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Sessions recorded LIVE at the Gaylord National Harbor Hotel • May 9-12, 2017 • Washington, D.C. USA


Opening General Session: Connecting the World of Technical Support: (Manley Feinberg) © 2017 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 1: 6 Myths of Innovation (Ekaterina Walter) © 2017 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 2: Think Like a Spy (John Sileo) © 2017 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 4: Uncrapify Your Life!, (Jeff Havens) © 2017 All Rights Reserved


Session 101: Five Roads to Employee Engagement and Success, Fancy Mills
Session 102: Finally! An Open, Modern Metrics Standard, Phil Verghis
Session 103: Management Session 101: Critical Skills for New Managers, Melissa Jackman
Session 104: Session 10 Tips for Creating a Successful Service Portal, Phyllis Drucker
Session 105: Level 0.5: AI and Automation in the Support Center, Roy Atkinson
Session 106: Don’t Geek IT, Speak IT!: Influence and Lead Your Team, Manley Feinberg
Session 107: Building Valued Relationships Between the Business, IT, and Strategic Partners, Kathryn Goldman (Panel)
Session 108: Radical Customer Service: Bringing the Service Desk to the Customer, Neil Gloudemans, Taylor Jadin
Session 109: Engaging Employees: Bridging the Generation Gap, Rae Ann Bruno
Session 110: Securing Network Printers and Forever Ending Unwanted Print Jobs, Barbara McKinnon
Session 201: Breaking Down the Barriers Between the Service Desk and Desktop Support, Cay Robertson
Session 202: Turbocharge Your Metrics With Benchmarking!, Jeff Rumburg
Session 203: Having Difficult Performance Conversations to Build a Strong Team, Mary Cruse
Session 204: Problem Management as a Stepping Stone to a Proactive Organization, Julie Mohr
Session 205: Lean IT + ITIL = Awesome!, Troy DuMoulin
Session 206: Start, Stop, Keep: How to Develop High-Performing Teams, Michael Pacitti
Session 207: New and improved: What Does Continual Service Improvement Really Mean?, Ken Wendle
Session 208: How to Get Your Support Team Obsessed with Service, Jeff Toister
Session 209: Share Your Genius: Designing a Successful KCS Coaching Program, Rochelle Porter, Tony Letts, Alan Wilson
Session 210: Building a Customer Experience Program, Nate Brown
Session 301: Does IT Have a Crystal Ball?: A Case Study on Forecasting Future Trends, Jill Beckman, Mark Kimionakis
Session 302: Adding Balance to Your Scorecard, Rae Ann Bruno
Session 303: Workforce Management: A Must-Have Skill for Any Organization, Richard Sykora
Session 304: Next-Generation Service and Support in a Cloud-First World, John Clark
Session 305: How KCS Saved the Day and Four Million Dollars!: A Case Study, Liz Bunger
Session 306: Dysfunctional to Cohesive: Making Your Teams Rock!, Gregg Gregory
Session 307: Developing a Strategic Service Plan That Demonstrates the Value of Your Support Center, John Custy
Session 308: Any Time, Any Place: The Ultimate Customer Experience!, Jeff Rumburg
Session 309: Change Management for Service Desk Processes, Jacque Rowden
Session 401: IT Vending Machines: A Case Study in Self-Service, Steven Van Dyke
Session 402: Outcomes Over Output: Service Quality Metrics That Add Value, John Custy
Session 403: Understanding Basic Service Desk Metrics: A Fresh Approach, Mark Fitzgerald
Session 404: Implementing a Major Incident Management Process, Lisa Callihan
Session 405: Creating a Real-Time Workforce Management Plan That Enhances Customer Support, Todd Gladden
Session 406: Trust Me… and Other Trust Myths, Lea Brovedani
Session 407: The Era of Shift-Left: A Case Study in Cost Reduction, Richard Sykora
Session 408: Transformation Through Engagement: A Case Study from Healthcare and Higher Education, Jessica Klein, Braulio Cuellar, Mary Hickey
Session 409: Sharing of Scorecard Roundtable, Justin Robbins
Session 410: The “Secret Sauce” Is Execution: The Art of Getting Things Done!, Ken Wendle
