2018 National Animal Control Association Full Conference Audio Download



Officer Safety for the Animal Control Officer
Animal Rescue, Hoarder or Criminal? -­ A Case Review
Every Dog, Every Day -­ Let Them Play
Leading the Chaos
Surviving Active Killers: Maximizing ACOs Chances
Treatable Defined: Using Asilomar language to build community engagement and save lives
Catucopia -­ a cornucopia of ideas on ways you can save more cats through honest reporting
Illegal Animal Fighting Part 1 & Part 2
Dealing with Difficult Personality Types: Field Survival Guide
Decoding Data: Using your stats to develop collaborative animal solutions
Cooperation Is Not a Dirty Word: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
DNA Testing, Breed Labels, and the Impact on Managing Dogs in the
Strategic Field Operations
Shelter and out in the Field
Creating a Safe and Humane Community for People and Pets: Why breed-­specificlegislation
Dangerous Dog Investigations is the wrong approach
More than Just Fun and Games-­The Power of Playgroups!
FTO for the ACO; Training the Trainer
Professionalism on the Front Lines or Out of the Box Investigations
Ouch! Reporting and Tracking of Animal Bites-­ What Could Be Done Better
The Emotional Impact/Compassion Fatigue for Animal Care Workers
From the Road Less Traveled to the New Road Ahead
Increasing Collaboration Among Animal Welfare & Domestic Violence Agencies
Breaking the Sickest Link: Conducting effective bestiality investigations