2018 Industry Summit Full Conference Audio Download


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Compliance Summit Keynote Address: In Time of Peace, Prepare for War
Compliance Summit Dealer Panel: The Bridge to Compliance: How to Build a CMS
Compliance Summit Workshop: GAP, Spats, and Wiretaps: The Compliance Year in Review
Compliance Summit Luncheon Address: A Conversation With Jim Ziegler
Compliance Summit Workshop: How to Vet and Work With Compliant Providers
Compliance Summit Dealer Panel: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Keynote Address: No Human Necessary: Emerging Tech And Impactful Trends
Technology Challenge
P&A Executive Panel Session: The Inside Scoop: Straight Talk From Industry Leaders
P&A Keynote Presentation: The Future of Transparency
P&A Panel Session: The Reinsurance Climate: A Look at NCFCs and DOWCs
Ask Frenchy
Auto Finance Climate – The Next 12 Months
Keynote Address: Improve Your Per-Copy Average By $350
From the Boardroom
P&A Tag-Team Presentation: Rising GAP Losses: 2018 Update
F&I Superstars Playbook Revealed
P&A Panel Session: Claims On-line – Can claims on line help your organization see efficiency and scalability?
Let F&I Ease the Squeeze
F&I Q-Tips