2016 American Pets Alive! Full Conference Download


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Sessions recorded LIVE at the Thompson Conference Center • November 5-7, 2016 • Austin, Texas USA

Saturday • November 5, 2016

The San Antonio Transformation: Public/Private Partnership for a 30% to 85% Save Rate (Dr. Ellen Jefferson)
Getting the Big Dogs Out of the Shelters via Canine Good Citizen Program (Carrie Morris)
Austin Animal Services’ Stray Cat Return Program to Return Impounded Cats to their Neighborhood (Jordan Craig)
Life Saving on a Dime (Steffen Baldwin)
No Kill Political Advocacy (Ryan Clinton)
Creating and Growing a Dog Foster Network (Ann Lindholm & Nicole Aguilar)
Medical Treatment on Shoestring Budget for Cats (Ellen Jefferson & Jordana Moerbe)
Lifesaving Programs (Scott Giacoppo)
One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Different Journeys to No Kill
The Little Shelter that Could…and DID! (Sgt. Karl Bailey)
Removing Breed Restrictions in Housing with Love-a-Bull (Tawny Hammond & Scott Giacoppo)
Interactive Workshop – How to Save Cats on the Euthanasia List (Dr. Frances Flower)
No Kill Kansas City (Brent Toellner)
Engaging Local Leadership in No-Kill (Larry Tucker)
The Last Piece of No-Kill: Saving Large Adult Dogs +/- Behavior Problems (Mike Kaviani)
Let’s Keep Community Cats in The Community Where They Belong (Alice Burton & Scott Giacoppo)
Building and Maintaining a Beloved Brand (Lisa Maxwell)
The Williams County Transformation: Changing the Shelter from Within (Cheryl Schneider)
High Volume Dog Adoptions: From Volunteer Group to Using a Shelter as a Home Base (Deaven Wilson)
From On-Site Nurseries to Foster Networks: All about Saving Bottle Baby Kittens (Cassandra Mensing & Kristen Rieger)
Fundraising from Startup and Beyond (Maggie Lynch)

Sunday • November 6, 2016

The Law & Liability for Shelters & Rescues (Ryan Clinton)
Lost Dogs of America: Increasing Return to Owners (Kathy Pobleskie & Rob Goddard)
Fighting Fungus: How to Build a Treatment for Cats with Ringworm (Kristen Hansen)
Working with the Media (Arin Greenwood)
Myths of No Kill (Ellen Jefferson & TawnyHammond)
Saving Parvo Pups (Dr. Alexis Bardzinski & Jordana Moerbe)
Creating and Maintaining a Cat Foster Program (Ashley Middleton)
Starting a PASS (Positive Alternative to Shelter Surrender) Program (Patty Lepley-Alexander)
Saving Lives with No Budget and Partnering to Spread No-Kill–From 6% to Kill :The Kirby Animal Shelter Story (Christy Banduch)
Medical Treatment for Dogs on a Shoestring Budget (Dr. Bardzinski & Jordana Moerbe)
Cat Adoptions, From Zero to Infinity! (Monica Frenden)
Data – Why it is Critical to Success and How to Keep Up With It? (Lindsay O’Gan)
Using Social Media to Maximize Your Life Saving Potential (Kristen Auerbach)
Companion Animal Legislation (Ryan Clinton)
Removing Breed Labels (Tawney Hammond & Kristen Auebauch)
Reducing Cat Intake (Jordan Craig)
It’s No Secret: The Revolutionary Results of Client Service & High-Volume Adoptions (Marc Peralta)
Euthanasia Decision Protocol (Kristen Auebauch)
Small Dog Behavior Issues (Faith Wright & Deaven Wilson)
Hospice Cats & Dogs (Clara Showalter & Jessica Marsh)
Creating & Keeping a Steller Lifesaving Team (Marc Peralta)
Taking Different Paths to No-Kill (Michael & Pam Kitkoski)
Behavior Foster Program (Kristen Auebauch)
How to Create a Successful Barn Cat Program (Monica Frenden)
Volunteer Recruitment – Stop Spinning Your Wheels (Monica Dangler
Lifesaving Animal Control Policies (Leann Shenefield & Pam Kitkoski)
Rescuing Dogs from Euthanasia List (Palmer Neuhaus)
Shelter Pet Photography (Nicole Del Castillo)
The Value of Teamwork: Shelter Managers (Michael Kikoski)

Monday • November 7, 2016

Creative Writing to the Rescue (Elizabeth Doyle)
The Importance of Adoption Follow Ups to Keep Dogs in Homes (Mike Kaviani)
No Cat Left Behind: How to Get Special Needs Cats Adopted (Monica Frenden)
Matchmaking – Working with Adopters & Pets to Increase Adoptions (Ryan Plunkett)
Advancing the No-Kill Movement through State and Local Politics (Brenda Collier)
Engaging the Community & Increasing the Quality of Life through Rufftail Runners (Rob Hill, Anna Crockett, & Zach Liu)
Tame the Small Lion: Feral Cat Socialization 101 (Steve Okino)
Technology Can Work for or Against You: How Smart Decisions Can Save Lives & Money (Greg Lucas)
Best Friends Legislative Work to Save Them All (Lee Greenwood, Richard Angelo, & Elizabeth Oreck)