2018 Car Rental Show Full Conference Audio Download


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Monday, April 16, 2018

Latin American Meeting: Damage Recovery – Best Practices in Latin America
Opening Keynote Address: Sixt’s Outlook on Future Growth Initiatives in the Global Car Rental and Mobility Market
ACRA General Session
Preventing Rental Vehicle Cybersecurity Breaches & Terrorism Acts
Owning the Customer – A Roadmap for Independents
Recognizing Pathways to Violent Extremism
Understand the Wholesale Market, Improve Holding Costs
Latin American Meeting: Driving Customer Loyalty in a Low-Rate Environment
From Bitcoin to A.I.: Emerging Tech Impacting Car Rental
Protecting Your Workplace from Sexual Harassment
Latin American Meeting: The New Realities of Your Recruiting Environment

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Keynote Address: New Mobility in China
Hey is that Legal? Top 10 Legal Issues Surrounding On-Demand Rentals (Carsharing)
Meeting Your Customers’ Mobile Expectations
Win/Win with Online Brokers
A Counterless Experience – Innovating without Reinventing the Wheel
Understanding the New Fleet Entrepreneurs
Getting the Job Done: The Mess Behind Success
Closing Keynote Panel: Game Plan 2020 and Beyond: Preparing for Success in Disruptive Times