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Sessions recorded LIVE at The Mandalay Bay Convention Center • March 10-12, 2020• Las Vegas, Nevada   USA

General Sessions

¨ Wednesday Keynote: To Compete or Collaborate? A Truth-telling Conversation on How to Shift the Norms of Collaboration (Without All the BS) (Cyndie Spiegel)


¨ Session 866776: It’s Show Time! Kathleen Stoehr      

¨ Session 867786: 7 Numbers Every Caterer Should Know Anthony Lambatos

¨ Session 867791: 7 Steps to Yes: Irresistible Proposals for the Modern Couple Terrica Skaggs

¨ Session 867615: A Chef and A Coordinator Walk Into A Tasting… Colbrt Callen & Dylan Westfall

¨ Session 867413: Not Your Average Wedding: A Look at Modern Event Entertainment Natasha Miller                      

¨ Session 867749: Panel of Your Peers: Keys to Employee Engagement & Development Greg Karl

¨ Session 867638: Pricing for Venue Profit! Jonathan Jennings

¨ Session 871456: Sell Your Value & Charge What You’re Worth Alan Berg

¨ Session 867628: Three Women Chefs: How Many Ways Can You Dress a Chicken? Karen O’Connor, Joanne Purnell, & Elgin Woodman

¨ Session 867640: A Candid Conversation LIVE with Roy Porter Roy Porter

¨ Session 867487: Beyond The Specialty Drink: Current Bar Trends Jeremy Miner

¨ Session 867631: Catering in the Field.  Literally.  A How-To. Emily Malaya & William Ragsdale    

¨ Session 871476: Color My Cake! Color Theory & Wedding Cakes Ron Ben-Israel    

¨ Session 867560: Diving Deeper into Inclusive Event Marketing Brittney Drye           

¨ Session 867409: Effective Communication in the Face of Natural Disasters Christine Osborn

¨ Session 867675: From Conception to Consumption – The Convergence of Culinary and Creative Joe Mineo

¨ Session 867459: Managing Up! How to Talk to Your Boss Jennifer Perna

¨ Session 872312: Outside the Family Circle: Managing a Family-owned Company…When You’re Not Family Keith Roberson     

¨ Session 871511: Venues – Working with Cultural Institutions Jamie Quickert

¨ Session 871510: A Candid Conversation LIVE with Albert Manzo Coordination Albert Manzo

¨ Session 867388: Buffets…Back & Better Than Ever! Emily Sullivan  

¨ Session 868577: Check Yo’ Self: Auditing Your Website for Sales (from Your Prospective Client) Megan Gillikin

¨ Session 867461: Friendors: Professional Relationships, Friendships and Conflict Resolution Andrea Eppolito

¨ Session 871573: Infused Cooking with Shaun O’Neale Shaun O’Neale                     

¨ Session 867402: Sales and Culinary #relationshipgoals Adam Gooch & Mary-Beth McDowell

¨ Session 867384: Welcome Outside Cultural Catering into Your Kitchen & Event Gaurav Anand, Therese Cole-Hubbs

¨ Session 867772: Why Great Food Is Nothing Without A Remarkable Experience Dan Gingiss & Heath Schecter

¨ Session 867821: Working with Depression & Anxiety Vince Early, Kelly Early, & Greg Karl

¨ Session 870467: Working with Lady Liberty Ronnie Davis & Patti Golden

¨ Session 868451: Lunch & Learn – Hotbox: Inside Catering, The World’s Riskiest Business, with Authors Matt & Ted Lee, in conversation with Ronnie Davis Ronnie Davis, Matt & Ted Lee

¨ Session 867825: “LET’S TALK ABOUT IT” – Kitchens that Need More Love Heather Carr & Tessa Reuber          

¨ Session 867654: A Candid Conversation LIVE with Michael Stavros and Jonathan Jennings Michael Stavros &  Jonathan Jennings              

¨ Session 867713: Creating a Well-Oiled Systems Machine! Tiffany Chalk & Tisha Holman 

¨ Session 867715: Exclusive Venues: Acquiring, Maintaining, Risks, & Rewards Robert Frungillo, Thomas McDowell, & Russell Morin         

¨ Session 867728: Food & Beverage Trends 2020 Shannon Boudreau                     

¨ Session 867346: Let Them See You Sweat: Lessons Learned on My Journey with Stress Michael Levin               

