The 2020 Special Event Audio DVD + Digital Combo


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Sessions recorded LIVE at The Mandalay Bay Convention Center • March 10-12, 2020• Las Vegas, Nevada   USA


General Sessions

¨ Wednesday Keynote: To Compete or Collaborate? A Truth-telling Conversation on How to Shift the Norms of Collaboration (Without All the BS) (Cyndie Spiegel)



¨ Session 866776: It’s Show Time! Kathleen Stoehr      

¨ Session 871229: “Double-Down” on Decor & Dining Cheryl Fish & Joann Oseary

¨ Session 871281: 2020 Global Wedding Trends with Brit Bertino Brit Bertino

¨ Session 871282: 5 Insider Tips for Cultivating Relationships that Yield Humongous Results Nicole Matthews

¨ Session 871284: 60 in 60: Creative Content Ideas To Fill Your Social Media Calendar Kelly Treadway                  

¨ Session 871485: Building your Event Execution Team Carl Lawrence

¨ Session 871484: Cannabis and Events: A New Niche or a Risky Proposition?! Nathan Breen, Tomer Grassiany, Gwen Helbush, Alan Katz, & Lenny Talarico

¨ Session 871341: No Is Not A Dirty Word & Neither Are Boundaries. Mellysa Levy & Sasha Souza

¨ Session 871483: Not ANOTHER Gala! How to make your nonprofit events strategic and unique Michelle Casserly & Meagan O’Flaherty

¨ Session 871456: Sell Your Value & Charge What You’re Worth Alan Berg, CSP

¨ Session 874141: The Luxury Level:  REAL Design, REAL talk, REAL Tips Taylor DeMartino

¨ Session 871287: Agency Aspirations: Scaling Your Business from Independent to Incorporated Adam Sloyer

¨ Session 871291: Avoiding the Risks and Headaches of Wedding Month Management (“Day of” ) Mary Swaffield CSEP               

¨ Session 871430: Blend the Past, Present & Future of Visual Effects to Touch all the Senses and Captivate Your Attendees Jeff Ward                

¨ Session 871301: Buyer Perception Can Make or Break You and Your Business Meryl Snow           

¨ Session 871311: Design For Your Client: No Matter the Budget! Jacqueline Hill

¨ Session 867675: From Conception to Consumption – The Convergence of Culinary and Creative Joe Mineo

¨ Session 871326: How to Get UNSTUCK Tami Forero

¨ Session 874140: The TRUTH About Active Shooter Scenarios Kevin Molesworth

¨ Session 871280: “Thank You, NEXT…” Why is My Sales Pitch Not Working? Lenny Talarico, CSEP, CHE

¨ Session 871296: Blueprint for Successful Branded Pop Up Shops Christopher Donnelly

¨ Session 871305: Conversations with the Stars: Takeaways from the Industrys Top Icons Andy        Kushner

¨ Session 871306: Creating Efficient & Effective Wedding Day Timelines Donna Anello, CSEP & Daniela Grafman, CSEP

¨ Session 871313: Don’t Get Wasted: Managing Food Waste at Events Suzanne Morrell

¨ Session 871325: How to Deliver an Extraordinary Service Experience Barbara Khozam                 

¨ Session 871339: More Than a Party: The Event Experience Ingrid Adolphs, Evan Carbotti, & Jordan Carbotti

¨ Session 867772: Why Great Food Is Nothing Without A Remarkable Experience Dan Gingiss & Heath Schecter

¨ Session 871303: Client Budget VS Client Expectation Kellie Hanley

¨ Session 871319: Experiential Design – What It Is and Isn’t & How To Be Exceptional At It! Marianne Leblanc

¨ Session 871329: Intentional Leadership: How to be the Leader you want to be Evie Caprel & Tom Caprel

¨ Session 871330: Kristin Banta’s Design to Impact in 2020 Kristin Banta

¨ Session 867346: Let Them See You Sweat: Lessons Learned on My Journey with Stress Michael Levin               

¨ Session 871340: Navigating the Needs of the Modern Wedding Couple Kevin Dennis, Brittney Drye, Katie Easley, Meghan Ely, & Jose Rolon                       

