2016 GFX Full Conference Audio Download


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Opening Keynote Address: Strategic Leadership to Empower Your Workforce
Keep on Pushing
Lessons from Detroit: How to Survive During the Toughest Economic Times
Off-Road Equipment: New Technologies and How They Affect Maintenance
What Happens to Alt-Fuel Strategies When Gas Prices Drop to $2?
Vehicle Replacement Backlogs: You’re Out of the Recession – Now What?
After the Disaster: How to Get FEMA Reimbursements
Best Practices from the Leading Fleets
New Data and How to Use It to Your Benefit
Preparing for the Retirement Wave: How to Create a Succession Plan
Corporate vs. Government: The Top Transferable Best Practices
Unlocking the Potential of Millennial Employees
How Many Technicians Do You Really Need?
How One City Determined Its True Cost to Own, Operate, Maintain, and Replace Its Fleet
How to Optimize Your Vehicle Remarketing
Shop Configuration: An Easy Way to Improve Shop Efficiency
How Connected Vehicles Will Affect the Fleets of Tomorrow