2017 FUSION Full Conference Audio Download


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Sessions recorded LIVE at The Rosen Shingle • November 1-3, 2017 • Orlando, Florida USA


• What’s Next for the Digital Economy? Shivvy Jervis © Session 2017 All Rights Reserved
• Releasing Leadership Brilliance Simon Bailey © Session 2017 All Rights Reserved
• Agile Culture: How IT/Dev/Ops Drive Companywide Change Robert Richman © Session 2017 All Rights Reserved


• Business Relationship Management: The Catalyst for Digital Transformation, Peter Lijnse
• How Strong Is Your Foundation? Building a Higher Ed IT Service Portfolio, David Foote, Jeanne Purrenhage
• What Do Uber and Self-Driving Cars Have to Do with the Service Request Catalog?, Phyllis Drucker
• META Reps and the Convergence of Level Session 1 and Desktop Support, Jeff Rumburg
• The Value of Value Stream Mapping, Daniel Breston
• ITSM Success: Team vs. Tier, Gregg Gregory
• Journey Mapping: Applying Customer Experience Principles to ITSM, Chris Gallacher, David Murphy
• No One Gets Access to DoD Networks…At Least Not Easily, Cade Hoff
• Where is the IT value? Maximize your impact with IT4IT, Lean, and Disruptive Technology, Thom Farrell
• The Dragon’s Den of ITSM: Justifying ITSM Improvement Projects to Executive Management, David Ratcliffe
• The New Change Manager’s Survival Guide, Greg Sanker
• Using Multiple Frameworks to Redefine Service Management, Butch Sheets, Keith Sutherland
• Measuring DevOps: the Key Metrics that Matter, Anders Wallgren
• Transformation, Transparency, and Accountability: A Case Study on Changing the Way We Deliver IT Services, Eddie Vidal
• Problem Management: A Culture Shift Toward Delivering Business Value, Jim Bolton
• NIST SP Session 800-Session 17Session 1 and Controlled Unclassified Information, Miguel Villegas
• Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow the Making of a Profession, Malcolm Fry
• Can ITSM Lead Digital Transformation?, Matthew Hooper
• In IT to Win IT: Why We Chose to Be Agile, Kent Norton, Erma Fritsche
• Session 20Session 20: The IT Service Desk Analyst, Jarod Greene
• Exploring the New Frontier: Taking Knowledge and Training to New Galaxies, J.C. Grooms, Mitchell Wallerstedt
• Successfully Applying Agile in Infrastructure, Robert Woods
• Problem Management: A Practical Guide, Buff Scott III
• The Recipe for Success: Building Trust and Engagement, Joe McBreen
• The Help Desk and Kill Chain, James Stanger
• Principle Based Leadership: Establishing True North, Troy DuMoulin


• Is the SMO Still ITSM’s Best-Kept Secret?,Phyllis Drucker
• Overcoming the Barriers to Creating a Robust Service Catalog, Philip Hellerman
• The Future of Desktop Support: Improving Quality, Gaining Efficiencies, and WOWing Customers, Rae Ann Bruno
• Sourcing Your ITSM Program, Douglas Smith
• DevOps for Small Shops, Brandon Stephenson
• A Service Desk Evolution: From Underperforming to High Performing in Session 1Session 80 Days, Monica Morrison
• Developing Lean Leadership At Every Level, Troy DuMoulin
• Defending the Breach: Securing Service Delivery in ITSM, Randy Steinberg
• Technology and the Changing World Around Us, Mauricio Corona
• The ROI of ITSM: Know Your Financial Impact, Jeff Rumburg
• The Lost Art of Process Design, David Mainville
• The Road to SIAM, Martin Goble
• Agile + BRM + ITIL = What You Need To Be Cloud-Ready!, Maureen Jesuthasan
• Managing and Sourcing Strategic Vendor Relationships, Dan Wilson
• Work to the Left, Expectations to the Right, Matthew Hooper
• Don’t Be a Target: Secure Your Service Desk, Donald Hasson
• How Did a Large Regulated Enterprise Make DevOps Successful?, Carmen DeArdon
• Through a Glass Darkly: Piercing the Veil of Strategy Generation, Michael Cardinal
• Digital Professionalism: People, Culture, and Value, Barclay Rae, Rosemary Gurney
• ITSM at MITRE: Enhancing Processes with ITIL, Donna Gregorio
• DevOps in an Infrastructure World, Steve McMillan
• 5 Essential Tips for Building and Maintaining a Winning Self-Service Portal, Julie Mohr
• What Does It Mean to Be Innovative?, John Custy
• The Phishing Kill Chain, Ira Winkler


• Your Service Operating Model: It’s About Actionable Delivery, Kathryn Howard
• Demand Management: The Hidden Gem, Michael Cardinal
• R2-D2 Stole My Job: How Automation and AI Fits Into the Future of Service Management, Shane Carlson
• A Deep Dive into IT Operations Analytics, Rajesh Radhakrishnan
• DevOps Decoded, David Moskowitz, David Nichols
• Life is a Process: Understand, Define, Execute, Kenneth Wendle
• How the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Designs Cyber-Security into the Service Lifecycle, Paul Jung
• Stop Doing ITSM and Start Playing Nintendo: How Platform Tools Have Changed the Service Desk, Christopher Morgan
• A Year in the Life: A Case Study on ITSM Maturity, Doug Rabold
• Value as a Service: The Next Frontier in ITSM, Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord
• ITSM Governance Is Imperative to Succeed, Thorsten Manthey
• ITSM DevOps: Beyond Standard Changes, Donna Knapp
• Getting Out of the Rut: 4WD for Service Management, Chuck Wysocki, Mary West
• It’s All About the Love! – Loving Your Leadership & Leadership You Can Love, Kirk Weisler
• The Immense Opportunity of Cyber-Security, Kevin McDonald