¨ Session 871350: The Gamification of Festivals and Events Ijaz Jamal

¨ Session 871353: The RIGHT Shot – Event Photography Explained Kelley McKeon & Lenny Talarico                   

¨ Session 871297: Bring on the Tech! 7 Technology Trends to Explore for Meeting Planners Molly Abernathy & Melissa Murray 

¨ Session 871488: Budgeting for Academic and Nonprofit Events Jim Hooker             

¨ Session 871286: Creating a Visual Marketing Strategy within Event Design Indigo Charles & Ruben Gomez     

¨ Session 871321: Google Analytics for Busy Business Owners Christie Osborne    

¨ Session 871331: Let’s talk about Event Business Problems For C-Level Executives Only. Nicholas-Olivier Caron, Pierre-Etienne Chamard, & Sebastien Sebastien David

¨ Session 871338: Mitigating Liability from Special Events Security Claims Michael Hodge

¨ Session 867800: Sober Reality in the Hospitality Industry Steve Palmer

¨ Session 871352: The Keys to Thriving in the Face of Hardship Natasha Miller         

¨ Session 871361: Your Kids Won’t Eat Vegetables and Your Clients Won’t Eat Meat Carol Costello & Tyler White                        

¨ Session 871298: Building an Event Playbook – How it can Revolutionize your Planning Jessica Woford               

¨ Session 871300: Business Strategy: Brand, Sales, Growth Katie Easley                    

¨ Session 871487: Creating Diverse & Inclusive Events Carolyn Luscombe                                      

¨ Session 871310: Defining and Communicating Your Brand Kate Patay                       

¨ Session 867744: Saving the Planet, One Event at a Time: Waste Reduction at Events of All Sizes Eric Gray & Michael Gray

¨ Session 871349: The Futurists: Strategies for Millennials in Business & Leadership Lisa Marks & Dustin Westling

¨ Session 871489: Welcome to the Family! . . . Business Francesca Lombardo & David Lombardo


¨ Session 868450: Collaborative Matchmaking Social Cyndie Spiegel                        

¨ Session 867626: 4 Female Founders Share Help Scale Your Business & Brand Kristen Banta, Pauline Perry, Liza Roeser Atwood & Julie Roth Novack   

¨ Session 871283: 5 Star Roughing It: Off the Grid Events for the Luxury Set Kelsey Shoefsky          

¨ Session 871444: AEP: Academic Event Professional – A forum for Campus Planners Jessica Olson, Lance Connolly, Brady Miller, Quiana Morton, CMP & Sally Webb 

¨ Session 871288: All I Wanna Do is Take Your Money. Sort of. Trish  Simitakos

¨ Session 871308: David Merrell Presents: An Event Design Forecast David Merrell & Susie Perelman

¨ Session 871312: Design Thinking: Exploring a Processed-based Approach to Live Event Design Robert Hulsmeyer                   

¨ Session 871323: How Do I Compare? Nicholas-Olivier Caron, Sebastien David, & Sylvain Gregoire

¨ Session 871324: How the Tourism & Events Industry is Affected by GDPR & Global Legislations Holly Mechsner                       

¨ Session 871354: Trends in Events : Live+Marketing Automation Colja M. Dams & Claudia Koehler

¨ Session 871290: Aristotle to Lin Manuel Miranda – Theatre Lessons for the Event Industry Sarah Cissna, CSEP, Kevin Molesworth, & Jen Poyer, CSEP      

¨ Session 871299: Business Ethics for #EventProfs Jon Adcock, Kate Patay, & Mark Wells            

¨ Session 871304: Collaborative Event Design in Educational Institutions Eric Romero                     

¨ Session 871315: Down and Dirty: Bar and Bat Mitzvahs Christine Ash & Cara Weiss

¨ Session 871428: I Haven’t Even Begun – A C Level Discussion on Relevance & Innovation Aaron Kaufman

¨ Session 869851: Let’s Get This Wedding Started! An Anti-Trends Panel Discussion Ron Ben-Israel, Michelle Joy Howard, Robin Selden, & Sasha Souza                       

