2013 FUSION Full Conference Audio Download


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Keynote 1 World Next: Mike Walsh © 2013 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 2 The New Leadership Challenge: Cindy Solomon © 2013 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 3 Unleash Your Creativity: Seven Steps to a Creative Culture: Josh Linkner © 2013 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 4 The Cold, Hard, Ugly Truth About Success: Larry Winget © 2013 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 5 It’s Showtime: The Five Best Decisions the Beatles Ever Made: Bill Stainton © 2013 All Rights Reserved

Session 101 Service Strategy and Brand Building: Amy Green
Session 102 ER for ITSM: Malcolm Fry
Session 103 My Boss Wants Me to Implement ITSM. Now What?: Phyllis Drucker
Session 104 Expert Focus: Change Management (Part 1): Paul Wilkinson, Sharon Taylor
Session 105 Mobility: Creating Transparency and Increasing Business Value: Matt Neigh
Session 106 The Service Desk of the Future: Donna Knapp
Session 107 If Not Certification, Then What?: Sean McClean, Lawrence Eng
Session 108 ITSM the DoD Way: Jason Werther, Tim Smith
Session 201 Strategic Insights for IT Executives: Rich Razon
Session 202 The TwilITIL Zone: A Dimension Beyond ITSM: Ken Wendle
Session 203 Getting Started with ITIL: Taking a Current-State Inventory: CJ Hull
Session 204 Expert Focus: Change Management (Part 2): Paul Wilkinson, Sharon Taylor
Session 205 Multichannel ITSM: Where Traditional Meets Social: Jason Hopwood
Session 206 Tales from the Operations Bridge: Davandra Panchal
Session 207 Game On: Learn How to Gamify Your IT Services and Projects: Jason McClay, Henry Strouts
Session 208 ITIL Tips for the Service Desk: Rickard Jonsson
Session 209 Processes, Policies, and Adherence Controls: Doug Hymel
Session 301 Service Design for Asset Management: Scott Shaw
Session 302 Improvement Through Better Metrics: Michael Cardinal
Session 303 Process Documentation: A Step-by-Step Approach: Buff Scott III
Session 304 Expert Focus: Unleashed and Uncensored: Lou Hunnebeck, Glenn O’Donnell, Malcolm Fry
Session 305 My Cloud or Yours? The Future of Data Center Services: Chuck Wysocki
Session 306 The Service Desk 2.0: 2013 and Beyond: Elizabeth Cholawsky
Session 307 The Technical Support Professional of the Future: John Reed, Cinda Daly
Session 308 Knowledge Management at Progressive Insurance: A Case Study: Barb Dombrowski
Session 309 COBIT 5: Managing Risk and Increasing Value: Robert Stroud
Session 401 Automating the Service Catalog: Dan Nichols
Session 402 Problem Management: Benefits, Techniques, and Methodologies: John Custy
Session 403 The Secrets to Change Management: Roc Paez
Session 405 Consolidation and the Cloud: John Gilmore
Session 406 Problem Management: A Tale of Two Enterprises: Julie Thorndycraft, Brian Skramstad
Session 407 From Reactive to Proactive: The Culture Change: Tricia Mercaldo
Session 408 ITIL Success: Five Years Later: Paul Fibkins
Session 409 Establishing a Comprehensive IT Process Governance Framework: Thorsten Manthey
Session 501 NAVY 311: Reinventing Service and Support: Susan Reisinger
Session 502 CSI:Ten Steps to Success: Timothy Rogers, Angelo Esposito
Session 503 ITIL + PM = Success!: Judy Sanker
Session 505 BYOA: The Next Big Thing: John Purcell, David Blair
Session 506 Operational Stability at Sallie Mae: A Case Study: Paula Lohss, Dan Andres
Session 507 Communication: Why You Need AMMO: Sean Williams
Session 508 Defining Service Availability: Margaret Hanlon, Greg Peat
Session 509 It’s A Disaster, So Stop Asking Questions: Paul Strei
Session 601 Follow Up, Change Up, Move Up: Marketing Your Service Desk: Chris Kientzle
Session 604 Expert Focus: IT/Business Alignment Debate: Randy Steinberg, David Cannon, (Moderator) Malcolm Fry
Session 605 Social Media in the Workplace: David Mainville
Session 606 Risk Management at Raytheon: A Case Study: Craig Hoven
Session 607 Practical Leadership Lessons from Undercover Boss: Jim Walker
Session 608 Can Large Transformation Projects Work?: Isabelle Baird
Session 609 An Overview of Recent Changes to ISO 20000: Ron Lester
Session 701 Everyday Value Through Everyday Processes: Mark Kawasaki
Session 702 KanBan, Kaizen, and Day Starts! Oh My!: Katherine Lord
Session 703 The Kitchen Nightmares Approach to Process Improvement: Rae Ann Bruno
Session 704 Expert Focus: What’s Next for ITSM?: Mart Rovers, David Clifford, Matthew Hooper, Malcolm Fry
Session 705 DevOps and the Challenges of Change Management: Brandon Gillis
Session 706 Continual Service Innovation: Using Surveys and Metrics to Improve Service Delivery: Eddie Vidal
Session 707 Becoming a Leader of Change: Johann Stoessel
Session 708 The Service Catalog, Rebooted: Phil Trant
Session 709 Framework Fusion : Andrew Bream
Session 801 Service Quality as a Catalyst: Jeremy Williams
Session 802 Unconventional Approach, Uncommon Results: A Case Study: Meri Shanahan
Session 804 Expert Focus: Unleashed and Uncensored: Industry Experts
Session 805 From Naught to ITIL: Mitch Saba
Session 806 Building an IT Service Catalog from Scratch: Glenn Setliff
Session 807 The Power of Positive Influence: George Diorio
Session 808 Configuration Management Epiphanies: John Odden
Session 809 Compliance vs. Security: Sustainable Security Management: Michele Bonner, Chris Humphreys