2016 HDI Full Conference Audio Download


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Sessions recorded LIVE at The Rosen Shingle • April 13-15, 2016 • Orlando, Florida USA


Keynote 1 Disruptive Tech: The Unrecognizable New World of Tech and Culture (David Pogue) © 2016 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 2 How the World Sees You (Sally Hogshead) © 2016 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 4 The Power to Survive (Yossi Ghinsberg) © 2016 All Rights Reserved
Keynote 5 Zap the Gap (Meagan Johnson) © 2016 All Rights Reserved


Session 101 Five Roads to Employee Engagement and Success, Eddie Vidal
Session 102 Generate the WOW, Gregg Gregory
Session 103 Waking Up from a Service Sourcing Nightmare, Dan Wilson
Session 104 What If Your Favorite Restaurant Acted Like IT Departments? Ryan Cooper, Tammy Jo (TJ) Martinez
Session 105 The Future of Desktop Support: What the KPIs Are Telling Us, Jeff Rumburg
Session 106 Don’t Just Ask for Feedback, Commit to it!, Gina Montague
Session 107 If Metrics Are the Answer, What Are the Questions?, Roy Atkinson
Session 108 Leadership Lessons 100 Years in the Making, Jim Cain
Session 109 DevOps: What’s the Impact on the Support Team? Sherry Chang
Session 110 VDI: Transform Your Desktop with Virtualization, Mike Voss
Session 201 Bobsleds, Bathtubs, and Butterflies: Using Symbols to Reach, Teach, and Inspire, Kirk Weisler
Session 202 Make Friends First, Do IT Last, Phil Gerbyshak
Session 203 IT in the Shadows: Illuminating and Managing Shadow IT, Phyllis Drucker
Session 204 Stories from KCS Champions (Panel Discussion), Rick Joslin
Session 205 Team of Winners, Dian Survance, Jill Weber (Panel Discussion)
Session 206 Cultivating a Culture of Quality, Rae Ann Bruno
Session 207 Aligning PEUE Metrics for Operational Success, Fancy Mills
Session 208 Prove It! Gaining Senior Stakeholder Commitment and Confidence in the Service Organization, Pete McGarahan
Session 209 Why Service Desks Fail: The Watermelon Effect, Jack Mansfield
Session 210 Improving Desktop Support through Actionable Metrics, Scott Spangenberg
Session 301 Lead,Mentor,Coach: When, Why, and What’s Difference?, Deborah Monroe
Session 302 What CES Is Really About, Jean Mork Bredeson
Session 303 5 Proven Ways to Create Change with Gamification, Monica Cornetti
Session 304 The Service Desk on the Front Lines of Cyber-Resilience, Bob Rice
Session 305 Modernize Your Service Desk Tools: Live Hack to Expose Legacy Solution Vulnerabilities, Sam Elliott, Donald Hasson
Session 306 Vertical Mindset: Rebuild Your Personal OS to Realize Your True Potential, Manley Feinberg
Session 307 Strategic Measurements: Connecting Operational Metrics to Organizational Strategy, Julie Mohr
Session 308 Firestarter: Unleashing the Learning Power in Your Organization, Jeremy Hart
Session 309 Having Difficult Performance Conversations to Build a Strong Team, Mary Cruse
Session 310 Marketing KCS to the Front Line, Carrie Miller-Cohn
Session 401 The Trust Factor: How Trust Impacts Team Dynamics, Melissa Jackman
Session 402 Customer Service Excellence: Consistency Is the New Black, Roy Atkinson
Session 403 Leading Through Chaos and Momentum, Manley Feinberg
Session 404 Is the Traditional IT Department on Its Way Out?, David Cannon
Session 405 Creating a Proactive Desktop Model: Breaking Out of the Reactive Grind, Rae Ann Bruno
Session 406 Onboarding: It’s Not a Destination, It’s a Journey, Beth Jacobsen
Session 407 The Diagnostic Power of Metrics, Jeff Rumburg
Session 408 The Secrets of Successful Knowledge Management, Pete McGarahan
Session 409 Rewrite Your Templates and Improve Email Quality, Leslie O’Flahavan
Session 410 Put Down the Report and Step Away from the Database!, Lou Hunnebeck
Session 501 Getting Ready for Generation Z, John Reed
Session 502 Creating Customer Value and Exceeding Expectations, Luke Keultjes
Session 503 The Rapid Evolution of IT Culture, Brad Paubel, Michelle Stirnemann
Session 504 Service Level Tracking Done Right, Frederieke Winkler Prins
Session 505 Get on Cloud 9, Mark Dorsett
Session 506 Evolving with the Speed of Change, Aran McFarland
Session 507 Check Your Gauges and Avoid the Check Engine Light, Jim Bolton
Session 508 Digital Transformation: Creating New Dynamics Between IT and Business Users, Bill Keyworth
Session 509 Cvent: A Case Study in Launching a Customer Satisfaction Program, Emily Gotosa, Jamie Stannard
Session 510 Help Desk Password Management Case Studies from Computer Services and USG, Gary Hein, Will Cheng
Session 601 Unlock the Culture You Need to Succeed, Jason Wischer
Session 602 Providing Superhero Service, Carrie Armstrong
Session 603 Effective Tomorrow, the Service Desk Will No Longer Take Calls, Doug Tedder
Session 604 Keep On Keepin’ On: Maturing and Improving IT and the Business, Kevin Ritter
Session 605 Does IT Have a Crystal Ball?: A Case Study on Student Technology Use, Jill Beckman, Philip Berenz
Session 606 SPOC: One Goal, One Journey., Eddie Vidal
Session 607 The Good, Bad and Ugly of Service Desk Metrics, Gary Case
Session 608 Success Strategies for Leaders, George D’Iorio
Session 609 7 Secrets That Will Transform How You Deliver ITSM, Charles Cyna
Session 610 Introducing RESILIA: Cyber-Resilience for the 21st Century, David Moskowitz
Session 701 Gamification: The Key to Employee Engagement, Nate Brown
Session 702 Customer Trust Derailed? Get It Back on Track, Richard Kenny
Session 703 Leadership: Learn It, Live It, Love It, Kirk Weisler
Session 704 The ITSM Elevator Is Broken, Please Take The Stairs, Jim Bolton
Session 705 Desktop Support: Increased Demand, Changing Role, Roy Atkinson, Jenny Rains
Session 706 Building and Maintaining a Winning Self-Service Portal, Kelly Doherty
Session 707 The Death of Call Center Metrics, Jack Mansfield
Session 708 Digital Workforce Enablement Through Shift-Left, Elinor Klavens
Session 709 Global Benchmarks for Knowledge Management, Dr. Adam Krob, Phil Verghis
Session 710 Five Innovations in Service Analytics, Simon King
Session 801 Synchronize Your Team, Gregg Gregory
Session 802 Two Key Differences When Managing the IT Customer Experience, Ian Clayton Session 803 Reimagine Culture and Deliver an Incredible Service Experience, Melissa Burch, Jason Kaufman
Session 804 The Service Desk and the Service Management Office: A Love/Hate Relationship, John Williams
Session 805 The Next Generation of Desktop Support, Mike Hanson
Session 806 Beyond the Genius Bar, Doug Tedder
Session 807 What’s First Call Resolve?, Phyllis Drucker
Session 808 Shadow IT: Coming Out of the Dark, Brandon Dennis, Kyle Schneider
Session 809 Overcoming the Biggest Challenges of an ITSM Program, Gary Case
Session 810 Do What You Do Best, Every Day!, Jeremy Hart