala Morrissey)
The Power of Nudge: Harnessing Science for Better PR Outcomes (Adrienne Leon, APR, Emily Popek)

Wednesday • July 18, 2018

Social Media, Students, Staff & Success (Kendra Ward)
Strategic Partnership Development: How to Get Donations and MORE for Your Students and Schools! (Angela Griffin Ankhelyi)
Marketing Like a Private School on a Public School Budget (Amanda Holdsworth, APR, Ed.D, Regina Luttrell, Ph.D)
How to Capture Ideas and Create Compelling Content (Rich Finlinson, APR)
Upgrade Your School Communications (Latisha Gray, APR)
A Plan for Referendum Success in Titletown (Denise Gaumer Hutchison, Lori Blakeslee)
Alternative Facts and Their Impact On Your District (Katie Cothron)
Pack It with a Punch! Strategies to Rolling Out a Successful Communication Plan (Irene Ortega, Irene Ortega, Roberto Escudero)
What You Need to Know and Do Before Your Teachers Go for a Walk (Terry Locke, Danielle Airey, Briana Warner, Kim Mesquita)
Hold, Please, I’ll Be Right With You: Developing Holding Statements for Crisis Communications (Cindy Warner, APR)
Leading & Learning From A Growth Mindset: A #k12PRchat Panel Discussion (Julie Thannum, APR, #K12PRChat Colleagues from US and Canada )
STAND (Students Taking a New Direction): Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee (Amber Belako, Rene Daniels)
Using Content Marketing to Drive District Engagement (Jason Wheeler)
From the Peak to the Valley: A Positive School Image Plummets and Climbs Again (Betsy Bailey, Diane Barrett)
From a Terrorist Attack to a School Shooting: An After Action Review Format (Linda Bardere, APR)
Advanced Video Storytelling: Learn from Broadcast Pros (Robert Bledsoe, Khanh Pham, Marc Galang)
Leggings, Sagged Pants & Tanks: Equitable Student Dress Codes Increase Class Time & Body Positivity (Evangeline Semark, Dr. Keith Robinson)
Creating a Compassionate Community (Courtney Schrieve)
Finding Bigfoot: The Hunt for a User-Friendly Website (Patricia Nuzzo, Tara Cox, Sara Neal, Amanda Richter)
EDU-speak: Cracking the Education Code (Lori Oberheide, Sarah Coomber, Michele Larsen)
Capital Funding Campaign: Educate, Not Advocate (Riley Sutton, Irene Payne)
Creating Conversation from Chaos (Kelly Avants, APR, Trent Allen, APR, Daniel Thigpen, APR, Trinette Marquis, APR)
Suggestion Boxes Aren’t Just For Show (Stephanie Royse)
What You See Is What You Believe (Janet Mann)
Legislators Are Your Target Audience Too: Marketing CTE Programs to Elected Leaders (Karen Heath)
Plan Your Next Event with Less Worry and More Wow! (Theresa Schaefer-Bell, Angela Marshall)
In With the New, Out With the Old! Turn Your District News Blog into an E-newsletter to Share on Social Media (Evita Tapia-Gonzalez, Liliana Mota)
Results Demonstrate the Value of Investing in Strategic School Branding (Dorreen Dembski, Mary Lofy Blahnik)