2018 HDI Full Conference Audio Download



Sessions recorded LIVE at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino • April 10-13, 2018 • Las Vegas, Nevada USA


Opening General Session: The 10 N’s of Networking: How to Optimize Your Networking Style to Create Lasting Opportunities (Kaplan Mobray) © 2018 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 2: Overcoming Challenges with Determination and Attitude (Herschel Walker) © 2018 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 3: Experience as the North Star: Don’t Lose Your Way with Your Customers (Warren Tomlin) © 2018 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 4: Harnessing the Rhythm of Teams (Mark Schulman) © 2018 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 5: Improving Happiness—and the Bottom Line (Nataly Kogan) © 2018 All Rights Reserved


Session 101: Crowdsourcing: A Collaboration of Desktop Support Questions and Answers, Rae Ann Bruno
Session 102: Dashboards 101, Phyllis Drucker
Session 103: 3 Tips to Take Your Service Desk to the Next Level, Ryan Ogilvie
Session 104: Flow, Feedback and the Service Desk, Donna Knapp
Session 105: 5 Ways Automation Will Help You—If You’re Prepared, Roy Atkinson
Session 106: Managing an Exceptional Multigenerational Team, Melissa Jackman
Session 107: Service Leadership’s 9 Guiding Principles: Modeling Success, Lou Hunnebeck, Stuart Rance
Session 108: How to Think Like a Customer, Greg Sanker
Session 109: Quick Fixes for Analyst Performance Challenges, Jeff Toister
Session 110: The Service Desk’s Role in the Cyber Security Kill Chain, James Stanger
Session 201: Crowdsourcing: A Collaboration of Desktop Support Questions and Answers, Rae Ann Bruno
Session 202: Using Customer Service Data for Continuous Improvement, Gina Montague
Session 203: Overcoming Volume Spikes with Analysis, Preparation, and Execution, Geoffrey Ruonavaara
Session 204: Service and Support in the Era of Digital Transformation, John Clark
Session 205: ITSM Deep Dive: Classification, Prioritization, Escalation, and Alerting, Troy DuMoulin
Session 206: 5 Steps to Effective, Engaging, and Authentic Leadership, Julie Mohr
Session 207: The Creative Storm: Blowing Away the Barriers to Team Performance in the Modern Support Organization, Nelson Cabral
Session 208: Rise of the Machines: How AI is Transforming IT and the Self-Service Experience, Ian Aitchison
Session 209: Metrics 101, Krista Ciccozzi
Session 210: Surveying the Customer Experience, Pete McGarahan
Session 301: Beyond Desktop Support: A Journey from the Deskside to Comprehensive Service, Michael Hanson
Session 302: How Southwest Airlines Used Metrics to Reach a Higher Plane (Case Study), Jeff Rumburg
Session 303: Building the Service Desk Analyst Scorecard, Rae Ann Bruno
Session 304: Ask the Workforce Management Wizard, Todd Gladden
Session 305: Transformation, Transparency, and Accountability: A Case Study on Changing the Way We Deliver IT Services (Case Study), Ana Agostini, Eddie Vidal
Session 306: 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, Gregg Gregory
Session 307: The CIO Panel, Pete McGarahan
Session 308: Develop a Data-Driven Strategy to Mind-Blowing IT Support Ben Brennan
Session 309: Seeing the Diamond in the Rough: Hiring and Coaching for Success, Melissa Jackman
Session 310: Bad Bots Panel, Jeff Toister (Panelists: Ian Aitchison, Roy Atkinson, Leslie O’Flahavan)
Session 401: The Future of Desktop Support, James Stanger
Session 402: Outcome-Based Reporting for Processes and Projects: Remembering the Why, Lou Hunnebeck
Session 403: Service Desk Lessons Learned, Krista Ciccozzi , (Panelists: Tamika Fudge, Cay Robertson, and Ed Glapinski)
Session 404: Why KCS? A Western Kentucky University Success Story, Kaliegh Averdick
Session 405: A Crash Course in Change Management, Greg Sanker
