2017 Industry Summit Full Conference Audio


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Opening Keynote: The Shape of Things to Come
Featured Presentation: A Brief History of F&I Law – An Executive Summary
Panel Session: The Front Line: Vitamin “C”ompliance
Building a Compliant eDealership
Panel Session: Management, Leadership and Accountability
Featured Presentation: The Future of Compliance
Panel Session: Easy-to-Implement Processes & Controls
Compliance Summit Roundtable: Q&A With Compliance Summit Speakers
Zero to Lightspeed: How to Make More Money and Get Rid of the Heat
The Secrets of Inspirational Selling
The Forgotten Rules of Service Advising
Opening Keynote Presentation: Regulators’ Grim View of Ancillary Products
Panel Session: Deal With It: Recognizing F&I’s Challenges and Profiting From Its Opportunities
Featured Tag-Team Presentation: Rising Gap Losses – Its Origins and Future
Give More, Get More – How to Avoid the ‘Low-Priced Provider Syndrome’ and Actually Make End Profit Again
Evening Keynote – How to Become a Game Changer in Your Organization
Featured Presentation: Top Tips to Monitor & Manage Your Online Reputation So You Sell More
Evening Keynote Address – Sunshine or Thunderstorms? Auto Finance in the Year Ahead
Industry Summit Opening Keynote Address: When Good Ain’t Good Enough – How Top Performers Become Epic Achievers
Ask “Frenchy”
Six Steps to Self-Analyze (and Improve) Your Special Finance Opportunities
The Eight Cylinders of the BDC – Fine Tuning a Highly Effective and Proficatble BDC
Panel Session: Claims and Operations Management – Enhancing Profitability in an Ever-Changing World
Dealership Technology
The ABCs of Success in the BDC: Accountability, Best Practices and Coaching
Incorporating the Special Finance Sales Process into Any Dealership
Panel Session: Working Together for Each Other’s Benefit
Soft Pull Technology: Best Practices for Both Digital Marketing and Showroom Traffic
Finding Employee Talent Using C-METRICS
Panel Session: Perspective from the Trenches – F&I and Service
Strengthen Your Business in Any Economy
F&I Made Easy
Defining the Role & Duties of the Business Development Manager
Featured Presentation: Providers’ Role in Dealership Compliance
Is F&I Dead? Not Even Close. It’s Thriving and Here’s How You Can Win
Panel Session: From the Boardroom
Who’s Who in Special Finance
Featured Tag-Team Presentation: Relationships Matter Again
8 Steps to Defining Your Dealership Training needs
Panel Session: The Director’s Chair
Save Thousands on Your Ad Budget Without Reduicing Showroom Traffic
Featured Presentation: The Art of the Presentation
Panel Session: Inventory Sourcing, Reconditioning and Pricing
Lunch with Speaker: F&I’s Past, Present and Future
Panel Session: Shark Tank