2019 LCT Show Full Conference Audio Download


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Tuesday March 26, 2019

KPIs and Best Practices of High-Performing Motorcoach Operators (Tom Holden & Jim McCann)

Financial Power Reporting (Anne Daniels & Brain Daniels)

Harnessing The Power of Software Technology: Streamlining & Simplifying Your Business (Ken Carter, Derek Maxwell, Rick Versace Jr.)

Peaks and Valleys of Staffing: How to Maximize Your Human Capital (Mike Muhsin)

Wednesday 3/27/19

How To Monetize Change (Michael Dominguez)

How to Capitalize on Your Motorcoach Marketing Plan (Christian Riddel)

Increase Your Market Share by Creating Unique Streams of Revenue (Charlie Grimm, Stacey Glazier, Sam Rubin)

Are You Truly Delivering Five Star Service? (Alex Darbahani, Robert Rodriguez, Nathan Pippett)

Diversifying Your Fleet: Increasing Sales By Adding Motorcoaches to Your Fleet (Alan Candeub, Kathy Kahne,  Eric Devlin)