Session 406: If It Weren’t for These Freakin’ People!: A Deep Dive into the Pool of Relationships, Deborah Monroe
Session 407: Managing and Sourcing Strategic Vendor Relationships, Allyson Rollins, Dan Wilson
Session 408: Support Everywhere: Adapting Technical Support for Social Customer Care, Andrea Silas
Session 409: DevOps 101: What the Service Desk Needs to Know, David Moskowitz
Session 410: What is DX and Why Should I Care?, Phyllis Drucker
Session 501: How Walk-Up Support Can Transform the Customer Experience, Justin Menapace
Session 502: Improving Service with Right Sized Metrics, Ryan Ogilvie
Session 503: 10 Golden Rules of Service Desk Ticketing, Manuel Palachuk
Session 504: The New Incident Management, Charles Betz
Session 505: Chat for Technical Support: A Discovery Journey to Best Practices, Mary Cruse
Session 506: The Language of Listening: Drive Results and Employee Engagement, Jason Wischer
Session 507: Managing and Sourcing Strategic Vendor Relationships Roundtable, Allyson Rollins, Dan Wilson
Session 508: Customer Journey Mapping: Put the Customer at the Center of Support, Miranda Reshaw
Session 509: Engaging Women in IT, Vicki Rogers
Session 510: Leaders Are Readers, Readers Are Leaders, Kirk Weisler
Session 601: KCS Swarming: Ways to Gain Efficiencies for Desktop Support, Per-Kristian Broch-Mathisen
Session 602: Working and Tracking Time in Real-Time, Manuel Palachuk
Session 603: Starting from Scratch: How to Create a Brand-New Team (Case Study), Vicki Rogers
Session 604: The Enterprise Service Desk: The Greatest Opportunity in a Generation!, Jeff Rumburg
Session 605: Mapping the Incident Management Process: Blueprint for Success, Julie Mohr
Session 606: The Secrets to Successful Support: HDI Award Finalists’ Panel Discussion, Dian Survance, Jill Weber
Session 607: Creating your Service Strategy, Jeremy Hart
Session 608: The Secrets to Analyst Engagement, Jeff Toister
Session 609: Relevant and Real Security Stories That Threaten Your Company, Judy Schnurr, Jeff Wilkinson
Session 610: Measuring the Quality of Desktop Support, Deborah Monroe
Session 701: TECHTalk with Rae Ann and Rumburg, Rae Ann Bruno, Jeff Rumburg
Session 702: Service Desk Metrics Go DevOps, Eric Krueger
Session 703: Outsourcing for Success: A Blue Print of Best Practices, Richa Batra, Michael Zastudil
Session 704: Robot Army or Automated Helper: Is Your Support Organization Ready to Use Bots to Communicate with Customers?,Leslie O’Flahavan
Session 705: Leggo My Lego!: Learn and Apply Lean Management Like Never Before, Jamie Stannard
Session 706: The Tallest Tower: Building Teams, Towers, and Trust, Kirk Weisler
Session 707: Taking Problem Management Seriously: You Can’t Afford Not To Support It, James Bolton
Session 708: The Path to Service Excellence, Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord
Session 709: Automation: The Next Big Service Desk Initiative, Willette Glenn
Session 710: Support Culture: 50 Tips in 50 Minutes, Gina Montague
Session 801: Moving Desktop to Proactive Using Self-Help and the Service Catalog, Cay Robertson
Session 802: The Calm After the Storm: Taking a Disciplined Approach to Growth and Change, Andrea Silas
Session 803: Successful Global Communication with Your Team and Customers, Jan Dietz
Session 804: Stayin’ Alive: Creating and Keeping a Strong KCS Culture, Liz Bunger
Session 805: Turbocharge Service Management Through Lean and Agile Thinking (Case Study), Jonathan Hinkle
Session 806: The Tallest Tower: Building Teams, Towers, and Trust, Kirk Weisler
Session 807: The Future of ITSM, Stuart Rance
Session 808: Bridging the Generation Gap of Business Expectations for IT, Kristin Bathe, Mathew Hooper
Session 809: The Power of Play: The Missing Ingredient in Your Company, Kai Dickens
Session 810: Driving Collaboration, Teamwork, and Employee Satisfaction with Innovative Workflow (Case Study), Bruce Nelson