2016 NACA Full Conference Audio Download



All sessions recorded LIVE at the 2016 National Animal Care & Control Association, October 6-7, 2016 in Seattle, Washington

Beyond the labels: Understanding the True Impact of Live Release Rate and Intake Polices
Dangerous Dog Investigations: “Enforcement vs Compliance”
The Critical Role of Animals Control Offices in the FBI’s National Incident
Boots on the Ground: Engaging the Community, Step by Step Creative Captures
Base Reporting System (NIBRS)
Unclaimed: 9 Perceptions that Kill Cats
Disaster Response Exercise: Earthquake in Seattle!
You Say What???
Assistance Dogs, Emotional Support Animals & Therapy Animals
Adopters Welcome
Emergency Evacuation Planning for Shelters and Rescue Organizations
Counting and Accounting for Animals in Disasters
Surviving Active Shooters
Crimes Against Canines
When Media Attacks!!
Dog Fighting Investigations
Case Study: Downtown City of Austin Rabies Exposure Investigation
Building a Disaster Team
Crime Scene Processing
Felony Animal Cruelty Case Study
The Cat Came Back
Odd Bed Fellows
The Emotional Impact of the Animal Care & Control Profession: Compassion Fatigue to Satisfaction
Next Generation Partnerships: Bridging Live Release & Field
Operations to Save More Lives