2017 National Council on Pet Population Full Conference Audio Download



How Scientific Knowledge of the Human-Animal Bond Can Impact Pet Acquisition, Welfare, Relinquishment and Retention Speaker: Steven Feldman

Photographing Their Way to Adoption: A Study on the Impact of Photo Quality on Perceived Adoptability of Shelter Dogs Speaker: Seana Dowling-Guyer

Black Cats – Does Manipulation of Photographs Impact Perceptions? Speaker: Lori Kogan

Perceptions That Impact Pet Adoption: What Prospective Adopters Say about Hard-to-Place Pets Speaker: Casey Kleekamp and Susanne Klausner

Multi-Site Validation of a Structured Adopter-Dog Interactions (SADI) Intervention to Increase Adoption Rates in Dogs Speaker: Alexandra Protopopova

Survey of Reasons Clients Visit the Shelter and How Their Expectations Affect Adoption Decisions Speaker: Anastacia Southland

A Survey of Sheltering Organizations’ Perceptions of Transportation Programs and Adopter Satisfaction Speaker: Emily McCobb

Dogs on the Move: Factors Impacting Animal Shelter and Rescue Organizations’ Decisions to Accept Dogs from Distant Locations Speaker: Christy L. Hoffman

The Effect of Language, Experience, and Dog Size on Individuals’ Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Canine Problem Behaviors Speaker: Kelsea M. Brown and Janis Bradley

Determining Compassion Fatigue in Animal Care Employees Using Behavioral, Physiological and Subjective Measures of Stress and Wellbeing Speakers: Allie Andrukonis

An Estimate of the Number of Dogs in US Shelters and Their Fate Speakers: Kimberly A. Woodruff & David R. “D.R.” Smith