2016 Industry Summit Full Conference Audio Download


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Compliance Welcome Address
Compliance Opening Keynote: F&I Products, Regulators and the Presidential
The Buck Stops Here: Dealers, Compliance and Enforcement
Compliance Panel Session: Knowledge Is Power
Compliance Featured Luncheon Presentation
Compliance Traps Your Store MUST Avoid
Compliance Panel Session: Leadership, Teamwork and Accountability
The Paper Trail: A Dealer’s Best Defense Witness
Compliance Panel Session: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Compliance Roundtable: Q&A With Compliance Summit Speakers
Execute Like a Fighter Pilot: 5 Action Steps to Lead Your Company to Greatness
Ask Joe
Technology Event
P&A Panel: Threats Facing the F&I Industry
P&A Panel: Presenting F&I Products Online
P&A Featured Presentation: Current Trends Affecting GAP Losses
Positioning Your Business for the Future
Career Success and the State of F&I
P&A Panel Session: eSignatures Today and in the Future
Carrying the Torch to Light the Flame
Needs Discovery Without the Interrogation
From the Boardroom (Panel)
F&I’s Time Crunch
Busting Compliance Myths
Objection Handling: Collapse. Create. Repeat
P&A Panel: How to Adjudicate Claims for High Risk Clients
Applying Modern Investment Theories to Reserve Assets
Trainers Sound Off
Avoiding the Pitfalls Associated with Signing Customers Offsite
The Pre-Owned Correction and F&I’s Big Opportunity