2019 Service Managemetn World Full Conference Audio and DVD Combo



Sessions recorded LIVE at the Omni Orlando Resort at Champions Gate• November 11-13, 2019 • Orlando, Florida   USA


General Sessions


¨ Opening General Session: Future Forces: How Digital Transformation Is Shaping the New World of Work (Seth Mattison) © 2019 All Rights Reserved

¨ General Session: Establishing a Trusted Partnership between IT and the Business (Jim Dulle) © 2019 All Rights Reserved

¨ General Session: Supercreativity™: Augmenting Human Creativity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (James Taylor) © 2019 All Rights Reserved





¨ Session 101: How ITIL, DevOps, and Lean Drive Today’s Digital and Agile Organizations (Erika Flora)          

¨ Session 102: Fishing for GREAT Service Delivery? Hook VeriSM’s Management Mesh! (Suzanne Van Hove) 

¨ Session 103: Enterprise Service Management : Understanding and Delivering Customer Value (Tony Denford & Valence Howden)  

¨ Session 104: Teaching an Old Yellow Jacket New Tricks: Adopting Change Management (Vicki Rogers)       

¨ Session 105: What’s Your Value Proposition?: An ROI Workshop (Jeff Rumburg)

¨ Session 106: State of the ESM market, 2019 (Charles Betz)

¨ Session 107: Operationalizing A Business – Focused Service Strategy (Pete McGarahan)


¨ Session 201: IT4IT Is IT 4 CIOs (Diana Tullio)

¨ Session 202: Taming the CMDB Beast (Robert Cheyne)

¨ Session 203: The Konmari Approach to Improving Service Delivery (Rae Ann Bruno)  

¨ Session 204: Asset, Governance, and Security Walk into a Bar: Defining and Refining an Asset Management Strategy (Ben Forrest & Sean McLean)        

¨ Session 205: A New Service Management Partnership: Humanity and AI (Kevin Smith)

¨ Session 206: Creating an Intuitive User Support Experience (Brendan Monahan & Sarah Sanchez)

¨ Session 207: Using Data, Knowledge, and Analytics to Make Better Business Decisions: The First American Corp. Experience (Brandon Caudle & Pete McGarahan)


¨ Session 301: Standards-Based, Process-Driven Service Improvement (Paul Fordiani)

¨ Session 302: Real life and applied Enterprise Service Management (Scott Standen)

¨ Session 303: The Recipe for Implementing a Great Change Management Process (Carla Smith)

¨ Session 304: Living in the Disruption Economy: Our Customers Are Screaming for Change and We’re Still Not Listening (Julie Mohr)

¨ Session 305: Strategy: Plain and Simple (David Cannon)         

¨ Session 306: The Common Denominator Is The Differentiator: Lead Your Culture (Michael Kublin)

¨ Session 307: The Importance of the Daily Operational Regimen on Performance (Brad Biagi & Brandon Caudle)


¨ Session 401: ITIL4: What’s the Fuss All About? (John Custy) (Panel)       

¨ Session 402: The Power of Operating Models Across the Enterprise (Phyllis Drucker) 

¨ Session 403: Service Management Journey at IKO Industries: Lessons from the First Year (Pierre Bernard)    

¨ Session 404: Leggo My Lego!: An Exciting Way to Learn and Apply Lean Management (Matt Siefker & Jamie Stannard)

¨ Session 405: Don’t Sabotage Your ITSM Automation Project! (Linda Lenox)

¨ Session 406: The Culture Imperative: Discover the Cost of Getting It Wrong and Learn How You Can Get It Right (Manuel Palachuk)              

¨ Session 407: If It Weren’t for These Freaking People: A Deep Dive into the Pool of Relationships (Deborah Monroe)

Session 502: Shift-Left: An Underestimated Strategy for Service Management (Ruben van der Graaf)           

¨ Session 503: Don’t Just Report on Your Data—Act on It! (Kevin Griggs)

¨ Session 504: XLAs: The Vital Anchor of Service Management (Alan Nance & Lisa Schwartz)      

¨ Session 505: System Thinking: The Keystone to CMDB Success (Carlos Casanova)

¨ Session 506: The Missing Drip: Identifying Skill Gaps with Paint (Sean Davis)

¨ Session 507: Big Data or Big Brother? Optimize Service with Predictive Analytics (Phyllis Drucker)


¨ Session 601: Anatomy of a Value Stream (Donna Knapp)

¨ Session 602: Practical and Political Challenges to Enterprise Service Management (Lou Hunnebeck)

¨ Session 603: Innovative Service Management: From Reactive to Proactive (Chi Cheng-Chu)                       

¨ Session 604: Measure Twice, Cut Once, Make it Fit?: Measurement and Metrics Lessons Learned (Michael Cardinal)   

¨ Session 605: The V*A*L*U*E Formula: 5 Elements to Maximize Value (Ken Wendle)

¨ Session 606: Knowledge Is the Key to Implementing a Successful Bot Strategy (Julie Mohr)

¨ Session 607: ITSM: A Cultural Conversion to Process (Andrew Vollaro)