2017 LCT East Full Conference Audio Download


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Best Dispatching Practices
Reservations/Customer Service Training
Affiliate Department Management
Welcome Address & Show Kickoff Presented by LCT & NLA
How To Get Out From Behind the Wheel – Learning to Delegate and Empower Your First Employees
Roundtable Discussion: Best Practices for Maximizing Office Productivity
Keeping Your Head Above Water in the Bus Business
Keynote Presentation: Don’t Be Ordinary. Be Outstanding
Using Tech Solutions to Grow and Streamline Your Business
Roundtable Discussion: Hiring the RIGHT People: Asking the Right Questions and Spotting Red Flags
Breakfast of Champions with Motivational Guru Billy the Coach: You’ve Got This!!!
Effective Marketing on Less Than $500 per Month
Roundtable Discussion: Building a Solid Sales and Marketing Team
Sales Strategies for the Luxury Charter Market
Special Event & Tour Marketing