¨ Session 871490: The Costing & Pricing Matrix Carl Sacks                  

¨ Session 867787: The Innovation Quotient Edge Anthony Lambatos                        

¨ Session 872203: Thinking Outside of the Glass: Upping Your Game with an Inspired Beverage Program Kathy Casey

¨ Session 871453: To Discount or Negotiate? Pricing Strategies Decoded Alan Berg, CSP

¨ Session 867086: 8 Principles of Hospitality Leadership Bob Pacanovsky

¨ Session 871458: A Candid Conversation LIVE with Meryl Snow Meryl Snow            

¨ Session 867458: Be the Smartest “Sales” Person in the Room Jennifer Perna         

¨ Session 867600: Funk, Bacteria and Bubbles Greg Shapiro             

¨ Session 871775: Hors D’oeuvres: 2020 Trends with Andrea Correale Andrea Correale & Peter Lentz                    

¨ Session 867764: Imposter Syndrome & How to Validate your Worth Emily Malaya                            

¨ Session 872799: It’s High Times! Tracking Consumer Data Behind Hemp, CBD, & THC Kelley Fechner 

¨ Session 867732: Operations Advantage – Prep, Packing and Delivering 35+ Drop Off Orders A Day Steve Cooper & Roy Porter                       

¨ Session 867800: Sober Reality in the Hospitality Industry Steve Palmer

¨ Session 866891: Vendor Meals 101: How To Make Everyone Happy, Including You Rueben Bell & Fausto Reuben

¨ Session 870465: A Candid Conversation LIVE with Ronnie Davis Ronnie Davis

¨ Session 867725: Creating a World Class Team with Part-Time Players Julie Ellis & Lauren Warner                                             

¨ Session 867471: Going Beyond the RFP & Traditional Event Spaces Sara Buys & Joshua Riggs                        

¨ Session 867660: I Hate Instagram: How to Outsource Your Social Media Anna Coats                      

¨ Session 867716: It’s All in the Plating Keith Lord        

¨ Session 867630: Not Pie in the Sky – Creative & Everyday Display Ideas! David Sandler & Lisa Ware

¨ Session 867744: Saving the Planet, One Event at a Time: Waste Reduction at Events of All Sizes Eric Gray & Michael Stavros

¨ Session 867828: The Faces of Our Events Kelly Early                       

¨ Session 867450: The Secret to High Volume Cocktails: Batching, Drafting, Bottling, Freezing Nico Martini & Adrian Verdin


¨ Session 868450: Collaborative Matchmaking Social Cyndie Spiegel

¨ Session 867626: 4 Female Founders Share Help Scale Your Business & Brand Kristen Banta, Pauline Parry, Liza Roeser Atwood, & Julie Roth Novack

¨ Session 872754: A Candid Conversation LIVE with Albert Manzo Albert Manzo       

¨ Session 871444: AEP: Academic Event Professional Jessica Olson, Lance Connolly, Brady Miller, Quiana  Morton, CMP, & Sally Webb 

¨ Session 867348: Change Management:  Embracing and Leading Positive Change Michael Levin   

¨ Session 871308: David Merrell Presents: An Event Design Forecast David Merrell & Susie Perelman                  

¨ Session 867374: Down the Aisle & Around the World: Global Wedding Trends for 2020 Meghan Ely                      

¨ Session 867601: Innovative & Interactive Culinary Guest Experiences Millie Phillips & Rich Rosendale

¨ Session 867799: Instagram-able: A Feast for the Eyes Jennifer Gilman                   

¨ Session 867612: Maximizing Your Catering Profits Clint Elkins, Adam Gooch, Anthony Lambatos, & Lon Lane                    

¨ Session 867370: Tackling Catering Events on a Worldwide Stage Monique Boyd   

¨ Session 867795: The Art of Balance: Building Your Brand While Living Your Life Terrica Skaggs

¨ Session 873723: A Candid Conversation LIVE with Chef Vagn Nielsen Vagn Nielsen                      

¨ Session 867473: It’s in the Details: Implementing Design into Your Events Rennee Miner               

¨ Session 869851: Let’s Get This Wedding Started! An Anti-Trends Panel Discussion Ron Ben-Israel, Michelle Joy Howard, Robin Selden, & Sasha Souza                       

