2014 HDI Full Conference Audio Download


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Sessions recorded LIVE at The Gaylord Palms Resort • April 1-4, 2014 • Orlando, Florida USA


Keynote 1: Hidden in Plain Sight: Bruce Turkel © 2014 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 2: Ignite your Life!: John O’Leary © 2014 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 4: How Übertrends are Reshaping Our Future: Michael Tchong © 2014 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 5: Talent Revolution: Peter Sheahan © 2014 All Rights Reserved


Session 101: The Service Desk as Profit Center (Part I): Malcolm Fry
Session 102: Mission Impossible: Demonstrating Business Value: Patrick Bolger
Session 103: Beyond the Customer Satisfaction Survey: Rae Ann Bruno
Session 104: Building a Successful Service Desk, One Person at a Time: Cay Robertson
Session 105: Metrics 101: Understanding What to Measure and Where to Use the Metric: John Custy
Session 106: Improving Customer Focus Through Business Relationship Management: Gary Case
Session 107: Engaged Support Agents = Satisfied Customers: Brian Flagg
Session 108: The Art and Science of Desktop Support: Katherine Lord
Session 109: Trading Places: Take a Walk on the Hard Side: Ron Kibbe
Session 110: Creating a Self-Service Culture: Maggie Angeline
Session 201 The Service Desk as Profit Center (Part II): Malcolm Fry
Session 202: Ephemeral Knowledge: The Shift to Disposable Culture: Chris Dancy
Session 203: Continual Service Innovation: Using Surveys and Metrics to Improve Service Delivery: Eddie Vidal
Session 204: Chaos and Momentum: Gaining Clarity and Getting It Done: Manley Feinberg
Session 205: Building Teams That Sync: John Reed, Mary Cruse
Session 206: Metrics with Meaning: Building a Business-Driven Model: Lou Hunnebeck
Session 207: Outstanding Leadership, Employee Engagement, and Customer Satisfaction: Mike Kublin
Session 208: Step Away from the Computer: Customer Focus in Desktop Support: Roy Atkinson
Session 209: Fast-Moving Technologies and the Service Desk Response: Anna Frazzetto
Session 210: Your ITSM Tool Helped You Do What?!?: Andrew Hodges
Session 301: Want Better Solutions? Think Differently!: George Diorio
Session 302: Social Collaboration in ITSM: The Next Big Thing or the Next Time-Waster?: Matthew Neigh
Session 303: Managing Service Relationship Across the Enterprise: Marc Talluto
Session 304: Where the Rubber Meets the Road: The Journey to Improvement and Certification: Katherine Lord, Lisa Templeton
Session 305: Creating a Culture of Collaboration and Communication: Gregg Gregory
Session 306: Top Down and Bottom Up: Performance Metrics That Count: Phil Verghis, Stephen Hultquist
Session 307: Tell the Story Behind Your Metrics: Benjamin Compton
Session 308: The Agent’s Value to the Multichannel Customer: Sarah Stealey Reed
Session 309: The 80/20 Rule for Desktop KPIs: Less Is More!: Jeffrey Rumburg
Session 310: ESPN, Cox and American Water: Reveal Their Service Desk Playbook: Nelson Cicchitto
Session 401: Marketing and Branding Your Organization (Part I): Mike Kublin
Session 402: Enhanced Business Technologies and the Deregulation of IT: Malcolm Fry
Session 403: Process Improvement Using Lean Tools: Rebecca Duray, Howard Williams
Session 404: Beyond Illusions: Brad Barton
Session 405: Process Integration, Metrics, and Setting Expectations: Donna Knapp
Session 406: Measuring Is a Balancing Act: Carol Burditt
Session 407: Seven Strategies for Building a Legendary Customer Service Brand: Manley Feinberg
Session 408: Power and Influence in Negotiation: George Diorio
Session 409: Endpoints and You!: Chris Sherman
Session 410: How to Successfully Implement Chat: Greg Cowart
Session 501: Marketing and Branding Your Organization (Part II): Mike Kublin
Session 502: Cloud vs. On-Premises ITSM: Is There a Clear-Cut Winner?: Kevin Smith
Session 503: ITIL and the Creation of a Service Management Office: Teresa Lucio
Session 504: KCS, Turbocharged!: Benjamin Compton
Session 505: The Staffing Process: Five Key Steps for Success: Fancy Mills
Session 506: Stop, Drop, and Gamify!: Aran McFarland
Session 507: Building a Service-Based Scorecard: Phyllis Drucker
Session 508: Small Room, Big Impact: Personalized Support and Meaningful Connections: David Derick, Jonathan Fadden
Session 509: The Death of Laptops: The Promise and Challenge of New Mobile-Based Platform: Matthew Neigh
Session 510: The DIY Service Desk: Maximizing the Value of Self-Service: Christophe Capel
Session 601: Microsoft Migration Success Stories: Brian Madocks
Session 602: Unified Communications: Informing Customers and Managing Expectations: David Disney
Session 603: Enterprise Service Catalogs: The Key to Cloud Success: Joe LeCompte
Session 604: 50 Support Tips in 50 Minutes: Gina Montague
Session 605: Be a Kaizen Superhero!: Daphne Anderson, Jo Ann Ream
Session 606: Ten Ways to Engage Your Team: Jocelyn DeMaio
Session 607: Leveraging KPIs to Maximize the ROI of Support: Jeffrey Rumburg
Session 608: From Ordinary to Extraordinary at Emory Healthcare: Rae Ann Bruno, Mary Kay O’Brien
Session 609: Building an Asset Management Strategy: Mike Hanson
Session 610: How the Quest Was Won: Eva Sandvik
Session 701: Pushing the Envelope: More Than a Service Catalog (Part I): Joe LeCompte
Session 702: Knowledge Management Is the New Black! Brandon Caudle
Session 703: Start Wine-ing: Configuration Management Through the Eyes of Winemakers: Carlos Casanova
Session 704: At the Service Desk Good Enough Isn’t Nearly Enough: Julie Lemke
Session 705: Lessons Learned: Best Practices for a Successful Home Agent Program: Kay Phelps
Session 706: Culture Warrior: Tribal Dynamics and Total Engagement: Kirk Weisler
Session 707: Daddy, Where Do Metrics Come From?: Roy Atkinson
Session 708: Implementing O365 at UNM: 92% Is Perfect!: Andrea Rodgers
Session 709: Desktop Support: Are You Ready?: Cay Robertson, Nenita Rozzi
Session 710: From Helpless to Helpful: Social Media Marketing for the Service Desk: Phil Gerbyshak
Session 801: Pushing the Envelope: More Than a Service Catalog (Part II): Joe LeCompte
Session 802: The Service Owner: Customer Success and IT Harmony: Lou Hunnebeck
Session 803: Analyst Productivity and Efficiency in the Multichannel Support Center: Sarah Stealey Reed
Session 804: Take Your Leadership Vitamins: Krista Ciccozzi
Session 805: Managing Your Image: Market Yourself for Excellence!: Zebedee Agbanyim, Carol Fester
Session 806: Linking Metrics to Outcomes: Connecting the Dots: Sara Lisch
Session 807: The Great Debate: The Service Desk of the Future: Donna Knapp
Session 808: Measuring and Controlling Mobile Support Costs: Brian Reed
Session 809: Visions and Dreams for Your Global Support Organization: Curt Behle
Session 810: Dashboards Don’t Work: Rich Razon