2018 Service Management World Full Conference Audio Download



Sessions recorded LIVE at the Omni Orlando Resort at Champions Gate• October 15-17, 2018 • Orlando, Florida USA


• Technology Trends and Disruptive Innovation (Patrick Schwerdtfeger) © 2018 All Rights Reserved
• Strategic Maximizer; facilitated by: (Roy Atkinson, David Cannon and Anthony Orr) © 2018 All Rights Reserved
• How Target Made Tech Simpler, Better and Faster for its “Guests” and Team (Tom Kadlec) The Value of Modernizing Service Management (Chuck Darst) © 2018 All Rights Reserved
• Talent Strategy in the Digital Age (Steve Cadigan) © 2018 All Rights Reserved
• Leading Through Change (Robyn Benincasa) © 2018 All Rights Reserved


• The Hive: World-Class Service Management…Without Any (Case Study) (Candace Dunwoodie)
• Accelerating Service Management (Donna Knapp)
• An Epic Adventure of Global Service Management Platform Consolidation (Case Study) (Todd Putnam)
• Stranger in a Strange Land: The World Beyond (Case Study) (David Mainville)
• Digital Leadership for Humans (Barclay Rae)
• Zero Strategy: Disruption Through Reduction (Julie Mohr)
• How Target Reimagined Service Management (Case Study) (Troy Collings, Thierry Fernaine)
• Enterprise Service Management: The State Of The Industry (Charles Betz)
• How Financial Management Made IT Valuable Again at U. of Texas, Dallas (Case Study) (Shannon Cepica)
• Up Your ITSM Game: Organizational Strategy and Complex Adaptive Systems (James Finister)
• Using Data, Knowledge, and Analytics to Make Better Business Decisions: The First American Corp. Experience (Case Study) (Mary Cruse)
• Couples Therapy for DevOps and ITIL (Jayne Groll)
• All Aboard the Service Management Bus: The Education of Gwinnett County Public Schools (Case Study) (Sandra Choates, Theresa Moore)
• Making Sense of the Latest Approaches and Methodologies (Panel) ( David Cannon, Jayne Groll, Akshay Anand, Doug Tedder, Diana Tullio)
• Making Quality Metrics Actionable for Bottom-Line Impact (Rae Ann Bruno)
• Omnichannel Support: Service Delivery Everywhere (Case Study) (Marie DiRuzza, Chris Chagnon)
• It’s Not Rocket Surgery: Top CX Tips from a UX Pro (Danielle Renaud)
• Building a Center of Excellence: The Emory Healthcare Success Journey! (Case Study) (Jeffrey Rumburg)
• From Project To Product – The Thinking Behind theNext IT Transformation (Case Study) (Dr. Mik Kersten, Alan Nance)
• ENCORE: How Target Reimagined Service Management (Case Study) (Troy Collings, Thierry Fernaine)
• The Internal IT Startup – A Guide to Building/Rebuilding IT Services (Case Study) (Sam Miller)
• The Power of Interactive Listening in Business Success (Lou Hunnebeck)
• Digital Transformation Means Losing Control: Can You Handle It? (Doug Tedder)
• Creating a One-Stop Shop for Restaurant Support at Chick-fil-A (Case Study) (Tony Letts, Joni Per-Lee)
• Sadding Value Across the Enterprise: Shipshape Service Management at Newport News Shipbuilding (Case Study) (Rick Clabbers)
• The Target Journey: Lessons Learned for Your World (Panel) (Case Study) (Tom Kadlec, Troy Collings)
• Connecting All Your Dots: Creating Your Service Management Operating Model (Randy Steinberg)
• SM + Design Thinking = Solved Business Problems – A Forrester Workshop (Chris Gallacher, Rudy Seber)
• Objects in the Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear: A Road Trip on the AI Highway (Ian Aitchison)
• The Digital Skills Landscape in 2018 (Matthew Burrows)
• Bringing the Digital Experience to the Service Portal (Phyllis Drucker)
• Understanding and Influencing People for Organizational Change (Anthony Orr)
• Of Questionable Value: The Penn State OAR V*A*L*U*E Transformation (Case Study) (Cory Kite, Ken Wendle)
• Reinvigorating CX Through AI (Anurag Gurtu, Michael Norton, Muddu Sudhakar, Nitin Chopra)
• Implementing GDPR at Scale: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Microsoft’s Journey (Case Study) (Dr. Hongfei Guo)
• Service Management, Disrupted: From ITSM to ESM (Doug Rabold)
• Stop Being Unproductive: Embrace the Support Revolution (Peter Zeinoun, Brad Shafton)