¨ Session 871333: Lighting Terms and Techniques: WTF is a Digital Gobo? Jeremy Martorano      

¨ Session 871348: The Client Wants Cannabis Dan Braunstein

¨ Session 871359: What the AI? Angela Proffitt             

¨ Session 871492: A Frank Discussion Between Vendor, Venue, and Planner Christina Alvarado-Morales, Dave Buckley, Larry Green, & India Rhodes       

¨ Session 869851: Let’s Get This Wedding Started! An Anti-Trends Panel Discussion Ron Ben-Israel, Michelle Joy Howard, Robin Selden, & Sasha Souza                       

¨ Session 869850: Anticipating the Worst: Crisis Planning for Your Events Eric Drewry & Jamie Quickert               

¨ Session 871292: Become an Entrepreneur in the Events Industry Jeff Guberman

¨ Session 871307: Curating Community: Working Collaboratively for Successful Museum Events Alicia Crosby, CPCE, Jerry Edwards, Amberlee Huggins, & Huggins Maggio

¨ Session 871317: Entertainment Mechanics Debbie Meyers-Shock   

¨ Session 871320: Experiential Marketing Events Natasha Miller          

¨ Session 871327: How to React When a Crisis Hits Wendy Price        

¨ Session 871332: Leveraging Podcasts for Your Business as a Marketing and Educational Tool Andy Kushner

¨ Session 871355: Uncovering Your Ideal Niche Market Emily Sullivan


¨ Session 871285: A Producer, a Designer and a Fundraiser Walk into a Bar…Let’s Talk Galas Ryan Hanson, Jim Leighton, & Jim Poyer, CSEP

¨ Session 871295: Beyond the Plateau – Six Ingredients for Profitability & Growth Eileen Bistrisky

¨ Session 868016: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration: The Key to Great (Zero Waste) Events Barb Harris, CSEP, DMCP, Arona Martin, Angie Orgen, Callie Stringer, CMP, & Jeff Ware               

¨ Session 871316: Empower Couples to Be Different Michelle Gott       

¨ Session 871495: Learn The Secrets Of Reacting Like A PRO When The S**T Hits The Fan! Kristen Banta, Nathaniel Neubauer, Jose Ramirez, & Clint Upchurch           

¨ Session 873834: Leveling Up Your Business in the Event Industry Leah Weinberg

¨ Session 871342: Proactive Crisis Planning Training Wendy Price

¨ Session 871347: Storytelling vs Design – Is There a Difference? Kimberly Beaune  

¨ Session 871493: The Reality of Executing a Zero Waste Event Sarah Cissna, CSEP

¨ Session 871309: Dazzle with Surprise & Delight in the Event Industry Meghan Ely

¨ Session 871499: Find Out Who You Are, and Do It On Purpose! Tanya Scagnol     

¨ Session 867783: Heart Leadership Anthony Lambatos & April  Lambatos

¨ Session 871328: Keeping Up With the WOW Factor: Trending Event Technology Deborah Elias

¨ Session 871335: Managing Food Allergies Alicia Seifert

¨ Session 872096: Producing Events Outside Your Comfort Zone David Everett

¨ Session 871357: Using Event Experience Design as a Strategic Tool Anne Dalgaard

¨ Session 871358: Wedding Planning Anonymous From Insanity to Sanity on Your Wedding Day Peggy Kelly

¨ Session 871497: Working with Volunteers. How to get them, How to keep them. Dona Liston          

¨ Session 871294: Best Foot Forward: The Onboarding Process for Wedding Professionals Margaux Fraise           

¨ Session 871360: Collection Curation: What to Buy, Save, and Prune in your 2020 Decor! Morgan Montgomery

¨ Session 872094: Event Visualization: Communicating the Creative Vision of Your Event Robert Hulsmeyer

¨ Session 873774: Master Your Feelings, POWER Your Brand Marc Friedland

¨ Session871351: The Ins and Outs of Publishing Brittney Drye

The listed sessions are scheduled to be recorded; however, some changes may occur due to circumstances beyond our control.