2016 Car Rental Show Full Conference Audio


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Latin American Session: Trends in U.S. Commercial Fleet Market
Opening Keynote Address: State of the Industry: The Aggregators’ View
ACRA General Session
Latin American Session: OTAS, Brokers and Operators: Working Together in Latin America
Using Graves Amendment to Lower Your Liability Expense
Remarketing with Online Auctions: a Step-by-Step Guide
Latin American Session: Creating Consensus on Standards for the LATAM Market
Latin American Session: How Price Point Affects Your Business Beyond the Bottom Line
Franchising in the New Millennium: This Ain’t Your Grandfather’s McDonald’s
Why Lease? (And How)
Latin American Session: Leverage Data to Target Your Rental Market
Latin American Session: LATAM Car Rental Market — an Investment Perspective
The Recall Bill Is Law — What Now?
How to Grow Corporate Rentals
Latin American Session: Key Components of Employee Engagement
General Session: Enterprise Holdings Talks Global Expansion
Plan for Disruption: Making Industry Consolidation Work for You
Motivating Millennials: Capturing Minds, Capturing Profits
Auto Dealer Day Session: Keys to Rental and Loaner Operations Success – Manufacturer’s Panel
Mastering Online Marketing and Phone Sales
Harness the Power of Storytelling to Build Your Business, Drive Sales and Recruit Talent
Auto Dealer Day Session: Dealership Rental and Loaner Operations – the Legal View
Rising Costs, Lower Values: How to Keep Fleet Costs in Check
The Debate on the Future of Car Rental
Managing Your Rental and Loaner Business: Three Case Studies
Auto Dealer Day Session: That’s My Auto Dealer, That’s My Rental Agent!
Closing General Session: The Connected Car and Implications for Car Rental