Badass IT Support (March 5, 2018)



Too often calling the IT department is a technologically unsavvy person’s worst nightmare. The guys behind the screens seem cold and condescending. But, in reality, they’re just well-meaning people who have never learned how to handle customers. Your IT team can do more than just untangle tech issues. They can bring about positive, innovative change that rockets your business to the next level.

In Badass IT Support, IT consultant Ben Brennan delivers his no-nonsense, customer-centric approach to improving IT departments. Using case studies, customer surveys, leading metrics, and personal experience, he shows how to hire, train, and empower IT teams that exceed expectations and are killer in both the tech and the support parts of their jobs. He also shows how a better IT department means a better bottom line for the entire company. Say good-bye to stereotypes and hello to a rock-star IT team who will knock everyone’s socks off.

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