2019 Texas Unites Full Conference Audio Download


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Sessions recorded LIVE at The Renaissance Austin Hotel •  April 27 – 29, 2019  •  Austin, Texas   USA

 Concurrent Sessions

Keynote Address: Building a Culture of Care (Gary Weitzman)

Best Practices – Fulfilled through the Five Freedoms (Kate Pullen)

Who Let The Dogs Out?  You Did!  Canine Field Trip & Short Term Foster Programs That Promote Adoptions and Community Engagement (Finnegan Dowling)

Under the Dome – What bills can help or hurt animals in 2019 Texas Legislative Session and how you can help! (Shelby L. Bobosky & Laura Donahue Halloran)

Time for Education!  Building, Growing, & Sustaining a Successful Humane Education Initiative (De Daltorio & Heather Grogan)

We’re All in This Together – Common Challenges and Solutions! (Emily Grossheider)

Risk Management in a Volunteer Program (Brian Chase)

Getting Back to the Basics: Prioritizing Quality of Life (Aimee Sadler)

Programs for People, Impact for Pets (B.J. Rogers)

Beagley Blonde – Legal Myths in Animal Welfare (Brian Chase)

Creating Impactful Results with a PetSmart Charities Partnership (Kelly Balthazor, Heidi Fulcher, Steve Kaufman)

How We Doubled in Size and Maintained Our Culture of Care:  San Diego Humane Society’s Strategic Approach to Recruitment and Employee Engagement (Audrey Lang & Ashley Frank)

Discover the Hidden Power of ‘Thank You’ (Tim Crub)

Enrichment Versus Behavior (Amy Sadler)

It’s Raining Kittens – How to Navigate the Storm [With Like-Minded Partners] (Donna Casamento, Jennifer Pimentel)

Resiliency and Courage:  The Training We Should Have Had From the Start           (Bruce Jolley &  Corey Price)

Fundraising for Your Municipal Shelter? YES! (Tori Fugate)

Inward Alliance: Creating Coalitions Within Your Organization (Whitney Hanson & Misty Valenta)

TNR: Science vs Advocacy (Chad Ensign)

 Healthier Animals from Intake to Adoption (Nancy L. Carter & Kent Glenn)

Keeping them Home: A New and Innovative Alternative to Owner Surrender (April Harris)

FTO for the ACO: Training the Trainer (Tabitha Blewett)

Taming the Beast:  Crisis Communication for Animal Agencies Gone Wild! (Lisa Norwood)

Refurbishing and Remodeling Animal Housing Facilities (Greg Taylor)

Help PEOPLE Care for Animals – Pet Food-Banking and Other Services with DaisyCares (Maria Alvarado)

How to Make Euthanasia a Humane Death (Catherine McManus)

Communications in a Changing World: And How that Affects Your Volunteer Program (Tori Fugate)

Wild Neighbors: Is your response to wildlife working against you, your community, and your mission? (John Griffin)

Customer Service for Animal Welfare Professionals Told (Cathy M. Rosenthal)

Who’s the Boss? Who Cares! (Leslie Harrelson)

Reaching the “Unadoptable” with TTouch! (Marnie Reeder)

Canine Communication (part 1) – A guide to understanding how dogs communicate to each other and how they interpret the body language of people.  (Karen Deeds)

Second Chances: Transforming the Lives of the Two-Legged and Four-Legged Kind (Michelle McClelland)

No More Horsin’ Around: Best Practices for Investigation and Prosecution of Equine Cruelty Cases (Kyle Held & Jaime Olin)

The Cruelty Connection: Introducing The Link to Student Audiences (Phil Arkow)

Why Title & Authority Matter Less Than You Think (B.J. Rogers)

Canine Communication (part 2) – A guide to understanding how dogs communicate to each other and how they interpret the body language of people. (Karen Deeds)

What to Expect when Expecting ….Seniors! (Catherine McManus)

Chip Chip Hooray: Microchip Licensing to Boost Your RTOS and Your Reputation (Lisa Norwood & Shannon Wade Sims)

Vet Care for All: Small Steps to Make a Big Impact for People and Pets in Poverty (Jennifer Anderson & Jocelyn Kessler)

Shelter Safety (Unexpected just happened, what do you do?)  (Kevin Hearst)

It Takes a Village to Save our Animals (Carl Youngberg)

 Reactive Dogs (Karen Deeds)

Get Them Adopted – Outside the Shelter (Kelli Eaves & Kelli Eaves)

When Good Dogs Go Bad (Manuel Flores & Joel Skidmore)

Break Through the Barking: How to Create a Successful Social Media Strategy (Kelsey Keys)

Increasing Adoption through Managing your Average Length of Stay (Michael Barnard, Jessica Henry, Courtney Kremer,  & Michael A. White)

The Association Veterinary Care in a Shelter Setting Best Practice (Brad Shear & Cynthia Mitchell)

Yes!  Volunteers CAN Do That!:  Engaging Volunteers Beyond Basic Animal Care Roles (Miranda Hitchcock & April Moore)

How to Start an Animal Cruelty Task Force (Jessica Milligan & Charles Jantzen)

Teaching to Transform: Engagement and Education to Change Communities (Lisa Norwood & Camille Shelton)

Your Data Counts! (Sara Kent)

Are Cats the Underdogs? (Lana Fraley Rich)


Pharmacological and Non-pharmacological Behavioral Interventions for Shelter Use (Valarie Vaughn)

Polytrauma:  More Than Broken Bones (Justin Heinz)

Teamwork: How animal welfare agencies, law enforcement, and legal professionals work together to successfully investigate and prosecute             animal crimes (Shawn Ashley, Darlene Chandler, Dr. Amy Crum, Kaitlin Loewen, Elizabeth Pearlman, Whitney Rasberry, Tamra Walthall)

Trends, Tools, and Hot Topics: Updates on Canine Heartworm Management – Part 1 (Brian A. DiGangi)

Trends, Tools, and Hot Topics: Updates on Canine Heartworm Management – Part 2 (Brian A. DiGangi)


How to get Sponsors Sponsoring and Donors Donating – The Association Leadership Series (Tom Tholen)

Practices Shelter Data:  An Underutilized Resource – The Association Leadership Series (Jan Scarlett, Anne Reed, Martha Boden)

Do’s and Don’ts of Award Winning Public Services Announcements – The Association Leadership Series (Tom Tholen)

Management by Walking Around, Part 1 – The Association Leadership Series (Gilda Bonanno)

Management by Walking Around, Part 1 – The Association Leadership Series (Gilda Bonanno)