¨ Session 867743: Sous Vide:  Unconventional Applications for Hors d’oeuvres through Dessert Mark Ellis, Joshua Fraser, & John McLallen   

¨ Session 867021: Storytell Your Way to the Bank Aleya Harris

¨ Session 867661: The Art of the Individual Tasting Geoffrey Baker & Jocelyn Baker

¨ Session 871470: The Who, What, When, Where, Why & How of Selling Your Business Greg Casella, CPCE & Ginger Timms  

¨ Session 867771: Third Party Ordering & Delivery Services: Hi-jacking or Helping Your Business? Erin Crazil, Timothy Riedel, & Michael Rosman               

¨ Session 867735: Two Different Leadership Styles. One Powerful Company Culture. Erin Walter & Tom Walter     

¨ Session 867785: A Candid Conversation LIVE with Anthony Lambatos Anthony Lambatos

¨ Session 867816: A Candid Conversation LIVE with Michael Rosman & Erin Brazil Michael Rosman & Erin Brazil                       

¨ Session 869850: Anticipating the Worst: Crisis Planning for Your Events Eric Drewry & Jamie Quickert

¨ Session 873409: Backstage Tour of the the TSE/CATERSOURCE General Session Room & How to Turn Your General Session into a Polished “Production” Scott Frankel 

¨ Session 867672: My Wrap Name is Lil’ Hangry: Launching Your Drop Off Catering Business David Lambardo & Francesca Lambardo          

¨ Session 870695: Salespeople are Driven by Goals Meryl Snow        

¨ Session 867491: The Stars Aligned! Creating Cohesiveness Between Culinary and Event Design Kristen Banta, Joe Mineo, Nathaniel Neubauer, Michael Stavros, & Clint Upchurch   

¨ Session 867674: Tricking Out Your Trucks & Vans For Safety & Speed in Off Premise Catering Adventures! Roy Poter

¨ Session 867312: What’s in the Dumpling?  Dumplings from Around the World Clay Bruton


¨ Session 868016: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration: The Key to Great (Zero Waste) Events Barb Harris, CSEP, DMCP, Arona Martin, Angie Ogren, Callie Stringer, CMP, & Jeff Ware               

¨ Session 867375: Future Proof Your Business Aleya Harris

¨ Session 867754: Measure What Matters: How Business Operating Systems Can Propel You—& Your Team—to Achieve the Audacious Greg Karl

¨ Session 867586: No Meat? No Problem. Matt Heikkila & Alexi Mandolini                 

¨ Session 867383: Proactively Managing Inventory: Serious Savings Via the Milk Run Model Vijay Goel                  

¨ Session 867357: The Future of Virtual Reality in Catering Sandie Hammer              

¨ Session 867642: 30 Pastry Hacks in 30 Minutes Shelby Anderson

¨ Session 871526: A Candid Conversation LIVE with Jeff Ware Jeff Ware

¨ Session 867679: A Candid Conversation about Leftover Event Food LIVE with Dana Siles & David Lombardo Dana Siles & David Lombardo

¨ Session 867684: Growing Your Own! From Herb Gardens to Small Acreage Farms Steve DeAngelo & Mark Lopez

¨ Session 867783: Heart Leadership Anthony Lambatos & April Lambatos             

¨ Session 871460: It’s NOT About Price! Meryl Snow   

¨ Session 867637: Winning Sales Begin with YOU! Jonathan Jennings

¨ Session 867629: It’s Flavor, Not Fads: Food Trends in Catering Nicholas Weber

¨ Session 867664: 45 Marketing Ideas & Trends in 45 Minutes Jamie Pritscher & Erin Walter

¨ Session 868477: A Candid Conversation LIVE with Bill Hansen Bill Hansen

¨ Session 870694: Build Motivated Teams! Meryl Snow                       

¨ Session 867607: From Barely Breaking Even to 20% Profit in Two Years: How We Did It. Abby Duke

¨ Session 867698: Global Cuisine in the Catering World John Reed

¨ Session 870602: Spill the Tea with Jamie Lee (& Friends) Jennifer Perna, Jamie Quickert, Jeffrey Seldon, Terrica Skaggs, & Michael Stavos

The listed sessions are scheduled to be recorded; however, some changes may occur due to circumstances beyond our control.