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Sessions recorded LIVE at the Holiday Inn Austin Midtown • February 10-12, 2018 • Austin, Texas USA

Saturday • February 10, 2018

Opening Remarks: How Austin Did It – Roadmap to Saving More Lives (Ellen Jefferson, Ryan Clinton, and Lee Ann Shenefiel)
Strategic Planning To No Kill – No Duplication of Effort in Your Community is Key (Ellen Jefferson, Brent Toellner)
What you need to know to make a <2K Intake Municipal Shelter Reach >90% (Karl Bailey, Jessica Pierce, & Mike Kaviani)
What you need to know to make a <5K Intake Municipal Shelter Reach >90% (Lindsey Huffman, Phil Peckinpaugh & Judah Battista)
What you need to know to make a 5-12K Intake Municipal Shelter Reach >90% (Cheryl Schneider, Makena Yarbrough, Brent Toellner & Larry Tucker)
What you need to know to make a >12K Intake Municipal Shelter Reach >90% (Tawny Hammond, Lee Ann Shenefiel, Kristen Auerbach & Ryan Clinton)
Run your organization like a business that saves lives (Makena Yarbrough)
Cats are not Small Dogs: Changing the Shelter System to Save More Cats (Monica Frenden)
Overcoming Obstacles for the Big Dogs (Rebecca Guinn, Aimee Sadler, Cheryl Schneider, Clare Callison & Mike Kaviani)
No Kill Political Advocacy (How To) (Ryan Clinton)
Lunch Keynote: Impact and Homelessness (Alan Graham)
Almost there, how to move up from ~80% live release (Kristen Auerbach , Rebecca Guinn &Tawny Hammond)
Using the Real Euthanasia List to Rescue From (Palmer Neuhaus, Clare Callison, & Clemence Ozel)
Secrets to Large Volume Dog Foster Programs (Ann Lindholm, Lorian Epstein & Kelly Duer)
Know the Law: Liability in Shelters and Rescues (Ryan Clinton)
Starting from Scratch: Fundraising From Little to Big Presentation (Maggie Lynch)
Saving all the Bottle Baby Kittens: From Nursery to Foster (Casandra Mensing)
Creating and Growing a Dog Foster Network (Ann Lindholm and Kelly Duer)
Animal Protection as an Alternative to Animal Control: Increasing your community’s power to save lives, support eachother, and be more humane (Lee Ann Shenefiel, Mark Sloat & April Moore)
Getting Past 50% Live Release and Beyond- Despite All the Obstacles (Rebecca Guinn, Phil Peckinpaugh,& Brent Toellner)
Fighting Fungus: Treat, Foster and Adopt Cats and Kittens with Ringworm (Kristen Hansen)
Saving 100% of Small Dogs: Saving the Naughty and Broken (Faith Wright, Palmer Neuhaus, Katie Mellon & Marcia Chan)
How to Raise What You Need to Save Lives (Maggie Lynch, Maureen O’Nell, Makena Yarbrough & Mary Ippoliti Smith)
Using Tech to Save Lives (Lars Rabbe, David Meyer & Zoe Jou)
Maddie’s Idea Lab: Saving Lives and Spreading Good Ideas (Sheila D’Arpino)
The Essentials of Saving the Big Dogs (Kristen Auerbach, Mike Kaviani & Clare Callison)
Getting Your Government’s Attention: Engaging Local Leadership in Making Change (Mike Martinez, Larry Tucker & Laura Morrison)

