2018 Texas Unites Full Conference Audio Download


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Sessions recorded LIVE at The Renaissance Austin Hotel • April 28 – 30, 2018 • Austin, Texas USA

Keynote Address: Celebrate! (Amy Mills)

Concurrent Sessions

The Fungus Among Us: Handling Ringworm in Sheltering and Fostering (Chumkee Aziz)
The Steak AND The Sizzle-Collaboration Within a Team to Increase Adoptions! (Emily Grossheider)
Animal Abuse and Neglect Under Texas Law (Shelby L. Bobosky, Felicia Kerney, & Robert L. Trimble)
Creating a Culture of Philanthropy (Tim Crum)
A Peek Behind the Curtain (Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain) (Tim Crum)
Environmental Enrichment for the Shelter or Rescue Foster Dog (Karen Deeds)
Every Dog, Every Day…Let them Play! DPFL, An Enrichment Program for Shelter Dogs (Aimee Sadler)
Transport Triage – Inside the Ride (Karen S. Walsh & Jim Tedford)
Who ‘Ya Gonna Call? Abuse Busters! (Phil Arkow)
Using Your Voice to Inspire Action Limits (Tori Fugate)
The Cure for Compassion Fatigue: Programs That Will Save Lives and Change Yours (Cynthia Karsten)
Smart Politics –Training Humans to Lobby for Animals (Katie Jarl)
More than Just Fun and Games, The Impact of Shelter Playgroups (Amy Sadler)
Pet Retention: Data to Support Why it is So Important to Keep These Animals Out of the Shelter (Lousia Poon)
Tactical Animal Handling (Kevin D. Hearst Sr.)
Inquiry Over Advocacy – Effective Outreach Conversations (Myles Chadwick)
KennelVation (Vincent Medley)
Ask an Animal Lawyer and Avoid the Legal Pitfalls in Ordinances, Rescues/501c3s & Ownership (Shelby L. Bobosky, Donald Feare, Robert L. Trimble & Randy Turner)
An Ounce of Prevention! (Sandra Strong)
Positive Marketing + Bio Writing: Capturing Attention to Save Lives (Caitlin Quinn)
Making Sense of Texas Wildlife Law (Kate Rugroden)
Creating the Purrfect Social Media Plan (Kristen Huguley)
Managing Change (Chris Huff)
Advancing Animal Welfare through Student Clubs (Dr. Aaron Gillette, Dr. Joseph Davey, Emily Rae Sanchez, & Betty Cruz)
When to Call the Veterinarian (Nancy L. Carter)
Taming Feral Cats and Kittens for Adoption (Mike Phillips)
Verbal De-escalation: Stepping Back From The Edge (Daniel Ettinger)
Old Dogs, New Tricks: the Greatest Shelter Marketing Secrets Ever Told (Barbara A. McLean)
How to Make Volunteers Feel a Part of the Team (Cathy M. Rosenthal)
The Do’s, Don’ts and Downsides of Digital Marketing (Leslie Harrelson & George Tipton)
Fearful Dogs – Part 1 (Karen Deeds)
Adoption Photo Tips that Work in ANY Shelter Environment (Caitlin Quinn)
Evidence in Animal Cruelty Cases: What Prosecutors Want From Law Enforcement, ACOs, and Forensic Veterinarians (Jaime Olin, Rachel Touroo)
Cooperation is Not a Dirty Word: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (Robert C. Leinberger)
Capitalizing on Team Talents (Carl Youngberg)
Storytelling in Conversation: How to Use Stories to Create Advocates for Your Mission (Cathy M. Rosenthal)
Fearful Dogs – Part 2 (Karen Deeds)
Advanced TNR Trapping Techniques (Mike Phillips)
Dropping The Dog Catcher By The Pound (Daniel Ettinger)
Disaster Relief Resources (Jeff Turner, Holli Tietjen-Hale, & Susan Culp)
Driving the What and the How with a Meaningful WHY: Turning Passion into Practice to Saves Lives (Cynthia Karsten, & B.J. Rogers)
Parvo 101- When To Hospitalize And When To Treat At Home (Erin Shults)
Okay, My Shelter Wants to Start a Return to Field Program, So Just How Do We Do It? (Bryan Kortis)
The Art of Active Listening: Improving Results Based on Effective Communication Donors (William Broyles)
Mobilizing a Community to Improve Animal Welfare (Ronald J. Epps)
Putting Things in Pawspective: Mapping Data for Enriched Field Services Status (Jason Smith)
Animal Archetypes: Who Is This Pet Anyway? (Karen Cleveland)
Reading Feline Body Language (Valarie V. Tynes)
The Power to Positively Impact the Perceptions of Hard-to-Place Pets (Casey Kleekamp & Susann Klausner)
Taking Sheltering to the Streets: Neighborhood Level Programming (April Moore & Lee Ann Shenefiel)
Customer Service: The Forgotten Pillar of Life Saving (Joel H. Hess)
A How-To for Low-Stress Animal Shelter Design (Sarah E. Boman)

Coordination of Animal Relief Efforts in Disasters Donors (Shawn Ashley, Wesley Bissett, Dawn D. Blackmar, Susan Culp, Aaron C. Rainer, & Tamra Walthall)
Subject Matter Experts: Evaluating Animal Cruelty Cases (Sandra Strong)

There’s no “I” in TEAM: Coaching & Motivating for Maximum Impact (Jim Tedford)
Lights, Camera,…Purrrr! Content Marketing 101 For Animal Welfare Organizations (Jennifer Grantham)
Managing for Culture (Myles Chadwick)
Employee Cravings: Give Them What They Want And You’ll Save More Lives (Jennifer Grantham)