Service Management Online: Creating a Successful Service Request Catalogue (Digital Copy, PDF)– April 12, 2016



This is the DIGITAL COPY in PDF Form

This is a practical guide for those in IT service management who create and develop efficient service request catalogues for consumer and business services. In order to have smooth online transactions, the service request catalogue is critical. The author defines the service request catalogue and goes onto to show how to optimally design and create a successful customer experience.

This is a frequently confused area and the author provides practical guidance as well as distinguish the differences between defined services and requests associated with them. Also included are topics such as integrating governance, tool considerations and catalogue measurement and improvement.

Key Features
Practical guide to implementing a service request catalogue
Background information on defining services and service offerings
How to streamline request fulfilment processes
Tips and tricks for designing an effective service portal and service request catalogue
A guide on how to select the right tools
How to measure success and integrate governance
Strategies for ensuring adoption
First title on this topic written by a highly experienced author
A selection of templates that you can use in your daily work routine

Tools to support the service request catalogue have been evolving rapidly. The catalogue has grown from a tedious, form-based catalogue to a true internet shopping experience. The tools used to deliver the service request catalogue have matured significantly, but the power of these tools is not truly being realized. Organizations need to transform their thinking about how they can implement a request catalogue into a full-scale internet service portal to support an entire organization. The customer experience is the number one priority in its design.