Sunday • February 11, 2018

What Is Your Live Saving Capacity? It is so much more than a cage count (Rebecca Guinn, Cheryl Schneider & Monica Frenden)
By the Thousands: High Volume Cat Foster Program (Ashley Middleton)
Get Your Pit Bull-Type Dogs Adopted with the Canine Good Citizen-Ready (Carrie Morris)
Mass Marketing the Euthanasia List (Clare Callison)
Taking No Kill to the Streets: Neighborhood Level Programming (Lee Ann Shenefiel & April Moore)
Shelter Pet Marketing is Not Adoption Counseling (Mike Ryan, Monica Frenden & Kristen Auerbach)
Using Social Media to Maximize Your Life Saving Potential (Kristen Auerbach)
EVERY DOG, EVERY DAY…LET THEM PLAY! – The Impact of Play Groups (Aimee Sadler)
Step by Step How to Make Decisions When Pulling From the Euthanasia List (Palmer Neuhaus, Clare Callison & Clemence Ozel)
How to Effect Shelter Change from the Outside (Maureen O’Nell, Ellen Jefferson, Kim Waters & Larry Tucker)
Cat Adoptions, From Zero to Infinity! (Monica Frenden)
Big Dog Adoption (Kristen Auerbach, Ryan Plunkett & Clare Callison)
How to Effect Shelter Change from the Inside (Makena Yarbrough, Lee Ann Shenefiel, Cheryl Schneider & Phil Peckinpaugh)
Motivating your Team in an Underfunded, Super Stressful Field: Managers, Staff & Volunteers (Jose Ocano, Makena Yarbrough & Tawny Hammond)
Hurricane Harvey- Dealing with Distemper in the Midst of a Crisis (Dr. Ellen Jefferson & Dr. Carley Faughn)
Overcoming Obstacles – the Wisdom of the Warrior (David Meyer)
Communicating in Crisis (Brent Toellner, Sharon Fletcher, Mary Heerwald & Lars Rabbe)
Fundraising as a Central Component to Lifesaving (Maggie Lynch, Makena Yarbrough & Maureen O’Nell)
Shelter Medical Treatment on a Shoestring Budget (Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Dr. Sarah Hazell and Jordana Moerbe &Gabby Uresti)
Dog and Cat Foster (Ann Lindholm, Ashley Middleton, Lorian Epstein, Gloria Hudson, & Kelly Duer)
Animal Control at the Heart of No Kill (Lee Ann Shenefiel, Mark Sloat, April Moore, & Phil Peckinpaugh)
What do you stand for? Mobilizing Community and Media Support (Mary Heerwald, Kristen Auerbach, & Sharon Fletcher)
Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (Patty Alexander, Wendy Beaupre, & Jose Ocano)
Venturing Past 90: Who are the dogs in the last 10% and how do you save them (Mike Kaviani & Marian Cannell)
Understanding and Changing Cat Ordinances (Misty Christo)
HURRICANE! Gap Filling, Action and Lifesaving in a Hurry! (Sheila Kouhkan, Miranda Hitchcock, Faith Wright, Andrea Birkelbach)
Creating a Successful Barn Cat Program (Monica Frenden)
The Decision to Kill for Behavior – Policy and Protocol (Kristen Auerbach & Mike Kaviani)
Policy and Protocol Runners (Donna Casamento)

Monday • February 12, 2018

Transporting Shelter Pets from Euth List to Safety (Clare Callison)
Sending Cats Home: Municipal Shelter Programs to Keep Cats in their Communities (Jordan Craig, Marisa Ledesma, Michelle Dosson)
Recruiting and Keeping Fosters for the Big Dogs (Kristen Auerbach)
Alternatives to Shelter Surrender Program (Patty Alexander, Wendy Beaupre & April Moore)
Fundraising To Save Lives Masterclass (Makena Yarbrough, Ellen Jefferson, Maggie Lynch, Mary Heerwald, Mary Ippoliti Smith & Maureen O’Nell)
No Cat Left Behind: How to Get Special Needs Cats Adopted (Monica Frenden)
Saving Dogs with Behavior Problems (Aimee Sadler, Mike Kaviani, & Marian Cannell)
Animal Control & No Kill Communities Masterclass (Lee Ann Shenefiel, Tawny Hammond, Rebecca Guinn, Phil Peckinpaugh, Mark Sloat, & April Moore)
Social Media for No Kill (Kristen Auerbach)
Recruiting and Managing Volunteers That are as Valuable as Staff (Monica Dangler)
Saving Parvo Puppies (Dr. Hazell & Jordana Moerbe)
Best Friends Animal Society: Lost and Found Pets During Hurricane Harvey (Judah Battista)
Big Dog (in general) (Kristen Auerbach, Mike Kaviani, Cheryl Schneider, Clare Callison & Aimee Sadler)
Bottle Baby Kittens: From Nursery to Foster (Casandra Mensing, Beckie Shafer, Gloria Hudson, & Dr Hazell)
Starting and Leading Your Lifesaving Organization (Ellen Jefferson, Brent Toellner, Kim Waters, Faith Wright, Andrea Birkelbach, Makena Yarbrough)
Political Masterclass (Ryan Clinton, Larry Tucker, Mike Martinez, Rebecca Guinn, Phil Peckinpaugh, Tawny Hammond, Lee Ann Shenefiel, Jason Garza)
Can’t Save Lives without Lots of Volunteers & Fosters (Monica Dangler, Ann Lindholm, Kelly Duer, Beckie Shafer, Ellen Jefferson, Anna Crockett, April Moore)
Cat lifesaving (Monica Frenden, Ashley Middleton, Jordan Craig, Jordana Moerbe, Kristen Hansen & Dr. Sarah Hazell)
Dog Behavior (Aimee Sadler, Mike Kaviani, Aaron Caldwell, Marian Cannell, Carrie Morris)
Let’s Get Tactical: Marketing Your Organization (Mary Heerwald, Kristen Auerbach, Makena Yarbrough, Hannah Horstman, Lindsey Picard)