Session 501: The Secrets of Successful Desktop Support: A Panel Discussion with Finalist for the HDI DSTOY Award, Jill Weber, Diane Survance
Session 502: Creating Dashboards with Your Audience in Mind, Phyllis Drucker
Session 503: 10 Steps to Go from a Helpless to Helpful Desk, Michael Little
Session 504: Knowledge Management and Self-Service: A Case Study from Union Pacific Railroad, Tony Welsh
Session 505: Continual Service Innovation: Using Surveys and Metrics to Improve Service Delivery, Eddie Vidal, Jenny Rains
Session 506: Transforming the Help Desk & Customer Solutions Center for Life Out Here: A Case Study from Tractor Supply Company, Ryan Mayes
Session 507: Leading the Way: The Role of the Service Desk in Meeting Changing Business Needs and Expectations, Lou Hunnebeck
Session 508: Utilizing Log Aggregation To Know Your Users, Travis McBee, Stephanie Hensley
Session 509: Swarm to Serve: Team vs. Tier, Gregg Gregory
Session 510: Managing and Sourcing Strategic Vendor Relationships: A Roundtable, Dan Wilson
Session 601: Winning at Desktop Support: Moving from Reactive to Proactive, Rob Evelyn, Tremayne Perkins
Session 602: KCS: Driving Adoption Through an UFFA Balanced Scorecard, Chris Kloepping
Session 603: When IT Hits the Fan: Best Practices for Major Incident Response, Pete McGarahan
Session 604: Putting the Puzzle Together: Integrating Emerging Best Practices in Service Management, Troy DuMoulin
Session 605: The Journey from Shift-Left to Pull-Right, Paul Strei
Session 606: Top Fun: The New Rules of Employee Engagement, Nate Brown
Session 607: Executive Dashboards: Translating Operational Metrics into Business Results, Julie Mohr
Session 608: Finding the Recipe for Digital Workplace Execution: Transforming Employee Experience, Douglas Pamplin
Session 609: Not Dead Yet: How to Write Great Email to Customers in the Age of Social Service, Leslie O’Flahavan
Session 610: The Service Desk on the Frontline of Cyber Resilience, Bob Rice
Session 701: Automation on Tap: How Desktop Support Can Gain Efficiency Through Automation, Jason Hunt
Session 702: The Power of KPIs: Transforming Your Service Performance from Green to Gold, Eric Goupil
Session 703: Service Desk Management: The Journey to Session 2015 HDI Team Excellence Award, Doug Rabold
Session 704: KCS on Fire: Turn your Spark into a Flame , Lena Stormvinge
Session 705: This Way In: Creating an Effective IT Portal, Lou Hunnebeck
Session 706: Hidden Obstacles to Outstanding Support, Jeff Toister
Session 707: Leggo My Lego!: An Exciting Way to Learn and Apply Lean Management, Jamie Stannard
Session 708: 5 Steps to Align Your Global Training Plan with Customer Experience, Jan Dietz
Session 709: Customer Service, Communication Skills, and Business Relationship Management: What’s the Big Deal?, Jim McKennan
Session 710: The Creative Storm: Igniting Creative Leadership in Your Organization, Nelson Cabral
Session 801: To the Moon and Beyond: Leadership Lessons from America’s Space Program, Mike Hanson
Session 802: Using Text Analytics to Drive Employee Improvement: A Case Study in Machine Learning, David Seletyn, Jin Niu
Session 803: Strengthening the ITSM Core with Service Definition Best Practices, Marie DiRuzza
Session 804: Antifragility, DevOps, and Multispeed IT: Failing Forward to Success, Matthew Haggerty
Session 805: Changing the Wings Mid-Flight: A Case Study in Simultaneous Process Implementation, Christopher Beck
Session 806: Culture and Coaching: How to Build a Team That Can Weather the Storm, James Murphy
Session 807: The Concierge Center: Putting the Value of the Service-Profit Chain to Work, Peter McGarahan
Session 808: Solving the Puzzle of Interdisciplinary Customer Support: A Case Study in Higher Education, Benjamin Li
Session 809: Ask Me Anything: A Panel Discussion Featuring Session 2017 HDI Award Winners, Leslie Cook (Panel)
Session 810: Enterprise Service Management: It’s Time to Share ITSM Best Practice Outside of It, Stephen Mann