2016 FUSION Full Conference Audio Download


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Sessions recorded LIVE at The MGM Grand • November 1-4, 2016 • Las Vegas, Nevada USA


• The Ultimate Customer Experience, Scott McKain © 2016 All Rights Reserved
• Words That Get Results, Laurie Guest © 2016 All Rights Reserved



• Dev vs. Ops, Dan Hardiker
• Validating and Testing Microservices, Rama Krishna Chikati, Prakash Nagarajrao
• CSI: The #1 Approach to Getting Started, Butch Sheets
• New and Improved!: What Improvement Is Meant to Achieve, Ken Wendle
• Lean Service Management at John Deere, Carla Lienhard
• Implementing ITIL on a Small Scale, Andy Atencio
• Taking Control of Your Change Risks, Jim Weaver
• IT4IT: ITSM for Grown-Ups, Kathryn Howard
• Using ITSM to Drive Results for Your Company, Rob Crump
• 10 Things I Hate About DevOps, Dave Cliffe
• Strategic Partnerships: Moving Up the Value Chain, Suresh GP
• Services: Cutting Through the Confusion, Michael Cardinal
• Improving Customer Service Through Business Relationship Management, Gary Case
• People Transformation in Your Service Organization, Michael Pacitti
• The Value of ITSM: An Executive Perspective, Anthony Iorio
• The Service Desk on the Front Lines of Cyber-Resilience, Bob Rice
• Frameworks and ISO Standards, Robert Meyer
• ITSM as a Shared Services Enabler, Tracy Fiander Trask
• Love DevOps? Wait ‘Til You Meet Site Reliability Engineering!, Patrick Hill
• Evolving at the Speed of Change, Aran McFarland
• But I Already HAVE a Day Job, Adrienne DuBrul, Chris Jaquay-Williams
• Improving Service Management Through Process Integration, Troy White
• KCS Coaching for Behavioral Change and Improved Performance, Randy Celaya
• Different Strokes for Different Folks: Are You Engaging All Perspectives?, Joe Foster
• Advancing Cyber-Resilience Through Collaborative Innovation, Joan Coolidge, Charlie Tupitz
• Speaking the Same Language: Best Practice Project and Service Management, Lisa Hodges
• C-Level Success and the Secret Weapon of Service and Support, Jeff Rumburg


• Applying DevOps to More Than Just Software, Troy DuMoulin
• What Is Minimum-Viable ITSM?, Donna Knapp
• SIAM: A Practical Approach, Andrea Kis
• Starting a Service Management Program, Brian Murphy, Roger Werth
• Using Customer Service Data for Continuous Improvement, Gina Montague
• Mastering the 3 Levels of Communication Influence, Skip Weisman
• Cyber-InfoSec: Accelerating Next-Gen Threat Management, Gail Talbott
• Applying the Mobile-First Mindset to IT, Tim Wilde
• COBIT + ITIL: Governance, Metrics, Process, Keith D. Sutherland, Butch Sheets
• Change Management in a DevOps World, Greg Sanker
• Customer Experience Is Your Target, Travis Horn
• IT’s Academic!: Common Practice in Multi-Disciplinary Communities, Erma Fritsche, Kent Norton
• How to Improve Incident Management with KCS, Cay Robertson
• Closing the Generation Gap, Rae Ann Bruno, Fancy Mills
• RESILIA: Security Alone Isn’t Enough, David Moskowitz
• Metrics: How they Apply to Life and Services, Eric Feldman
• SIAM from the Front Lines, Martin Goble, James Finister
• An Overview of IT4IT, Charles Betz
• Scaling Agile, Andy Rivers
• Is DevOps Stealing Service Management’s Thunder? Shane Carlson
• Service Management in a Shared-Service Economy, Ron Davis
• There’s More Than One Way to Do Problem Management, Matt Kade
• Processes Made Easy (Because They Are…), Malcolm Fry
• The Culture Crux: Increasing Engagement. Innovation, and Accountability, Manley Feinberg
• Putting the Puzzle Together – Integrating Emerging Best Practices, Troy DuMoulin
• #brightshinyobject: I Want It Now!, Andrea Tan
• The Missing Link: IT Frameworks and Value Creation, Ruben Melendez


• Kanban: What It Means for IT and Why It’s Important, Mohammed Khalid
• The Journey of the Modern Enterprise, Phyllis Drucker, Rachel Slater
• Implementing Capacity Management: A Journey Into the Unknown, Malcolm Gunn
• The CSI Imperative, Jeff Rumburg
• Support Culture: Created for Us, by Us, Gina Montague
• Risk-Based Capacity Planning, Michael Costigan
• A Tale of Two SACMs, Philip Hellerman
• The Agile PMO, Michael Nir
• SIAM: Tricks and Tips for Multivendor Integration, David Clifford
• DevOps: You Can’t Just Be a Developer Anymore, Ken Lewis
• Beyond BYOD: How Mobility Is Transforming Service Management, Benoit Tessier
• Getting Results: It’s In the Way That You Do It, Adriaan van de Rijken
• Out of Many, One: A Case Study on Service Improvement, Brandon Caudle
• Story Warriors: Teller, Teacher, Warrior, CIO, Kirk Weisler
• Privacy in Action, Shue-Jane Thompson
• Internal Benchmarking Through Gamification, Matthew Hooper
• Seeking a Path to Better Relationships, Svetlana Sidenko