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Sessions recorded LIVE at The Mandalay Bay Resort • March 25-27, 2015 • Las Vegas, Nevada USA


Keynote 2: Turning Wine to Water (Doc Hendley) © 2015 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 4: Engagement 2.0 (Scott Stratten) © 2015 All Rights Reserved


Session 101 Senior Leadership: The View from Session 30,000 Feet, Gregg Gregory
Session 102 Leading Change: Kotter’s 8-Step Model, Gary Case
Session 103 Problem Solving: Are You Asking the Right Questions?, Fancy Mills
Session 104 You Don’t Need a TV Show to Be an Undercover Boss, James Walker
Session 105 Multidimensional Metrics: Measuring Efficiency, Quality, and Value, Rae Ann Bruno
Session 106 Self-Service and Other Customer Support Myths, Brandon Caudle
Session 107 Benchmark Session 2014: Global Results for Desktop Support, Jeff Rumburg
Session 108 Control Shift: How Cloud Computing Is Changing Everything, Hank Marquis
Session 109 Reinforce Your Company’s Brand: Brand Your Customer Service, Martha Brooke
Session 110 I Love This Place!, Stacey Morales
Session 201 Introducing Level 1.5, Jeff Ridge
Session 202 ITSM for Multinationals, Frederieke Winkler Prins
Session 203 Put the Quality into Your Quality Monitoring Scorecard, Fancy Mills
Session 204 Coaching Is Job One, Mary Cruse
Session 205 Tying Service Desk KPIs to Business Outcomes, Donna Knapp
Session 206 Leaving a Legacy: Transforming the Customer Experience, Manley Feinberg
Session 207 Performance Metrics for Desktop Support, Mike Hanson
Session 208 Combining Science and KCS to Change Behavior, Phil Verghis
Session 209 Implementing Remote Work in Your Support Organization, Joe Arechederra
Session 210 Where Is “Single-Job Bob”?, Michael McGaughey
Session 301 Making IT a Strong Strategic Business Partner, Troy DuMoulin
Session 302 The New Basics, Ivor Macfarlane
Session 303 Secrets of a Scrum Master: Agile Practices for the Service Desk, Donna Knapp
Session 304 Building a Dynamic Global Team, Jeanette Nabozny, Taffany Van Rossen
Session 305 Is That Fact or Opinion? Using Metrics for Continual Improvement, Michael Cardinal
Session 306 Team-Based Service: Providing a More Effective Experience, Gregg Gregory
Session 307 Does IT Have a Crystal Ball? A Case Study on Student Technology Use, Jill Beckman, Mike Javorsky
Session 308 Service Desk and Big Data: What’s Expected From You, Judy Benda-Schnurr, Robin Bell
Session 309 LinkedIn: How to Build Brand YOU, Brandon Caudle
Session 310 High Speed: Rolling Out a New Service Desk in Record Time, Sarah Flint , Mike Tessier

Session 401 The Role of IT Leadership in Service and Support, Jeff Rumburg
Session 402 Changing the Game: Failure Is Not an Option, Julie Mohr
Session 403 Our Road Trip Down the Self-Service Highway, Kelly Doherty
Session 404 Becoming a Leader That Others Will Follow, Lea Brovedani
Session 405 Mastering the Mystery of IT Support Metrics, John Custy
Session 406 Starting from Scratch: The Path to Success, Aran McFarland
Session 407 The Best of the Best in Desktop Support, Mark Fitzgerald
Session 408 The Future of Work, Patrick Bolger
Session 409 How Do I Tell the Story?, Phyllis Drucker
Session 410 Improving the Customer Experience Through Desktop Support, Rae Ann Bruno
Session 502 Banishing the Heroes from Your IT Kingdom, Kristie Magowan
Session 503 KCS Is the Gold Standard, but My Organization Has a Tin Cup, John Coles
Session 504 Big Impact, Low Cost: Show Me the Love!, Beth Jacobsen
Session 505 By the Dashboard Light, Mike Hanson
Session 506 Customer Experience and the Cloud: Managing the Experience, Risks, and Challenges, Julie Mohr
Session 507 Desktop Support and Data Breaches: The Unknown Dangers, Bryan Hood
Session 508 Services Made Clear, from Start to Service Catalog, Steve Smith
Session 509 Service Management Is a Competitive Advantage…If You Do It Right, David Moskowitz
Session 510 Halliburton Achieves 98% Self-Service User Adoption Eliminating Help Desk Requests, O’Shola Anjous, Bruce Lebitz
Session 601 What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You, John Reed, Mary Cruse
Session 602 From Cost Center to Investment Center, John Custy
Session 603 An Agile Approach to Creating Your Request Catalog, Phyllis Drucker
Session 604 Visualize, Energize, Mobilize: Building a Successful Team, Adrienne Du Brul
Session 605 Managing Cloud Service KPIs, Hank Marquis
Session 606 How to Have High-Quality Chats with Customers, Leslie O’Flahavan
Session 607 Mobility Changes Everything, Mark Fitzgerald
Session 608 Foresight Is Session 20Session 20: The State of the Technical Service and Support Industry, Craig Baxter
Session 609 Delivering the Ultimate User Experience, Judy Benda-Schnurr
Session 610 SPOC: The Key to Service Desk Success, Bren Boddy
Session 701 Should the Service Desk Report to the Business Manager?, Malcolm Fry
Session 702 Radical Incident Reduction: The Session 40-40-40 Program, Randy Steinberg
Session 703 Intelligent Swarming: Collaboration on Steroids, Greg Oxton
Session 704 The Culture Crux: Increasing Engagement, Innovation, and Accountability, Manley Feinberg
Session 705 Past and Present: 25 Years of Service Desk KPIs, Jeff Rumburg
Session 706 STEEL Pancakes, Lollipops, and Raving Fans: Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience, Kirk Weisler
Session 707 Operation Transformation: Delivering Efficient and Effective Concierge Services at Emory Healthcare, Mary Kay O’Brien, Lionel Clark
Session 708 Service Desk Mobility: Who Needs a “Desk”?, Dewayne Dillard
Session 709 Service Management Beyond ITIL, Mart Rovers
Session 710 Who Is Your Team?, Jacque Rowden
Session 801 The Future Business Model…Does IT Support Exist, Matt Hooper
Session 802 We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: ITIL and ITSM in the Age of the Cloud, Lou Hunnebeck
Session 803 At the Service Desk, Good Enough Isn’t Nearly Enough. Julie Lemke
Session 804 Live with Randy and Fancy: Exposing the Workforce Management Process, Fancy Mills, Randy Celaya
Session 805 Metrics: Change Agents in IT Service and Support, Roy Atkinson
Session 806 Humanizing IT Support, Mark Fitzgerald
Session 807 How to Reduce Costs While Maintaining Client Satisfaction, Stacy Gianoulis, Jill Beckman
Session 808 KCS: Beyond IT and into the Business Environment, Stephanie Gloden, Steve McMillan
Session 809 The “O” Word: Why Outsourcing May Be Viable, Skip Goodwillie
Session 810 The Power of Positive Influence, George Diorio